sand pails

for @renaishizaya

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
domestic!au: the dating timeline

Five-year-old Heiwajima Shizuo walked up to five-year-old Orihara Izaya, extended a sand pail and bowed his head to hide his flushed cheeks.

“I-I’m Shizuo!!! N-n-n-n-nice to m-meet ou!!!”

Izaya tilted his head.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Shizu-chan. But you introduced yourself yesterday and we played! Don’t you remember?”

“O-oh… I thought m-maybe you forgot…”

“Um… Izaya?”

Humming to let him know he was paying attention, twenty-five-year-old Izaya looked up from his magazine on the couch to see Shizuo appearing distressed over a piece of paper.

“How long have we been dating?”

Eight-year-old Shizuo was about to talk to his teacher all by himself and he was nervous.

But it had to be done.

Clearing his throat, he looked up and it took everything to not shrink away when his teacher returned the gaze, smiled warmly. “Yes, Shizuo-kun?”

“I-I… I-I want to b-be Izaya’s partner!!”

“Oh. Honey…”


“Dear, you already are. Izaya already asked the day before.”

“Mm… who asked who out?” Izaya drawled, returning to his laying position.

“Uh…” Shizuo looked up, brow knit and end of his pencil touching to his lip. “…I don’t think either of us did.”

“All right,” Izaya murmured coolly. “Then when did we first kiss?”

Thirteen-year-old Izaya had a proposition that would make Shizuo’s entire face, neck, ears, and probably a good half of his body turn bright red. He was waiting for him after school by his last class, leaning against the wall casually. Shizuo had a tendency to be slow, so Izaya waited until everyone had cleared out to go in, call out his name and plop down in the desk in front of Shizuo’s.

“Shizu-chan, can you do me a favor?”

“Huh? Sure, anything.”

Izaya smirked and leaned in.

“Let’s kiss.”

“…Does that make it official?” Shizuo asked with a frown, looking at the couch that Izaya was on. “I mean… at that time, I figured it was more of a… friend type thing. Like you just wanted to know what it was like.”

Izaya sat up. “Did you not like it? Because Shizu-chan’s face turned pretty red…”

“Sh-shut up!! A-anyway, a better indicator would’ve been when we first… you know…”


“Hey, Shizu-chan,” eighteen-year-old Izaya piped one day, looked over to Shizuo, who was laying on his bed with him and struggling with math. “Do me a favor?”

“Yeah, sure. Anything.”

Izaya smirked and leaned in.

“Let’s have sex.”

“Well, at that time, Shizu-chan didn’t confess to me yet…”

“Y-y-y-you didn’t either!!”

“You didn’t get the hint from me wanting to do it with you?”


Giving a dry laugh, Izaya mumbled ‘that is true’ and stood. His magazine was tossed carelessly onto the couch as he walked over to stand behind Shizuo. His arms laced around his neck, nails scratched gently against his chest over his shirt as his fingers curled, hugging him loosely and peering at the paper he was working on. Immediately, his brows knit as he asked, “…You’re making a timeline?”

“…No,” Shizuo muttered meekly. “I just… I realized we never… asked each other out. Or confessed. We just… got together.”

Twenty-three-year-old Shizuo suddenly became acutely aware of the fact he’d never been on an official date, always turned down confessions for some reason, and though never having been labeled as someone’s boyfriend, felt like he wasn’t single.

Which meant…

“Izaya,” he said slowly, chopsticks stilling. “…Are we… are we dating?”

Izaya looked up.

“…I certainly hope so because you did agree that this was our anniversary.”

“Hey,” Shizuo said suddenly, “how did you decide that the date of our anniversary was our anniversary? What special thing happened that day?”

“Oh,” Izaya sighed, shrugging and pressed a kiss to Shizuo’s jaw. “Nothing. It seems like an anniversary type of date.”

“…You piece of–”

“Don’t worry about this too much, Shizu-chan,” Izaya said, hiding a laugh in his tone as he shifted to leave a kiss at the corner of Shizuo’s mouth. “Not everything has to be strictly defined, yeah? I mean, who knows…”

He pulled back only to gracefully fall into Shizuo’s lap. He took the pencil and tossed it aside as he leaned in, his arms lacing around Shizuo’s neck as he stole a proper kiss, pulled back and left both of their lips tingling and hearts beating a little quicker.

“Maybe we’ve just been together our whole lives.”

Misadventures in Babysitting

Summary: Ron hoped he and Hermione could at least function as ordinary baby-minders, but Teddy Lupin is an extraordinary child.

Rating: T for language

A pleasant breeze wound its way through a park on the outskirts of London on a beautiful autumn afternoon, ruffling the rather exceptional hair - his bright ginger, hers prodigiously bushy - of a young couple ensconced on a bench. Though the day wasn’t particularly cold, the couple sat close together as they watched two little boys enthusiastically dig and roll about in the park’s sandpit. They laughed at the children’s antics, one every now and then pointing out to the other something particularly cute the little brown-haired boy had done.

