sand stream


Panorama of sinuous-crested sand waves (dunes) and water-filled troughs on the surface of a sandbar, Cimarron River, Oklahoma. These features are visible immediately after a drop in river level (or stage) following large, powerful rainstorm events. Flow direction is toward the camera.


Good Morning from Scotland 

Periphery of Sunrise by David Langan
Via Flickr:
Another photo taken on beautiful Balmedie beach. This time I was on the beach witnessing a biblical sunrise. The colour, saturation and intensity from the rising sun was pretty spectacular. I really liked the long whisps of clouds picking up some of this colour against a cooler sky so set up this composition with the main part of the sunrise out of shot . Even though the bright and fiery part of the sky is way over to the right hand side i believe the curve of the water heading left is a good counter too this. Just for your info, the strange concrete blocks are the remnants of WW2 coastal defences The eagle eyed among you will spot where this stream exits into the sea, I would rather it featured a bit more prominently in the photo but you cant have everything!

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Can you do anything about how Tyranitar is basically indestructible? Or about how it can destroy mountains with its hands? Also it is basically Godzilla so that's pretty cool too. If not, Macargo is pretty absurd too, with it being hotter than the sun. And one more for the road: if the aliens decide to explore the desert for whatever reason Cacturn regularly stalk and kill people who travel deserts at night. Hope some of these help

i’ll just answer the tyranitar one, i feel like the others deserve their own posts.

dex entry:  Tyranitar, The Armor Pokémon. If it rampages, it knocks down mountains and buries rivers. Maps must be redrawn afterward. Its body can’t be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies. Extremely strong, it can change the landscape. It has an insolent nature that makes it not care about others.

so get this, MAPS need to be redrawn after it rampages. this lil beast terraforms the mountains to its own liking. and its ability, sand stream, kicks up sandstorms when its in battle.

“Captain, I think we’re lost. our maps don’t match the environment”

“check the other maps”

“we’ve done that, but none of the maps match!”

“that cant be right, we made sure the maps were right. this must have been done by the human captive. bring the human to me, i will interrogate her”

the human was brought to the front of the line, to the Captain, making eye contact without a care in the world.

“you’ve messed with the maps, human”

it was a statement, not a question, as if the Captain knew the human had changed the maps

“have you tried turning it upside down, captain?” she replied, the tone riddled with sarcasm

“very funny, human” the Captain replied, clearly not finding it funny. “but you will be punished for messing with the maps, im thinking that we put you in the front line, so whatever happens, happens to you” he replied smugly, expecting some kind of plea for mercy, which never came

“are you sure about that? you and your troop might become smug when you witness my very awesome and epic skills, and end up getting yourselves killed. I mean, I heard what happened with the troop over at Hoenn. you called that GVF-452, right?” the human replied not the least bit impressed, eyes wandering over the mountain landscape. “what kind of map messing is it anyway?”

“the maps dont match the landscape” someone behind replied, and the captain hissed and them.

“well thats obvious. you do know there are Tyranitars here, right?” she replies at the stupid statement, anyone of their sane mind would know that there are Tyranitars here, after all

“and what are those? are they like those Murkrows? have some mountain dwelling pokémon tinkered with our maps?” he replied in aggression

“boy you wish it was that simple. but the maps havent changed or anything, its the mountain that has changed”

the human go the reply of clitter-clattering sounds from the troop, their version of laughing. A whole mountain changing so much that the maps became outdated? please, not even the weather can do that. clearly this was just the human playing with their minds.

“…anyways… Tyranitar lives at mountains, and they’re so strong that they can change the landscape to fit to their needs, like when they’re nesting. maps get redrawn all the time because of them” 

and as the statement was finished, a distant, echo of a roar was heard, making the troop look around in fear

“id say its on the other side of the hill. they’re pretty strong, but since its probably preparing a nest, you can probably chase it away if you attack it- it will see the place as unsafe for its eggs and go find somewhere else” 

either the general was stupid or just very trusting, because he signaled for the small army to prepare their weapons and take aim, ready to attack the beast once it showed itself.

all eyes on the Tyranitar as it emerged, shoving up the ground, smashing smaller boulders, the human took the chance to run off, steps barely heard because of the loud shatter of rocks resounding in the valley.


the tyranitar looks at the small figures and begins to walk towards them, unsure of the situation.


