sand carved

Varieties of Pearlcatcher Horns

  • Colossal
    • This mutation is caused by an over abundance of testosterone, the hormone that controls the growth of the horns. The condition most often appears in males. The dragons certainly look formidable but are far less agile than the average pearlcatcher. They must have a thick, muscular neck in order to lift their heavy head.
  • Reverse
    • This unusual mutation results in horn(s) that point forward instead of backward. It is theorized that this condition is caused by improper diet, resulting in horn(s) that droop during growth. No treatment has yet been discovered.
  • Greatshell
    • Named after the Greatshell from the sandswept delta, these horns are not a mutation, but are purposefully molded during the pearlcatcher’s youth. The original intention was to stave the hatchling’s aggression and instill subservience. It is now a symbol of prestige.
  • Unicorn
    • Named after the Wetland Unicorn, these horns are incredibly sharp with smooth ridges. Sightings are rare, thus, not much is known about this mutation. Some suspect this may be an aesthetic modification, presumably artfully carved and sanded at adulthood.
your heart is my home

How soon we forget the smell of survival,
we are buried again in the darkness.
we find skeletons and skulls digging arabian treasures,
we find children building sand castles,
we carved cracked memories
and dead muggle bones for so long,
that my hands transformed roses in ashes, at the touch
alchemy was in blue blood time the desolate nest of wizards,
and your heart is my home as long as you curl
reciting Oscar Wilde’s poetry on my chest
and sweet zephyrs unfurls the sound of magic dreams
in my soul.

Non-permanent Tunnel or Gouge Piercing BJD Modification

OMFG, so sorry folks I’ve neglected to update this blog for so long!
I am more active on Instagram these days.

Anyway! I thought I would show you how I’ve made this BJD mod of a tunnel/gouge earring/piercing on my doll. Please note that this modification does not involve altering the sculpt in any way and can be completely reversed.

There are several methods of doing this, the more popular one is perhaps using an epoxy based clay and sculpt an actual earlobe extension using it. The good thing about epoxy is that you can sculpt directly on the ear and it hardens by way of chemical reaction even if you sculpt under water. You can also sand and carve and even attach more clay on top once it is hard. If you want to go down this path, I suggest using the Miliput Superfine in white. However, I was concerned that I would have a hard time getting rid of the epoxy clay once it’s on as that stuff is pretty strong. I would need to scrape it off and in the process I may accidentally scrape the actual head. A method my friend Elfgutz suggested to take off epoxy is to heat it up using heat gun, but I haven’t tried this yet so I don’t know (*to experiment on another day).

So what I did was pretty simple. I owe this to LifeLike81, itsfansea and pocketsizedvampirepandah who helped discussed and showed me the idea.

Step 1: It’s preferable to do this modification BEFORE you paint the faceup on. But it is possible to do it after as well. I used an eyelet for the tunnel/gouge earring. It’s cheap and pretty easy to get :)

Step 2: Take a sculpey clay and mold the earlobe around the gouge. You may want to mix your clay into a colour that is quite close to your resin’s colour but please be mindful that some clay may darken a bit after they are baked. I used 2 brands of clay: Kato Clay in “white” and Sculpey Living Doll in whatever default colour they have. I mixed it in a ratio of 1 white+2 flesh, this for some reason seemed to match my Venitu pretty well, who is in Oriental Pureskin colour.

Step 3: Once I had like an earlobe shape I basically stuck this onto my doll’s ear and continued to refine the shape. I didn’t cover the ear with glad wrap plastic because I wanted to get the shape to fit as close as possible. I didn’t use any corn starch powder either like some people have done, but instead to stop it from sticking onto the ear I just used a bit of water (I wet the side of the ear that it’s going to go on and this seems to prevent the clay from sticking too well to the resin). Also I stuck this several times in the fridge as I sculpt along. Cooling the clay hardens it a bit so it helps me keep the shape when I don’t want my fingers pushing too much on it.

Step 4: Once I got the desired shape, I removed it from the ear and carefully placed my ear piece on a loose tile. Let any excess water dry then I baked the clay for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees (fan forced oven).

Oh I also made several pieces so I have some to choose from.

Step 5: Then quite simply, I used PVA or Wood glue to stick the earpiece to the doll head. You may notice that the lobe hangs a bit low, but that’s because as part of my character design (he wears a specific type of piercing, some bullshit symbols that only mean something to him yadda yadda yadda — I don’t know) I am having double earrings on that lobe so I need all that space above the gouge.

I used the glue to not just stick the lobe on, but also to fill in the gap between it and the doll’s real ear, kind of like mortaring bricks?

Step 6: Once the glue was dried and I reached quite a good seal, I covered the metal piece with craft tac (see below). This is so when I do my faceup, I don’t end up spraying the metal with my sealant.

Here it is midway during the faceup painting. The metal is nicely protected from any spraying.

And we’re done! Because I couldn’t find anything that suited, I made the “X” earring above it out of a black cardboard which I glazed with gloss after I cut it into the shape I wanted.


“Never one….”
“Without the other.”
Recently I got back into playing League after taking a break due to my busy work schedule and I got to try out Kindred for the first time. I really love their design, how they play and I adore their voices ;A;. Here I already made the masks for both Lamb & Wolf parts :)  I’m planning on making the Lamb costume to wear and I wanted to try make the wolf as a puppet possibly and add some cool effects, I’ve never made anything like this before so it’ll be an interesting learning experience! This is something I have no set date for, so another project I’ll be working on between commissions and other stuff x3
Masks are made from EVA foam, then cut and shaped with a heat gun and sanded and carved with a dremel tool ~


She will not be nameless. She will make her own name, spell it out in the sands on the shore, carve it into the bark on ancient trees. It will rest in the roots of flowers and when she pulls them from the earth, she will feel it resonate through her. It is then she will return to the Mirkwood.  [x]



So this is a massive throwback post to the time I ventured through California’s most beautiful attraction, Yosemite National Park. Ugh! I could drown myself in such beauty everyday. From high up top and down below you can feel Allah(swt)’s masterpieces engulfing you. The mountains looked like they were carved and sanded and I literally wanted to flow with the waterfalls down the mountains and into the deep woods. Giggling with cousins, aunts, and uncles while making our way through the tall pine trees and tripping over enormous roots and fallen branches was so much fun (and a bit painful). I highly recommend all those with bucket lists to add this in your books. 

Sincerely, Nargis