sand arts stuff


So here’s my half of an art trade with @nightmaze !

I had an absolute ball with this picture as they gave me a ton of freedom to do what I wanted with the pose. Ilwe gave me three nightmare fish to choose from and I ended up going with the Heliocoprion cause oh my god look at that thing’s jaw! Horrifying. Then Ilwe turns around and tells me that thing actually existed at one point, cause its existence in ffxiv wasn’t terrifying enough. XD But yeah! I was really excited to work on this and Ilwe’s such a sweetheart. So thank you for letting me draw your adorable character! I really hope you enjoy it! <3

And thank you to everyone who tuned in for the stream today! Especially you crazy people who were there for the full stream! :3 I <3 you guys, you’re the absolute beeeest!