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Your Everything

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Song: Your Everything by Keith Urban
Genre: Fluff
Challenge: @impalaimagining

Gif Credit to @d-s-winchester for finding it for me

The first time I looked in your eyes I knew
That I would do anything for you
The first time you touched my face I felt
Like I’ve never felt with anyone else

You had taken a job as a PA on the set of Supernatural after leaving your hometown in the US of A for O’ Canada.  You had been a writer for years, but you wanted to take a step back and find yourself.  You were assigned to be Misha Collin’s personal assistant and being a fan of the show, you knew he was recently divorced, single, known for pranks, and also new to the show, portraying an angel. 

What you didn’t realize was that it was a flash in the pan, lightening striking twice, type of situation when you both set eyes on one another. It was literally love at first like, look, and introductions.  Awkwardness aside, you did your job professionally, despite the week long glances, slight touches of the hand, and the accidental spilling of coffee, where you had to rush him to wardrobe for a new trench-coat and a quick, not scripted kiss on the cheek.  

I wanna give back what you’ve giving to me
And I wanna witness all of your dreams
Now that you’ve shown me who I really am
I wanna be more than just your man

Weeks on set turned to months and you and Misha had quickly become inseparable.  He wanted to know all your secrets, what made you tick, he wanted to give you back what you had given him, a new sense of self.  He was known for acting but with you around, he was known more for his personality, genuineness, and loyalty to his costars and crew. Misha was known for giving back to the poor and was a poet.  He was also good with his hands and your weekends usually consisted of assisting him in his newly built from the ground up home, made from scratch. A house which just wasn’t quite a home, until he made the next step in your relationship.  

I wanna be the wind that fills your sails
And be the hand that lifts your veil
And be the moon that moves your tide
The sun coming up in your eyes
Be the wheels that never rust
And be the spark that lights you up
All that you’ve been dreaming of and more
So much more, I wanna be your everything

The day that Misha proposed, you were sanding down the railings to the front porch, the sun was just setting, casting a romantic glow across the sky of tangerine yellows, robust reds, and the sky the color of his eyes. He brought out two glasses of fresh lemonade, three roses, white for loyalty, yellow for friendship, and red for love, on a tray, with a fancy cocktail napkin, a blue velvet box laid open on it.  He spoke, 

“When you wake up, I’ll be the first thing you see, and when it gets dark you can reach out for me.  I’ll cherish your words and I’ll finish your thoughts,
and I’ll be your compass baby, when you get lost,” 

“Will you marry me, YNN?”

I wanna be the wind that fills your sails
And be the hand that lifts your veil
And be the moon that moves your tide
The sun coming up in your eyes
Be the wheels that never rust
And be the spark that lights you up
All that you’ve been dreaming of and more
So much more, I wanna be your everything

You threw the sander down, picked up the box, as Misha placed the ring on your left hand, the sun hitting the diamonds in just the right light, when you jumped into his arms, legs wrapped around his waist, lips pressed firmly onto his.  He laughed into your kiss and asked you,

“I take that’s a yes?”

But to make it official, you told him it wasn’t just a yes, but you were going to Be the wheels that never rust, and be the spark that lights you up.” You kissed him again, “All that you’ve been dreaming of and more. so much more, I wanna be your everything, MishaI wanna be your everything!”

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all1sees  asked:

clack with 28, please and thank you!

Oh man! Getting the wrong house/phone number/everything is one of my worst nightmares tbh lol

Cloud double and then triple checked the address. He couldn’t see the numbers anywhere, but judging by the numbers on the street – and google maps – it was definitely this house. Cloud looked at the place.

Sephiroth hadn’t really given him a a picture or anything of his new place. Just the address. If it were anyone else, Cloud would think it was totally weird that pictures of the new house weren’t plastered all over Facebook – after all, he had bought the thing in his mid-twenties, mostly all in cash with a tiny loan. You think the guy would be prouder. Nope, he was still the same old paranoid Sephiroth.

He had remembered Sephiroth saying that the house was okay – high praise from the stoic man. And, well, this house was okay. It was clean, not falling apart, and the yard was mostly maintained. It must have been it.

But, maybe Cloud should just walk around the block once to double check. Sephiroth’s house might be a few doors over. What if he knocked on a stranger’s house with all this beer? He’d look like such a weirdo. Gawd.

Unless Sephiroth was standing at the window laughing his ass off because Cloud was standing in the middle of the fucking sidewalk, arms laden with the beer his friend had fucking demanded in repayment of a bet, just waiting for him to make an even bigger ass of himself. Yeah, those curtains definitely moved. Must be Seph’s place.

