sand clocks

Aesthetics & Color Palettes

Aries: volcano, fireplace, red lipstick/nails, grapefruits, canyon, leather, campfire, lava lamp, melted chocolate, roasted/toasted marshmallows.

Taurus: trees, coffee/hot chocolate, Christmas sweaters, water lilies, pink roses, presents, autumn leaves, pancakes/crepes, paved streets, comfy blanket. 

Gemini: tornado, yellow cabs, crowded citiy, lemons, joker card, sand clock, clouds, roller coaster ride/funfair, ice cream, trains. 

Cancer: pearls, old books, woollen scarfs, pocket watch/clock, dried flowers, the Moon, ocean, tearful eyes, babies, lip balms. 

Leo: the Sun, champagne, theaters, gold watch/jewelry, crown, lions/felines, sunflowers, fireworks, candies, glitter clothes. 

Virgo: libraries, bathrooms, anatomy/medical books, mountains, ice/snow, grey sky, organized desk, forest, cactuses.  

Libra; cotton candy, marshmallows, flowers, swans, fans, sculptures, peace sign, macarons/pastries, tutus/ballerinas, sunglasses.

Scorpio: red apples, blood stains, satin sheets, dark streets, abandoned mansion, dark sky/thunderstorm, dark chocolate/coffee grounds, lace, candy canes, potion bottles.

Sagittarius: airplanes, tropical jungle, arrows, cinnamon/spices, dark blue starry sky, haunted house, vinyls, mountains, road signs, cars.

Capricorn: suits, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, wine bottles, pillows, guitar, notebooks and office supplies, coffee, newspapers, boats, blackboard. 

Aquarius: dreamcatchers, butterflies, smartphones/technology items, jellyfishes, rings, feathers and birds, neon lights, dark lipstick, tattoos, quotes/pictures about freedom. 

Pisces: mermaids, ocean/lake/water, shells, tears, paintings, fog, mosaic, bed and sheets, dolphins, poetry books. 

Jeremy tried to be an interesting person. The trouble was that he was the kind of person who, having decided to be an interesting person, would first of all try to find a book called How to Be an Interesting Person and then see whether there were any courses available. He was puzzled that people seemed to think he was a boring conversationalist. Why, he could talk about all kinds of clocks. Mechanical clocks, magical clocks, water clocks, fire clocks, floral clocks, candle clocks, sand clocks, cuckoo clocks, the rare Hershebian beetle clocks… but for some reason he always ran out of listeners before he ran out of clocks.

– on Jeremy | Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

every song from Wolves rated by mentions of sand

i really like sand. my computer is even named sand. really. (no, that’s definitely not a rise against reference what are you talking about)

anyways, here’s the only useful Wolves review you’ll find:

Wolves: no mentions 0/10

House On Fire: no mentions 0/10

The Violence: mentions “rocks” in the very first verse (and everyone knows sand is just very small rocks). unfortunately never dives deep into the subject. 3/10

Welcome To The Breakdown: no mentions 0/10

Far From Perfect: Makes a metaphor involving glass (which is, of course, just hot sand!!) and it’s an electrifying moment. 5/10

Bullshit: broaches the subject of sand!  in the very first verse!  a thrilling line that stays with you for the whole song 9/10

Politics Of Love: no mentions 0/10

Parts Per Million: the song builds up to a heart-stopping section two minutes in, which mentions sand not once but twice, even going as far to discuss hourglasses as well, and gives lyrical throwbacks to Rumors of my Demise. Incredible and inspiring 10/10

Mourning In Amerika: no mentions 0/10

How Many Walls: no mentions 0/10

Miracle: does not mention sand.  mentions “broken clocks” which, according to Parts Per Million, could be broken hourglasses full of sand, but it’s a disappointing stretch. 1/10

Megaphone: no mentions 0/10

Broadcast[Signal]Frequency: Another glass mention right off the bat!  a strong line 5/10

Love and Hate

Title: Love and Hate Chapter 1

Genre: Fluff | Angst | Smut

Characters:  Jackson Wang | Got7 | Reader

Warning/s:  none

Summary:  It has been two years since you had a relationship with Jackson. The definition of a perfect boyfriend was the name Jackson Wang. However, not everything was laugh you barely spent time with him the years you have been together. To be honest. The other members of Got7, knew you better, than your own boyfriend. With that, many things started happening. What could it be?

