sand sea and spray

♡ home ♡

sea cottage: open windows, sea spray, picnics on the sand, sea glass filled jars

woodland shack: the crackle of fire, soft fallen snow, catching fire flys

lake house: swimming in the lake, gazing at the fish, making wishes off of daisies

apartment: listening to the sound of yellow lights, laughter echoes, smells of coffee drifts through the air

mountain cottage: the winds howling, feeding forest creatures, collecting herbs from the garden, windows all open

a future

The bleak early morning air felt so cool and nice against her skin, the waves softly hitting her bare ankles in the summer breeze. Annabeth found herself playing with the small clay beads strung around her neck. There were 16 beads now, the necklace almost being too short to hold them all. She breathed in the ocean spray, and dug her toes further into the sand. 

Sometimes in the early mornings, when she couldn’t sleep, when the dreams became a little too surreal, she would sneak out of Cabin 3 and to the ocean waves, watching the foam and sea spray roll across the sand. Today was no exception, as she had dreamt of a future that she felt was too good to be true.

A soft patter of footsteps signalled to her that her boyfriends had noticed her disappearance. A pair of warm arms encircled her waist, chin resting on her shoulder. Annabeth turned to give Percy a proper hug, pulling him down so that he was sitting alongside her. Percy draped a small blanket that he had carried with him over them both. Annabeth glanced down at Percy’s camp necklace, he had far less than she did, having only 7. 

It always made her feel so ….old, a often a little insecure, knowing that she started at camp long beach at the young age of 7 because she didn’t have a family that cared for her. Even though that has changed, she was always reminded of her lonely childhood, dreaming of a future where she was happy. 

She is now. She should be so happy, with no wars to deal with and a loving beautiful boyfriend alongside of her. But that night, her dreams of a future returned, but instead she yearned for a family, her own family- with Percy. They were both 23 but never once was the idea of marriage and kids ever formally discussed. She wondered if he wanted the same. 

Percy felt her tense under his embrace and soothingly rubbed her shoulders and back. This wasn’t new to him; he came out after her almost every night. But unbeknownst to her, he too had startlingly vivid slumbers. He dreamt of a better world, one where he and his love did not ever have to suffer, that they could grow up and have a family without worrying about monsters or the gods approval. 

Annabeth turned her head to look at Percy, his beautiful green orbs so bright for such bleak morning light. She leant in and the two shared a short but sweet kiss.

In that moment, Annabeth decided to let her worries and dreams go, she was the happiest she’d ever been and with Percy by her side, she would happily and confidently stride into the future. She leant her head against his shoulder, arm draped across his chest, eyes beginning to flutter shut.

Percy looked down at her sleeping form, his heart constricted in his chest. These were the moments he loved and cherished. These were the moments he wanted to live in forever. With Annabeth. He considered carrying her back to his cabin but the warmth of her body pressed against his lulled him back into sleep. 

In the morning, the campers found their two leaders curled up to each other, asleep on the beach. The pair had soft smiles on their faces, almost as if they were sharing the same dream . 

And they were. They dreamt of a little girl with beautiful green-grey eyes and black curls and a boy whose blonde hair glinted in the sun and eyes greener than the waves in the ocean. 

~ hope you liked it!! This is dedicated to @somethingmorecreative1 for inspiring me to write my own fics 


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