The Tyranitar roared as it got blasted, and as the smoke and dust settled, seemingly unharmed, the mouth opened, and shot a Hyper beam right beside where they stood, and then moved it towards them, blasting the ground and the aliens to bits.

one of the lower ranking officers managed to run away, and begged the awaiting human for help

Quality kaijuslayer(TM) Content

‘I want to die’ tier: off-the-cuff comments that are wildly misinterpreted by racists and then full of people mocking said racists (150k+ notes last time I checked)

‘Ughhh with the notifications’ tier: shitty fandom jokes (ex: 8k notes for a bad joke about Anakin and sand)

‘Why this?’ tier: “stream-of-consciousness” (honestly, word-vomit is more accurate) rambling pseudo-essays/shitposts on a particular character or scene from some sci-fi bullshit (200-800 notes)

‘Hey, nice’ tier: particularly well-painted 40k models, particularly nice pictures of my pets (50+ notes)

‘Nice’ tier: standard ‘popular’ kaijuslayer photo post of minis or cats (20-50 notes)

Standard tier: well-argued meta, 40k banter, particularly nice screencaps of my video game characters (10-20 notes)

Obscure tier: fanfiction/writing for someone else’s established universe, standard personal post (5-10 notes)

Ozymandias tier: original writing, things that I personally think are hilarious, direct questions with answers enabled 

I’m so proud of PF honestly. This is flat out amazing. If you didn’t know, Paradise Fears’ new song “Who We Were With” was added onto Spotify’s playlist “Today’s Hits” earlier this week. And Jordan tweeted out that the song was played over 92k times yesterday. That’s insane. I’m so proud & happy for PF. They deserve this in so many ways. If you have a spotify account, please go listen to the Today’s top hits playlist & jam out to #WWWW. It’ll help the band out so much! :)

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Congrats on 2500! I remember when I followed you when you were Ereri Pickup Lines, Could you do a fantasy au?

Aaa, ereripickuplines, they will be missed XD Hm, fantasy? Pretty broad range but I`ve always had a thing for harpy Levi so…

Eren had been searching for months. A hunter like him shouldn`t take so long to find game, but he was going for the big kill this time. He wanted a Harpy. Creatures who`s feathers alone went for thousands of coins, their bones worth more than the king had to offer. Eren adjusted his belt, which held his many knives and poisons.

He knew he was getting close, the prints didn`t lie, and neither did the splashing in the stream before him. He crouched into the bushes, his gun at the ready, and peeked out to see his prey.

It felt like his heart had stopped.

His gun lowered on it`s own, along with his slacked jaw.

It was the most beautiful thing he`d ever seen.

The Harpy that was. He lay there sunning himself in all his naked glory. White sheer feathers, they practically glowed in the sunlight, grew over his wide, majestic wings. His dark, black hair was flowing slightly in the light wind that also ruffled his feathers. His hair was adorned with white flowers almost as vibrant as his wings, they stood out in his hair and made it pop all the more. Eren could make out the white gold jewelry he was wearing, wrist cuffs, necklaces, arm bands. All contrasting beautifully with his pale skin. 

Eren stilled himself even more, his breath hitching when the gorgeous creature turned around.

Precious silver.

Precious silver lay in the pretty Harpy`s eyes. A white gold head dress draped across his hair and forehead.

Surely it wasn`t so easy to fall in love, but Eren couldn`t stop his heart from racing, couldn`t stop himself from reaching out, wanting to touch.

The beauty gasped as he rose from his hiding spot, cover his bare body with his wings. Eren found he couldn`t decide if he looked better this way. He went to explained himself, but the Harpy spoke first.

“Who are you?” Eren almost groaned, his voice was angelic, soft, sweet, demure. It was getting hard to hold back.

“I am a hunter,” the little dove flinched, “But I will not harm you.”

He looked skeptical.


“Because… you`re so beautiful.” Eren breathed, the Harpy closed his wings around him more in shock.

“Wha- What does that have to do with anything?” He sputtered. The way he bit his lip, averted his pretty eyes, Eren couldn`t take it anymore.

The dove couldn`t say another words before the hunters lips were on his in a desperate, wanting, lustful kiss. He pulled him towards his body, hands on the back of his head as the Harpy whimpered and protested unconvincingly.

“Ah! Stop, what are you-”


“Y-you can`t, your human you-”


“Mmh, you, I…”


Eren finally pulled away from the lovely lips he`d claimed to looked at the Harpy`s flushed face as his knees went weak and he leaned into the hunters arms. Their eyes met for s second, the Harpy kissed him again, this time wrapping his wings around his body. He happily obliged.

Later, perhaps a few hours of kisses and touches, the Harpy came to realize he didn`t even know this man`s name.

“What is your name, hunter?” He whispered as they layed together in the soft sand by the stream`s bay.

“Eren. Eren Jaeger.”

The harpy giggled.


“And what of you then?”

The harpy gave his first wide, happy smile of the day.


