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A few interesting points from the leaks (nothing story-related):
  • Leech Life is now a TM and its power has been increased to 80 (stronger than Drain Punch and Giga Drain!)
  • Apricorn balls are available again (Moon balls mentioned specifically)
  • EXP Share works the same way as in gen6 so no changes there. You also get it early on in the game.
  • Some old pokemon have their abilities changed (like often happens with a new generation) Gigalith -> Sand Stream, Vanillish -> Snow Warning, some talk about Gengar losing levitate has been around but not confirmed

Also related is that for some reason the whole competitive community is whining about some base stat reveals as if the new pokemon were expected all to be meta-changingly powerful.


X & Y / ORAS

Magnet Pull: more likely to find Steel-type Pokemon in the wild.

Static: more likely to find Electric-type Pokemon in the wild.

Drizzle: more likely to find Water-type Pokemon in the wild.

Blaze/Drought: more likely to find Fire-type Pokemon in the wild.

Snow Warning: more likely to find Ice-type Pokemon in the wild.

Sand Stream: more likely to find Ground-type Pokemon in the wild.

Solar Power: more likely to find Grass-type Pokemon in the wild.

Sap Sipper: more likely to find Bug-type Pokemon in the wild.

Toxic Boost: more likely to find Poison-type Pokemon in the wild.

Solid Rock: more likely to find Rock-type Pokemon in the wild.

Competitive: more likely to find Normal-type Pokemon in the wild.

Cursed Body: more likely to find Ghost-type Pokemon in the wild.

Gale Wings: more likely to find Flying-type Pokemon in the wild.

Telepathy: more likely to find Psychic-type Pokemon in the wild.

Guts: more likely to find Fighting-type Pokemon in the wild.

Marvel Scale: more likely to find Dragon-type Pokemon in the wild.

X  & Y

Serene Grace: more likely to find Fairy-type Pokemon in the wild.

Insomnia: more likely to find Dark-type Pokemon in the wild.


Illuminate + Friendship: more likely to find Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Super Luck + Friendship: more likely to find Shiny Pokemon with hidden abilities in the wild.

Keen Eye + Friendship more likely to find lower level Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

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I really love the effect here.

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This is a spot on the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California, in the mountains near the Los Angeles Basin. Generally dry, close to the Mojave Desert, rocky, with some water flowing because it’s still spring.


#330-Flygon, The Mystic Pokemon

Unlike most other Pokemon, when Flygon finally gets to its fully evolved form, it becomes more passive and defensive, as its predecessors actually are quite aggressive. Flygon will only live in deserts, where it will use its tail to whip up sandstorms and immerse itself in sand to defend itself. With its new covering for its eyes, even the most intense sand streams have no chance of impeding its vision. This is a rather rare and powerful Pokemon that would be difficult to catch.

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Red Shiner (Cyprinella lutrensis)

…a species of Cyprinid fish that is native to North America, where it is known to occur naturally in Mississippi River Basin from southern Wisconsin and eastern Indiana to South Dakota and Wyoming and south to Louisiana.It has also been introduced in Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, and several other states. Red shiners are typically found in a variety of aquatic habitats, including backwaters, creek mouths, streams containing sand and silt substrates, riffles, and pools. They are fairly tolerant of areas of high turbidity and siltation, but avoid high acidity. They are omnivorous in nature, feeding on both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, as well as algae. They are also sometimes known to feed on the eggs and larvae of other fish. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Cypriniformes-Cyrpinidae-Cyprinella-C. lutrensis

Image: Marine Discovery