sand struck by lightning

Sea Glass and Ship Sails

My submission to the Makorra Summer Project!

4,500 words

Mako collects glass. Granted, he can’t keep most of what he finds on the ships he boards (the best pieces have to be sold as per his agreement with Captain Zolt, who sails away with the profit), but that doesn’t stop him from squirreling away bottles of rum and broken portholes in the caves along Republic City’s foggy coast. Keeping something, even the tiniest mockery of a true hoard, is better than going without. After all, no dragon worth his salt would ever go without a collection.

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Part 4 #1 Newt High school AU: Crash Landing

I awoke the next morning at total peace. So at peace in fact, that I didn’t even open my eyes. I felt an unusual wind sweep my face and a strange texture beneath my skin. It was as if I was on the beach…


Abruptly, I opened my eyes to see that I was indeed, on the beach. The sun was rising slowly and you could see the stars disappearing. It was beautiful. Except I wasn’t alone. My body was intwined with another’s and my head was nuzzled into their chest. A very warm chest, might I add.

Tilting my head upwards, I noticed that it was Newt and smiled to myself. He was still sleeping, but he too looked totally relaxed, with his arms gripping me as if he was never going to let go. His eyebrows were no longer furrowed or raised, they were natural and still. The boys luscious hair was messy and swept over his face in every angle imaginable, parts of it even coming close to his sharp jawline. Newts breathing was deep and steady and you could tell that within his dreams, he was in a better place.


Unfortunately, my good old friend Minho was bounding over to us at a quick pace. Hastily, i detangled mine and newts bodies and sat up as carefully as possible trying not to wake him.

“Shut up you idiot, he’s sleeping!” I whisper to Minho in an aggravated manor.

“Too late…” Newts morning voice sent a wave of bliss through my bones. It was deep, gruff yet tender.

Minho smirked as the rest of our friends camera trudging onto the sand. “So what did you two get up to last night?” The others including Minho all wiggle their eyebrows.

I’m the first flush pink. “Nothing!” I blurt out a little bit too fast.

“Alright okay…well we were thinking about getting a McDonald’s breakfast. You want to come? Gally inquires, hesitantly.

In response, I nod and smile awkwardly. Newt on the other hand dashes up off of the sand and walks briskly back to the house, not saying a word to me or anyone. At this point he hasn’t even looked in my direction.

I begin to get to my feet and follow the rest of the guys back into the house, until Teresa stops me yet again. “Oh no you don’t. We, (y/n), are going for a walk.”

Teresa takes me by my right arm and I instantly know where she’s taking me. We have this special cave, me and her. It’s on the beach about two-hundred metres down the sand. The cave isn’t damp or cold, in fact, it’s got a few glimmering crystals on the walls and roof. All in all, it’s very peaceful. I keep a wooden crate in there that contains a couple torches, blankets and books because I tend to spend a lot of time outside on the beach. Much more than I do in. My actual house anyway. Teresa is the only other person who knows specifically about my little hiding place, not even my parents know. I’m pretty sure that when I sometimes don’t come home of an evening, they just assume that I’m out partying or staying at a friends. In reality of course, I’m always in my cave. My personality has no ‘partying’ within it whatsoever. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever been to some big teenage party in my life.

Once we arrived at the cave, Teresa spoke again. “What happened last night?”

I was shocked to see a grin emerging on her face. “Nothing, like I said.”

“Okay, I believe you on that, but I don’t believe you when you say that you don’t want something to happen. Come ON (y/n)! I’m NOT blind!” Teresa says in frustration.

“You know what?” I growl. “Maybe I do want something. I’m not even too sure myself!” Lies. It was all lies. I knew how Newt made me feel, but there was no way on this earth that I’d be admitting that to anyone any time soon.

Avoiding all eye contact with Teresa, I sat down against a rough, rocky cave wall and observe my surroundings. In some ways, I honestly don’t think that the cave was the best place for me to choose as my ‘safe place’. It wouldn’t take much to send all of these walls crashing to the ground and killing someone. The rocks were all loose and crumbling.

Teresa lowered herself down next to me and breathed a deep sigh. “(y/n) I’m sorry, okay? I’m only trying to help you. I don’t want you making the same mistakes I did with Thomas.”

Turning my head sharply in her direction, my mind has to think back. What ‘mistakes’?

My facial expression must have said it all, because she immediately continues. “I bottled up so so so many emotions when I was beginning to fall for Thomas, and I didn’t do me any favours. It also made me very tense and edgy but when I was around him I felt like a different person.”
She nudges my arm, teasingly. “I’m here for you, (y/n), if you EVER need to talk.” Teresa smiles and we both stand up. “Now let’s head to McDonald’s!”

We both dash back to my house and get I get changed into something more suited.

