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fate-plays-chess-with-two-queens  asked:

Because you like to talk and I'm curious: what is Cosmere about? The fanart looks really cool but I'm hesitant to commit to the book because I have 101 things I really should prioritise :)

Cosmere is a collection of books (Mistborn series, Stormlight Archive series, Elantris, Warbreaker series (hopefully), White Sand series, and Arcanum Unbounded (a collection of short stories)) that exist within the same universe in which once upon a time a God was destroyed and broken into 16 pieces (aka shards). It’s currently unknown as to exactly how this shattering occurred, or what the entire compilation is leading up to (but I’m assuming some sort of apocalypse). 

In this series you have characters such as: Sociopath Jesus, Better-than-Loki, Hat-Thief, Queen of Awesome, Depression, Cinnamon Roll 1 and 2, Judas-but-Suave, Braniac-Badass, Zombie-Prince, and many, many more. 

You should get started on it. It’s awesome and will probably take up your life for at least the next 6 months.