“Look at how clever he is with that little spade. Oh goodness, he is going to need such a bath tonight!” Hermione exclaimed as Teddy upended a small pail of sand over his head and laughed uproariously.

Ron unconsciously squeezed his arm around her a little tighter at the happy tone of her voice. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, ignoring the flyaway strands of her hair that the wind blew into his face, and reflected on how surprisingly well the day had gone.

When his father had flooed into the shop that morning with the news that his mother had a nasty cold and couldn’t watch Teddy, Ron had surprised everyone - himself included, truth be told - by offering to take him for the afternoon. After all, he had never watched the rambunctious 18-month-old on his own, or any other child for that matter. When you came from a big family, people expected you to be good with kids - but it didn’t really hold when you were the almost-youngest. He had practically been a baby himself when Ginny was born, so he had never really had any experience watching over a much-younger child.

As soon as he told Hermione, she had actually taken the afternoon off to help (Ron chose to believe that this was a mark of her fondness for spending time with Teddy rather than an indication of her confidence in his single-handed baby-minding abilities), so he had the bonus of spending a weekday afternoon with his hard-working girlfriend. The time was doubly-precious as his Auror training program was due to resume shortly, meaning extended bouts away from home and a dispiriting lack of leisure time.

Not wanting to expose Teddy to any germs at the Burrow, they had first taken him to their flat where he had spent an hour playing with a grudging Crookshanks. Teddy had been delighted with the furry, orange beast, chasing him and babbling his version of the cat’s name, but when “Gooks” started making several aggressive bids for escape Hermione had wisely suggested this nearby park.

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Sand Pail Sundae from Typhoon Lagoon at the Walt Disney World Resort 
Next time you’re at Typhoon Lagoon pick one of these up. The pail is filled with chocolate and vanilla soft-serve, with layers of waffle cone and cookie pieces, hot fudge, and caramel sauce, and then is topped with a mountain of whipped cream, several handfuls of sprinkles, and a few cherries.

Requested by esperjester

Pairing: Midorima/Takao
Theme: childhood!au: bullies

“So that’s why you shouldn’t bully people!”

Takao Kazunari was a very upbeat, bright, and happy child, so it came as quite a shock for him to be angry and lecturing some of his classmates.

Behind him sat Midorima Shintaro; the boy with green hair was on the wooden ledge of the sandbox, holding a pail with a noticeable crack in it. The group of three boys exchanged looks before mumbling ‘fine, don’t need to yell’ before scurrying off. Takao’s hands were planted on his hips as he glared after them for a bit before turning, sitting down next to Midorima.

He grinned. “I’m Takao!”


Midorima shoveled sand into his pail with great conviction.

Staring for a bit, Takao gave a shrug. He picked up the other pail that one of the boys had dropped and offered it to Midorima instead. They had been the ones to crack his bucket, stepping on it and kicking it around before Midorima finally got it back, hugging it to his chest until Takao came running over.

“Hey! Use this one!”

“…I don’t want to.”

Takao’s head tilted in question, watching Midorima continue to fill the pail, one hand over the crack to try and keep sand from leaking. Moving closer, the other boy only scooched away; Takao was confused but didn’t let it deter him from trying to befriend him. “Why not? This one’s even bigger!”

“My parents gave this to me as a present.”


Midorima thought that he’d finally be left alone; it wasn’t as though he didn’t like Takao, he didn’t have anything against him, but he was shy and didn’t do well with making friends so spontaneously. He’d held the pail in his lap, thinking that it would help shield him and avoided looking at him, constantly pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. Now that Takao was gone, the bucket was set on the sand so he had an easier time filling it, but footsteps alerted him the other was back.


He looked up to see duct tape offered towards him, seeing Takao’s bright smile next. “We can fix it up!”

“…Thank you.”

Nodding his head as he took the tape, Midorima even gave a small smile, finally feeling relaxed and watching as Takao began filling the other, jabbering about building the biggest sandcastle in the history of the preschool together.

“…I’m Midorima.”

“Yeah! You’re Shin-chan!”


Takao nodded.


Eddie: Today little one I am going to show you how to build a sandcastle. 

Zoey: My name is Zoey, and I am a 65 yr old keeper elf.

Eddie: OK Zoey, a keebler elf huh! Love the cookies you make.

Eddie: Ok first we fill a pail with sand, pack it down nice & firm and …

We flip it over and tap so the sand form slides out. Then…

we start the modding to create our castle.

a big front door, the little dents on top to have places for the guards to watch from on top.

Zoey: So like this?

Zoey: How about we put your castle in my fortress so the King is protected.

Zoey: All better?

Eddie: So a keeper elf huh?