The Little Things in Life

Aries:Orange sunrises, warm rays of light, splashing water, looking for tadpoles in ponds, running and sprinting, bear hugs, high fives that sting, laughter that makes you sore, dancing and twirling in circles, the feel of the earth beneath your feet, sprinting until your legs wobble, late nights spent talking or laughing or simply listening to the sounds of the nighttime, flickering stars
Taurus: Hot chocolate on rainy days, the sound of rain hitting umbrellas, feeling sand between fingertips, watching the clouds move, walks in the forest, tousled hair, kissing in the rain, singing in the shower, cooking with someone, playful arguments, seeing the world begin a new day, the smell of coconut, the smell of everything; the perfume in her hair or his cologne
Gemini: Falling asleep to the sound of rain, biking in the city or through bumpy forest trails, sticking your feet in cold water, having water balloon fights, laughing so hard you can’t breathe, being so excited that your speech is incomprehensible, quick notes and quicker steps, the veins in the leaves that you love to crunch, blaring music, making people laugh, seeing her eyes sparkle, watching everyone in the world as individuals because you can
Cancer:Morning coffee, long walks, coming home to a warm house, sitting by a fire, watching TV while cuddling, goodbye and hello kisses, walks on the beach, road trips, sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean, reading late at night, manicures and pedicures, long hot showers, slow kisses, loud laughter, running fingers through silky hair
Leo: Cold, bright mornings, radiant sunshine, calloused hands, racing hearts, crystal clear streams, hot sand, running for no reason, late nights spent talking and laughing, excitement so tangible you can hardly sleep, watching the leaves change color each day in fall, running fingers through the mist in early morning, long trips to the beach, salt water drying on your lips
Virgo: Warm, glowing mornings, waking to birds chirping, orange-pink skies, harvest moons, vines entangling, planting flowers, humming absently, listening to the world spin around you, teaching and protecting, nights spent laughing and smiling, books filled with photographs, mornings with messy hair and tired eyes, whispered hellos, bare feet on grass
Libra: Puffy clouds, gentle breezes, floating leaves, power lines, pink skies, green tea, bare feet on cold mornings, watching flowers grow, deep conversations in the sunset, soft smiles, warm blankets, squeezed hands and shoulders, gentle eye contact, soft piano notes, quiet laughter, silent tears of joy
Scorpio:Lovesick poetry, quiet humming(even if it’s out of tune), random notes or drawings, letters that smell like perfume, rainy days, stargazing, deep conversations, aching chests, laying in the grass and staring up at the sky, coffee after a long day, gentle piano playing, soft kisses, animals curling up on your laps, hugs so long that time seems to stop
Sagittarius: Wispy clouds, summer wind, brightly colored flowers, dandelions blowing into streams, morning dew, streams of light through forest leaves, mulch beneath boots, wide smiles, unrestrained laughter, waking up to a new sight each day, whispering goodnight and good morning to the universe, dragonflies floating through the air, sticking your head out the car window, loud music
Capricorn:Mist tumbling from the sky, sleepy yawns in the morning, warm pajamas, hot tea, muttering about the heat and muttering about the cold, stopping to stare at the sky, hisses of “I can do that, watch me,” scraped knees from skateboards, freezing winter nights, daydreaming in Chemistry, shared grins, witty quips and giggles, watching the shadows and highlights on your skin, staring endlessly at intricate spiderwebs
Aquarius:Hidden alleyways, birds chirping, secret worlds between friends, vines twisting over fences, watching the sky at 1am, murmuring to the moon and stars, quick spring breezes, flashes of grins, sitting and watching the grass, closing your eyes and feeling the earth, saying hello to strangers, good morning and goodnight, cups of tea at obscenely early hours of the morning, quirky midnight conversations
Pisces: Spring skies, billowy clouds, dainty breezes, clear pools of water, splashing puddles in the middle of the street, sharing umbrellas, smelling flowers, lighting candles, peaceful walks at dusk, crickets chirping, wishing upon stars, daydreaming in moonlight, cold mornings with warm tea, soft laughter, losing yourself in music, running in high grass, laughing and singing freely, every moment of free bliss

Six Sentence Sunday

She flew.  She SOARED.

The sand streamed from the Millennium Falcon’s nacelles in a swirling dusty tempest behind her, as she skipped and skimmed across the desert surface of Jakku. She then tilted, arched and streaked skyward; engines screaming like the bird of prey that was her namesake. Her alloy skeleton creaked and groaned under pressure as she awoke and stretched towards the endless azure sky.

Yes– awake and free.

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I really love the effect here.

Please wake up, Fred Weasley x Reader

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Request: Can you do a Fred x Reader where the reader dies in the war like far before him? And they see each other in the afterlife when he dies? Thanks dear
Information: (Y/N)= your name
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
A/N: I must say that I actually cried writing this and I feel like I don’t have a heart anymore.

