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After The Maze - Thomas (Part Two of ‘Before The Maze’) [Smut]

Authors: @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien

Character(s): Thomas/Reader, Minho, Newt, Teresa

Word Count: 4619

Notes: Y’all this sin was inspired by the Thomas fest yesterday, it was fabulous. We have fairly public sex & nudity, oral (both receiving), fingering and dirty talk.

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Think Too Much (Sherlock x Reader)

Title: Think Too Much

Summary: You learn about the depths of Sherlock’s mind when John, Sherlock and you holiday on the sands of Spain.
Author: Maddy @laterthantherabbit
Words: 4705
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x reader, John x platonic!reader
Warnings: Mentions and descriptions of scars from torture

Request: Can I get a Sherlock x reader where Sherlock, John, and the reader go to the beach, but Sherlock is self conscious about the scars on his back so the reader has to help him feel comfortable and end up confessing their feelings for each other? Sorry if this is like super specific and long!
- anonymous

Author’s Notes: Thanks so much for this request nonny!!! Sorry it took so long, I’m struggling with writer’s block at the moment. This is set after season 4. No Mary or Rosie (though I love lil’ Rosie) cause you took over that role (you didn’t die obvi) and everything is happy. John doesn’t hate Sherlock also cause no one got shot. I’ve never been to Spain so if I’m describing everything completely wrong, I am sorry. Also thanks to Vanessa for helping me edit!


When you had heard that Sherlock and John had never been on a holiday since meeting each other, you were flabbergasted for lack of a better term. After meeting John in the dark time of his grieving for Sherlock and joining their escapades after their reunion, even at Sherrinford, you had gone back to Spain more than a few times. You loved the warmth that resided there and seemed to never leave, the sun beaming down on the stone buildings and sand like it could never do in England. When Sherlock and John both said that they haven’t been on a holiday for years in light conversation one summer’s day at 221B, your jaw dropped. “You haven’t been on a holiday for how long?”

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I’ll Come Back for You Pt 5

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: The group is now at Maz Kanata’s castle, hoping to find a way to get to the Resistance base. They are attacked by the First Order, but help comes and Y/N is reunited with the very people she had missed the most. 

Warnings: Curse words, a little wound.

I do not own anything!!!!

A/N: Sorry if it was a long wait, I know I promised it for yesterday but I was so exhausted from school! Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

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East Bay Sunset by Henrik Sundholm
Via Flickr:
Most of Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay in a single photo!

anonymous asked:

what kinds of sand do you sell?

Wonderous Of You To Ask This Of Me

Sands Are Many And Strong, Te Variations Of My Wallowing Wits Is More Than Big Greatness, Works Of Fruits Of Lasbors Me My Cosuins Hoovf And Snouts, Pamplings Of Power And Powders Of Smarts, My Sands Surpass Expaecteitins
When See Those Tappy Tapir Samns Your Eyes Blow Widening
Take A Bite….
Take A Look…
A Whiff! A Sniff! A Good Long Wallowing!
Ailments Heal
Grailements Meal
Seymours Sands Of Selling Powers Sold
Light… Life… Sustenence… Scent…. Warmth… Coldth….
All Needs Provided In Seymours Sandys Deposits
Blue For Glistening Lightening Fires!
Red For Reeds Of Scents For Snoiust!
Green For Nutrition, Those Tapir Foods!
Pruple Gives Life and Warmth…. Coldth Comes Free From Low Yellows
Many Sands Other Than These Come From Seymour Tepr
The Glowing Sands, The Sands Sands, The Buildings, The Beddings
Seymour Sells Many Sands So Many Sold Words Cannot Put Into Respect Or Loving
But Oh! Let It Be Known, Some Words Lest Be Unanswered For Good Of Man

Aye, The Harrowing Troughs 

What’s in a Name?

i was so happy to write this for you, sweetness. i really love talking with you and you have such heartfelt and wonderful ideas. i hope you get a kick out of this! :) @silverlyrawolf

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Pairing: Sans/Reader

Summary: While cleaning out your place, Sans stumbles on something that changes everything.

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