Cloud lumbered into the yard. It smelled nice, the flowers were pretty, the grass was still green from the rain last week – or maybe that was moss, he wasn’t sure, and there was a small little porch where Seph could put out a rocking chair and yell at all the passersby.

Cloud took a breath. And knocked.

“Coming!” A voice shouted from inside. It was… it almost sounded too peppy to be Sephiroth. Sephiroth always barked his responses from behind the door. Oh no, oh gawd, that meant -

Cloud watched in horror as the door opened. And standing there with a bright smile, sparkling eyes, and barely clothed was definitely not Sephiroth. Way too tan, way too broad, and oooooh way too half clothed. Cloud had no idea how the boxes of beer didn’t just fall out of his hands.

“Hi!” The stranger chirped. “I don’t remember asking for a beer delivery.” Cloud got looked up and down, the man smiling playfully. “Did Angeal send you?”

“I-I-uh…” Cloud forgot how to speak. Oh god, he couldn’t get words out of his mouth anymore. This wasn’t Sephiroth’s house at all! Cloud lurched back violently, almost losing his footing on the porch step and his elbow conked into the railing with a crank. But he stayed motherfucking upright. That was victory enough because he managed to wheeze out, “Wr-wrong house. Sorry.”

“Woah, there, easy buddy.” The man was at his side in a flash. Cloud couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing the tightest hot pants under that baggy sweater he had ever seen – and also what was this the eighties? “Are you okay?”

Cloud nodded dumbly. Because this guy smelled really, like, really fucking good. And maybe he was a serial killer – why else wouldn’t he have the numbers on his house? Wasn’t it against the law? But would a serial killer really look that… just wow.

“You’re bleeding! I knew I shoulda sanded the railings.” There was a gentle tug on his forearm. “Here, come on, let me get you patched up.”

Cloud, just as dumbly, left the beer on the front porch. After all, he thought, if this hardon inducing guy was a serial killer after all, Sephiroth would notice the abandoned beer on the porch… maybe.

Crossing the threshold broke the weird spell, and Cloud awkwardly took his arm back. “I, I think I should go. My friend lives around here.”

“Hey, I was the one who scared you. I can patch you up. All you did was pick the wrong house.” the man said it gently, soothingly. If he had invited Cloud inside, the blonde was pretty damn sure he wouldn’t say no. “Oh, hey, I know, I’ll just grab some bandaids and stuff and be right back!”

Cloud watching those hot pants and too-bright smile disappear down the hall. It was a homey little place, obviously lived in. Little nick-nacks lined every known surface, garish colors mixing and mashing but somehow coming together in pleasant harmony. And it smelled really good. Like… like banana bread. Cloud took a deep breath, ignoring the ache in his elbow. He could totally die in a house like this.

The stranger came back, with an awkward pile of things in his arms.

“Okay, Spike,” the homeowner laughed. “You got a preference?”

“Uh… landlord’s choice?” Cloud’s voice almost cracked right there. You can do it, Cloud! You can banter! At least he smiled as he said it.

“Chocobos it is.” he laughed. “Oh, uh, I’m Zack by the way.”

“Is it… sanitary for you, I mean, you don’t even know if I have – ow!” Cloud hissed as the antiseptic touched the wound.

“And noooo splinters. You’re a lucky guy. No man has ever come off the railing without one.” the man – Zack was his name, Zack. ZACK – laughed. He just… had this way of speaking.

“Uh, um, I’m -uh- Cloud.” it was a weird name, he knew. It was why he liked hanging out with Sephiroth. They got to be the weird named bros forever. And here was… Zack.

“Cloud? Oooo, that’s pretty. I like Clouds. Did you know,” Zack said casually, “That a cloud can be anything you want it to be? Funniest thing is that no two people see the same thing in a cloud.” Zack looked up, smiling, “neat, isn’t it?”

Cloud coughed awkwardly. “Um, I, could, uh, repay you in beer. I have plenty.” Not like Seph needed a beer gut anyway.

“Naaaw, like I said, it was just an accident. But if you really want to repay me… can you help me eat this banana bread? I’ve made like twelve loafs because somebody told me the wrong date for the bake sale.”

“Deal.” Cloud may have said that too quickly.

As it turned out, Zack was a teacher at the local middle school. And his new, grumpy next door neighbor was the one and only Sephiroth - who didn’t seem to mind being left alone while Cloud stuffed his face with the motherfucking delicious banana bread.