sand dial

A Walk Among The Tombstones

summary: Every year, you and Sam Wilson meet at the same place, on the same day. And you talk about how the crueler events in life have changed you from the people you once were, and the life you were supposed to have.

pairings: sam wilson x reader (formerly)

warnings: mentions of death, sadness, angst, probably swearing because it’s me.

A/N: ok this was just an idea i had and i wrote it to get it out of my head. also, sam wilson is a precious angel and doesn’t have enough fics in this world. even if it’s a sad one. this has nothing to do with the book/movie of the same title. i just liked it. 


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September. You could always feel it coming, like a bird knowing when to migrate or a flower getting ready to bloom. It was just time. A feeling that settled over you quite suddenly every year, causing you to glance at the nearest calendar only to be reminded it was still several weeks early. And you always did your best to ignore it, to let the weight accumulate like a sand dial emptying its contents directly onto your shoulders. It became a waiting game. You functioned just fine - you had grown far too accustomed to this yearly routine for it to bog you down anymore - but you watched the days go by. July flowed into August, and August seemed to barely register in your consciousness before it was September. And then things began to slow. It was the 1st. Then the 5th. Then the 9th. Then it was the 13th.

And then it was time to go.

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A sand dial