sand gecko

To y'all who use sand.


Here’s an example of why:

So I got this new girl on Thursday the 16th.

(Picture of her at the bottom.)

I got her and a baby for 45$ from some person on the FB boards here. Well what I really wanted was his SHTCTB and Baby but he decided last min he wanted to keep the SHTCHB and instead offered his other female that is “Mack Snow” (Quotes because I don’t know her genetics) so I shrugged it off and picked them up.

Well he had them on orange sand, which I could see instantly by their feet. He said the Mack is pregnant from his normal male because he kept 2 Male 1 Female and the baby in the same 40g tank together.

Well the “Mack” looked pregnant by her size so I was like alright, I’ll deal with it and just hatch them out.

It wasn’t eggs making her that big.

It was this.

I didn’t take comparison pictures and It’s already in the trash but that is bigger than a quarter.

For those that don’t know what that is, that is sand. No fecal matter besides the white top.

This girl ingested enough sand to poop it out like it was food. She is now half the size that she was when I picked her up and I can still see a dark mass in her stomach. So with luck she will pass it all. (She is also having to see the vet)

She dodged a bullet, if she didn’t pass it (And what’s left could still not come out) it would have been either costly surgery or death. (Maybe both.)

So instead of keeping them on it because it looks nice or what ever reason you have, put them on Paper Towels, Tile, Towel/Cloth or anything that they can’t ingest.

- What she looks like now. (I didn’t take a picture pre-sand poop)

She may still be pregnant, but that’s a problem for another day.


anonymous asked:

A weird question but I was holding this cute little desert boa, I don't remember the exact name but it was tiny and a boa and definitely a desert one since its habitat was filled with sand and it was a happy burrower. But regarding sand, would I need to buy special sand or could I use the sand from the beach by my house? Obviously sifted so there isn't anything to hurt the noodle, but is that a thing that's ok? Or should I need to get special sand, which is totally ok!

I’m going to assume you are talking about a sand boa! In any case, sand shouldn’t be used for ANY common reptile because it is filled with bacteria and can get caked in their eyes, nose, and cloaca. ((I had my first leopard gecko on sand before I knew how bad it was, and he ended up dying because the sand got into his eyes, blinded him, and then both his eyes got extremely infected)).
For burrowing snakes, you want something that can hold their tunnels well! Sand isn’t the best choice because yes, the snake can slither through it, but how irritated would YOU be if you spent all day building something and as soon as you finished it would just collapse? For burrowing species, aspen shavings are best because the snake can dig tunnels and then the tunnels actually stay intact. You’ll find that your sand boa spends 99% of his time in his tunnels, out of sight.

TLDR; Aspen shavings! Not sand.

Our new leopard gecko...

just shat out an enormous lump of sand

We rehomed a gecko from a family with a younger girl, maybe about 10-12ish, who wanted a pet mouse and thus had to rehome the gecko. 

Okay, first thing I want to say is, that had summer kittens. Fucking summer kittens, that they are also trying to get rid of. They live out in the country, I sincerely suspect that, if they don’t sell the kittens, they’ll probably just turn them loose or worse. 

And so, my husband has been wanting a reptile pet since boyhood, and since his birthday is this weekend, he got himself a present. We went through several days of research, various different sites, I even went through the leopard gecko tags here on Tumblr, we were just binging on information; what we needed, what the scaley little guy needed, etc, etc. You know, the fucking responsible thing to do when considering a pet. You look into ALL factors that need to be considered, housing, food, signs of illness, etc. 

So, we get to this house to pick up the little guy and then the red flags start popping. There’s no heating sources, other than a single ceramic heat rock. It’s a fairly large corner tank setup that previously belonged to a pet frog (no idea what happened to that poor fella). There’s no cover, but that’s not really important for a leopard gecko. But the substrate is sand. There’s no hides, except for one driftwood hide that doesn’t offer much cover. There’s nothing engaging or interesting, two small fake plants is it. There’s old feces just chilling. But this tank is obviously not, and probably has never been, properly heated. This little guy is 2 years old, and if they got him young, he’s spent most of his life in a tank that is far below the bare minimum in leopard gecko care. 

They’ve been feeding him one large worm every other day, and his shit is still in the tank. I don’t know if they’ve ever scrubbed it out, I don’t know how regularly they cleaned the tank. But after seeing how he was living, I really wanted to grab this guy and go. 

Now, I asked them how long ago was his last shed. It was about 2 weeks. On the ride home (which was over an hour), I noticed he still has shed skin on some of his toes. I also notice that some of his toes are stubs. They’re missing the tips. Probably because, like I had noticed, they didn’t help him get the skin off his toes, and as he grew, it clipped the ends of his toes off as the old skin restricted the toe. It breaks my heart. This poor gecko has about 5 of his toes significantly shorter than the others. The first thing I did when we got home is get him into a plastic container with warm water and a paper towel, and then ease some of that old skin off. My husband hung out with the little guy as I cleaned out the tank and replaced the substrate with paper towel. 

We brought our little dude, who we’ve named Stubs McToots, our cutie Patoots, home just a couple days ago. He finally pooped. I was ecstatic, probably the happiest I’ve ever been to see feces. But I almost cried when we got it out of the tank.