Words count: 1k

Author: Sakura Choi (me)

A/N:  I am so sorry for the delay of the first chapter; I had a few things going on so I could not upload. However, I am thankful for all the feedback everyone is giving to me.

Originally posted by thekpopquartet

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9:03 a.m. she’s sitting on the porch step, blue fingered, a mortal body and a timeless soul, watching the sun blend early shades into the crisp morning. her bike leans waiting on the little wall her father built when she was a little girl, careless with her eyes closed and her heart moving without one hundred pounds of fear wearing her down-

tell me dear, what do you dream of at night?

a) riding your bike out into the fields with your arms wide open and the wind blowing stories in your hair

b) flying high on pixie dust and fighting crocodiles who swallowed clocks like sand in an hourglass

c) taking the leap of faith down into the ocean with your arms closed around you in a tight embrace and all your worries swallowed behind a row of perfect teeth

tell me dear, do you dream at all anymore?

9:38 a.m. she’s sitting on the porch step, blue fingered, a mortal body and a timeless soul,  the sun already whispering in her face. the street smells sweet and warm, like hot chocolate on a winter’s day. the world lies waiting for her with rough edges and biting charms. she rises up and takes her bike on her way to school.

- she forgot how to fly | r.m

old stories

I fell out from the web of sheets,
set down my shades where
the sun drapes upon layers of stone,
and I sat for a while, listening
to a speech made by a branch
hanging from nothing
and to the delusional babble of 
traffic spilling in from the river

did I sleep at all?
from every corner of last night
came lights and sweat and breathing
as if directions through this lopsided triangle
were breaching the walls of that room
where I was holding time for the first time
in a long time

a delirious symmetrical fallout,
a summers eve on a morning in April,
a garden that grows from sand leftover
from the clock that ticks no more–
why am I the one who is these things?

this sunlight bleeding from music
that shakes the palms and saturates the earth
with cubes of skin and bruises?
why am I the one who is alive
in tombstone absentia, scouring the earth
for a breath already taken, and gone

where does the narrative play into this nonsensical one-act diatribe where I am the king with amnesia

How my Math teacher made the entire class have an existential crisis

So we were watching a video/lecture on the nature of fractals and the Fibonacci sequence, when the lecturer mentioned something about it being how “God marked his creation” while some kid said that it was simply a scientific theory/law.

Que my teacher pausing the video to mention how the lecturer has their own beliefs and whatnot, but then going into a bit of a rant. He went on for a bit about how he wasn’t surprised that a lot of nature has similar things in common like how shells form and flower seeds go, or how trees and coral make similar patterns.

Then, here is where it gets really good, he asked the class how long they think mathematics have been around. A few answers were given, none of them really correct or incorrect (i.e. forever, 2000 years, etc.). Then my teacher goes and says how math really only started to really advance from basic addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction a few centuries ago. The class got pretty quiet for a few minutes, and a few kids became visibly uncomfortable at the thought.

He then asked us how long time has been around. No answers. Instead, he asked how people used to tell time. More answers were given (i.e sundials, water/sand clocks), but that’s when he asked the big kicker.

He asked who decided what time it was. Dead silence. He then said that in the old days it was the church. Then he went on a bit about clocks and how they advanced before saying “Time itself is only an invention of humans. Not only that, it’s only a few centuries old. So essentially, time doesn’t exist without humans, and it’s all in our minds and imaginations.”

The entire class began to freak out quietly. I heard at least three people say “oh my god what the fuck”, two were sobbing a bit, and most of the front row looked ready to jump off a bridge.

But, of course, I had to make a fucking Gravity Falls joke out of that and called out to the entire class “Time is dead and meaning has no meaning!” followed by “Reality is an illusion, the Universe in a hologram!”

I had three people simultaneously gasp “Bill is real”

Pests Thrive in the Garden of Spears

“Pay no mind to the moon or the stars, child. The Nightmare cares little for time, spitting in the face of the Earth Mother and rejecting the Sky Father for the sake of driving its own subjects mad. The beast that calls for you lives in the deepest darkness- all light is false in that realm. Forget the sands and the ticking clock, the only tool you can trust is your own beating heart.”

Originally posted by konczakowski

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