Fred Weasley didn’t know how, but the moment he and (Y/N) met in first year, they fell in love. Fred knew from the moment she smiled at him that he met his soulmate. At only the age of 12, the two went on an awkward date, with George hiding in the bushes to see how it went. And it didn’t stop from there. They really did fell in love. They were still as in love as then, when they were 13 and 14 and 15 and go on. They were meant for each other. The whole family loved (Y/N) and she loved them too. Fred was the happiest boy alive that he could call her his girlfriend. (Y/N) moved in with Fred and George after she finished her last year, and George didn’t mind at all. But the war came, and it changed everything.

“Please baby you need to wake up” Fred was holding his bleeding girlfriend in his arms, crying his eyes out as he begged for her to wake up. “Please (Y/N) wake up” he cried and tried to shook her. “Fred..” said George slowly as he placed his hand on his brothers shoulder. “I’m begging you (Y/N), wake up” George just stood behind them. “Please (Y/N) I love you, I can’t lose you. I need you to wake up now, baby please do it for me” Fred cried. But she didn’t react. She laid in his arms, cold, eyes closed and blood everywhere. Fred screamed and cried, he couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe his everything was dead. It couldn’t be true. It just couldn’t. Fred screamed again and George held onto his brother, trying him to get away from his lifeless girlfriend. “No George! She can’t be d- dead! NO!” he pushed George off of him and hold her hand as he cried on her stomach, not hearing her heartbeat that had calmed him so many times. “Please baby” he whispered. “I love you so much”

Fred stood in the front of all the people, together with his family and the parents of (Y/N). Everyone was wearing black, everyone was crying, it was raining. The coffin lowered into the ground, red roses laying on top of it. Fred couldn’t do it anymore. He let himself fall on the ground, in the arms o his mother. He screamed again. He didn’t care that there were loads of people around him. He screamed until his throat felt dry. He screamed until he lost his voice. And he screamed until the coffin was fully covered in sand. Tears streaming down his cheeks, blending with the rain. He didn’t care that he was the only one who got wet, the only one who wasn’t holding a umbrella. Nothing cared to him anymore. Not now the love of his life was gone. When Fred opened his eyes, he saw that it was dark. His mother wasn’t holding him anymore, only George sat beside him, staring in the distance. Fred laid his hand on the gravestone. He didn’t know how late it was, and he didn’t know how long he sat there. But George has stayed with him all day, in the rain, watching him cry over his beloved girlfriend. He stood up and hugged his brother, sobbing in his shoulder as George cried too and pet him on his back. They stood there for a long time, just holding onto each other. It wasn’t fair. It was too early. She was only 18. They had plans, they wanted to marry, have children, just being a proper family and growing old together. But it all was ruined because of one fight. And that is when Fred realized that everyone was in danger. That every family can be destroyed now. That’s when Fred realized that he had to fight for his girlfriend, for all the other broken family’s.

May 2, 1998. The Battle of Hogwarts. Screams everywhere, fired spells on every place you could look, death around every corner that was once a place of laughing students. It was a peaceful school only a couple of hours ago. Hogwarts that was once the safest place, was now destroyed. Fred was exhausted but he needed to continue. Not only for everyone here, but for his girlfriend. He needed revenge. Revenge on the Death Eater that killed the love of his life. He fought bravely, but an exploding wall gave him peace. The peace he hadn’t felt the last two years. A peace he was glad to have, but at the same time not. He couldn’t say goodbye to his family. He couldn’t say how much he loved them. He couldn’t say goodbye to his twin brother. Life wasn’t fair, not for his girlfriend and not for him. 

Fred held his arm in front of his eyes to shelter himself from the bright light that hurt his eyes. “You’ve been so strong Freddie” a soft, yet crying voice said. “(Y/N)?” he asked, unbelievable. “I”m here darling” the voice said. Fred looked up, the light still blinded him but a figure became clearer and clearer every second. She was just as beautiful as he could remember. She opened her arms and Fred ran towards her. He picked her off the ground, spinning her around as he cried again, but this time from happiness. “I’ve missed you so much” he said as he set her on the ground again. She laid her hand on his cheek and he hold it as she stroked his soft skin. She smiled and a cheek rolled down her cheek. “You couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t touch you, but I was with you the whole time.” she said. “How can it be that you’re here with me now?” Fred asked. “This is the afterlife” she said. “So I - I’m..” “Dead? Yeah..” she said. It was silent for a moment. “And George?” Fred asked as he swallowed. “And Ron? Mum? Dad? Ginny?” “They are all alright” she said. “I’ve missed you so much” Fred said as he kissed her. Her lips felt warm, soft and just the same as he could remember. “I love you Freddie” “I love you too (Y/N)”