It was mostly sand. And it was huge. Since we got him home, I have been terrified that he might have an impaction going on. He was very sluggish, and his belly felt a bit stiff. But I kept giving him warm baths and light massages of the tummy. And it paid off. He passed that hunk of sand, and he’ll never have to worry about eating sand again. But it makes me shudder to think that, if we hadn’t rehomed him, he’d have kept living like that, eating the substrate, and having his guts load up with more and more sand in a barely heated tank with no places to chill out and hide. All because of a improper education and preparation.

So please, if you decide to get a pet, or get your child a pet or whatever, please, PLEASE do the research for it. Consider it for a long while. Be sure you or whoever you are getting the pet for can handle the responsibility. It is so fucking unfair to the animal to make them live in poor, preventable conditions. And if they die under that shitty care that could have been prevented with basic research and responsibility, I’m sorry, you’re a shitbag. No, I’m not even sorry, you’re a shitbag and don’t ever buy another pet.

To end this on a sweeter note, our little Stubs took a huge sandy shit and a little while later, was out of the ice cream container hide I made, and investigating his new digs. He was relaxing on his rock and getting his temperature up, and checking out the clay dark-hide I made him and the moist-hide I made him. He was prowling around his tank tongue flicking everywhere and then he took a nap. I’ve gotten the old shed skin off his toes, so he won’t loose anymore. I sincerely hope the little dude is happier now that his living conditions have exponentially improved. 

Rant concluded, go out and snuggle your pets you responsible pet owners!

TL;DR: Got a gecko from a spoiled little shit kid who nearly killed the little guy through ignorance and irresponsibility, but now we have him and love him and his life is better now okyis*happy leo noises*

Pros and Cons of the choices I have for my first reptile

Leopard Gecko
Pros: squishy, cute, fat tail, simple husbandry requirements, doesn’t require loads of space
Cons: must be fed live food and must care for/feed live food (costs money!!!), can’t give in to the “want more foob” face, active when I need to sleep

Crested Gecko
Pros: no live food required, simple powder diet, walks on walls, eyelashes, simple husbandry requirements, glamorous
Cons: can be jumpy, not all cresties like being handled, professionals at camouflage

Sand Boa
Pros: they look like spoons, smol, doesn’t need loads of space, eats frozen mice, living sock puppets, simple husbandry requirements
Cons: escape artists like all noodles, burrows most of the time, needs lots of substrate to burrow (costs money!!!)

What upsets me the most is that the information I provide about sand, baby food, basic husbandry requirements, handling… is readily available on the internet. A simple search would tell you that baby food is not okay for a crested gecko. Sand is dangerous to a variety of reptiles, ball pythons go off feed a lot-

Though for some reason using search engines is impossible, and I’m flabbergasted. Years back when my brother wanted his first leo, I was the one to say no sand. How did I find out? With a google search, it took me less than five minutes

When I got interested in crested geckos, I knew not to give baby food because I took the time to make sure I knew the care and was ready to own one. I could tell buying from a pet store was also bad from the care they provided.

I haven’t touched a book, or a pamphlet, or listened to a single thing a pet store employee has told me. I haven’t listened to a single person besides breeders with healthy animals that have lived long lives. 

And it CRUSHES me when I see other pet owners do not even a fraction of that, not take five minutes out of their day to make sure they’re doing things right

Like, fuck, man. 

Small rant about keeping reptiles on sand because “They live on it in the wild”

It’s true, your pet probably would spend it’s fair share of time on sand, dirt, and other loose substrate.

Now, that being said, would you put a hawk in the aquarium that your lizard lives in because “That’s what they deal with in the wild?” Probably not, since obviously your lizard wouldn’t stand a chance in such a small space with an obviously deadly thing.

So why put a much less obvious, yet much more painful, killer in the same aquarium as your lizard? There’s little to no chance of escape from it without your help, and it kills them slowly and painfully by filling up their stomachs (basically starving them to death) and causing horrible infections in their eyes, vents, mouths, and any other opening on their body.

Health risks aside, lets talk money and aesthetic appeal. Sand looks gross, lets admit it. It looks dirty, smells weird, and gets everywhere. It also requires new sand being bought periodically, which starts to add up.

You know what you only have to buy once, doesn’t smell, can be cleaned just as easily as the glass walls of the aquarium, and doesn’t get everywhere? Slate tile! It looks awesome, provides lots of grip for lil lizard toes to run on, and best of all, doesn’t slowly kill them.

I’ve been told you can get your aquarium tiled for pretty cheap(especially in relation to how much you would spend on sand) at Lowes, and then you never have to worry about it again, unless of course something goes wrong and you need to replace a tile or something.

I know you said you’re fine with people tagging you but I’m sorry anyway lol. followthebluebell can you fact check me here and give some more info on getting your tanks tiled if you have any info?


I feel bad for it being poked at and prodded when it is so upset by it, but look at this little angry potato. 


Thank you very much, Santa @littlereptile! 

Egg and Renfield are LOVING their new toys! Egg actually slept in the coconut house today, and Renfield isn’t sure what to make of the pipes, but he’s been and out of them a few times- and I am very grateful for the Over the Garden Wall DVD! I’ll be watching it with Kaiju and some popcorn sometime very, very soon!