sand knit


etsyfindoftheday 3 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 6.9.17

more modern styles by atuko

so, i found a complimentary etsy shop to adeptt — this one is based in lithuania, is named atuko, and has a broad range of minimalist clothing and accessory items for you to fall in love with! amazing.

This is my travel stim toy collection!! I have a 3 glitter jars, soft blankets, a colour changing light and a dog at home that can’t be taken out!

Top left to right: mini slinky, 4 tangles (two normal, 1 fuzzy, 1 relax therapy), cosmic (kinetic) sand, trans knit from Jayden!!

Middle left to right: zip bracelet from Jayden, chewing gum, rescue remedy for anxiety, spare chewigem tubes, twist and lock blocks

Middle 2 left to right: slightly broken but functional boink, klixx, silicone mouldable ear plugs for SPD, those magnets that make a noise when you clink them together, chewigem chew tube necklace, water snake

Bottom left to right: car shaped stress ball, two spinner rings (one stimtastic dino, one rainbow), vibrating dog keyring, and marble maze from Jayden right at the bottom!

These help me get through sensory processing disorder, autism and anxiety. Sometimes I stim and sometimes I use them to calm down! I also have beanies and earphones that keep my ears warm (I hate cold ears) and funnily enough, I like to wear my binder (I’m trans) because it hugs my chest and the pressure is nice!