Once everyone’s ready, we head out in Gally’s car as his can fit us all in. On the way, I’m next to Newt and Minho. I look in Newts direction and attempt to smile, but he just looks out the window and completely ignores my gesture. I frown and play with my hands instead. Once and the drive through window, we order our food and pay. Newt still hasn’t said a word except from his McDonald’s order. ‘This is so strange?’ I think ‘why isn’t he talking to anybody?’

But then, out of the blue, Newt begins to have a fully-blown conversation with Gally who was sitting in front of him. Again, I try to get Newts attention, but he’s not having it. A ball of hurt mixed with a strange fire burns in the pit of my stomach, growing by the second. I don’t know what has gotten into that shank but I’m sure as hell going to find out.

Once we pull up to my house again, Newt is the first to leap out of the car and scurry away from me. The hurt inside is growing so large, I’m sure that I can sense flecks of anger their too. As if the weather can read my mind, I notice that the wind has picked up and the sky has been covered with a gloomy blanket of grey cloud. Thunder storm clouds.

I am absolutely terrified of thunder storms, and Newt is the only person who knows that about me. He found out in a twenty questions game where I found out about him that he is afraid of falling. Usually during a thunder storm, I would go to his house, or he would meet me somewhere and he would talk to me about anything BUT the weather and I would endure his company and comfort. However, I highly doubt that I’ll be getting any comfort from him today, by the way he’s been acting.

I stomp inside after the others, slamming the front door with such aggression that I didn’t know I had in me. My rage has taken over a part of my body that it never had before. It was pumping through my veins like oxygen to the lungs. A fire within me had been lit and has already lost control. But more than that, I felt pain. Pain is always stronger than anger when it comes down to it, and this pain was an agony indescribable. A pain I understood but refused to admit, being far too stubborn for my own good.

At last, I decide to put my feelings into action, and i storm over to Newt, who is sitting with Thomas. I grasp the sleeve of his T-shirt and yank him with me into the kitchen. When I stop, I spin around to face his, highly attractive shuck face.

“WHAT IS WITH YOU?!” I practically yell in his face, shocking him. No response from him makes me continue. “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO GIVE ME THE SILENT TREATMENT?”

“(y/n)…I…” His voice comes out gruff and I almost fall weak to my knees.


That’s when Newts voice began to rise. “(y/n)..this…I’m…you see…”

I roll my eyes and turn my back to him. I can hear a distant rumble of the fast-approaching Thunder storm.


Newt had never shouted to that extent before, nor had he ever said anything to me quite like that. Of course we’ve argued, all best friends do. But this was something else. My heart feels as though it’s been ripped into shreds.

“FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY! I’M GOING TO BACK OFF RIGHT OUT OF YOUR SIGHT! HAPPY NOW?” I try to hide my voice wobble at the end, and push away the stabbing at my heart.


So that I don’t break down right in front of him, I power through the back doors that lead onto our patio and dart down onto the sand. The beginning of the rain was upon me as I headed towards the only place I could think of where I’d be totally alone.

The cave.

Once inside, I stand shell-shocked for around thirty seconds. After that, I collapse into a heap on the floor and cry. I blubbered and sobbed all my emotions out for the first time in a long time. I cry about Newt, sob when remembering all our memories, blubber thinking about what he’d said. But mostly, I weep about how the burning fire in my heart, which he started, still hasn’t been put out by his icy words.

It was when I had finally stopped the tears, that I noticed the weather. Heavy, heavy rain. With the occasional clap of thunder that made me shiver. To comfort myself, I do what Newt would do, and pull out a blanket from my supplies crate and wrap myself up extremely tight in a ball.
Closing my eyes, I try to think of happy thoughts, but it’s like a wave of panic has frozen my imagination to this exact moment. I begin to think that I should probably head back to the house and just face my fear. That was until the Lightning struck. BANG. It smashed against the sand, sending it whirling up into heavy winds. BANG. the ground begins to shudder and shake.

It’s the third BANG that causes the roof of the cave to completely collapse around me.


A/N: ooooooh damn so that was part four ;) please message me and let me know what you thought and weather you want me to do a final part!

Scythe in Seattle BONUS MATERIAL

Dedicated to professor-maka, since I promised to have this done by her birthday and failed (Happy Birthday!).

Read my Sleepless in Seattle AU “Scythe in Seattle” from the beginning: FF.NET | AO3

The streets in downtown Seattle were deserted and silent. The moon was obscured by a dense fog, leaving only faint, flickering streetlamps to light up the dark. It was nights like these that made Soul itch for something to hunt.  

Maka Albarn–Soul’s partner and second shot at the good life–carried him in scythe form slung over her narrow shoulders. Nine months into their partnership, Soul was still surprised at how easily she carted him around, how adeptly her wrists twirled him as if he were a baton and not a heavy weapon with a long, lethal blade.     

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