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Modern AU ft. Obi-Wan in a wheelchair? Maybe he's a war vet turned college prof, or a detective that had a nasty run-in with a killer who murdered his adopted father and then fixated on him (*cough* Maul *cough*)

Hanging useless thin legs over the end of the couch, Obi-Wan stared sleepily up at the ceiling of his apartment as he breathed deeply to escape the clutches of his almost nightmare from his nap.

His breath was a cleansing breath, breathing out all his anxieties like he had been taught to do.

Slow and steady breaths, releasing his anxieties as he imagined a balloon slowly inflating and deflating and himself breathing in sync with its actions before he carefully pushed himself up and dragged himself to settle his feet onto the floor and pull his wheelchair close.

“This is what I get for fighting writer block with port wine.” He mumbled grumpily while rubbing his lightly throbbing head before he levered himself carefully into his chair and got comfortable.

Rolling himself to the kitchen, he got himself a glass of water and peered at the window as he sipped slowly.

His first book had sold well, but then again his first book had been about himself and Opress…

Maul Opress name still brought a shiver to his frame and he was glad the man was never getting out of jail, especially not as long as Obi-Wan kept showing up at the others hearings to ensure the man wouldn’t get out.

Then again Opress seemed to get something out of it too, leering at Obi-Wan every time.

Settling his empty glass on the counter, Obi-Wan rolled himself over to his computer bag and carefully picked it up to settle it on his lap before rolling to his laptop to pack it up.

Staying inside was obviously crushing any inspiration he had for another book as his publisher had basically wanted a prologue to Obi-Wan’s encounters with Opress.

Several of his old case files were copied onto a memory stick for him, a favor from Rex and Cody who were still working with the Coruscant police department after Obi-Wan had to quit after Opress had injured him and killed…

Obi-Wan hands stilled on the zipper of his bag, closing his eyes to take a deep breath. ‘Qui-Gon…’ He thought mournfully.

His adoptive father had been good to him, had taken him in when Obi-Wan was getting too old for anyone to really adopt and had taken the badly tempered teen in and loved him when no one else had.

Had encouraged a boy to become a man and a productive member of society, helped him through college and been there when Obi-Wan became a police officer.

The memory of his death was no longer crippling though.

It pained Obi-Wan but it no longer made him unable to live through the days as those first few months had been as he had only come through physical therapy and the court cases thanks to Rex and Cody showing up everyday to ensure he took care of himself.

‘Blasted twins did make sure I had everything.’ He thought fondly before sighing and finishing packing up his laptop.

He tucking the bag on his lap, he rolled to fetch his leg blanket, coat, wallet, cellphone, keys and pulled on his travel gloves.

“…Okay, lets go find a nice place to write hmm?” Obi-Wan breathed out then rolled himself out of the apartment and to the elevator, taking it down to ground floor.

Looking around he took the street to the left and just let his hands and wheels take them where they wanted until he found a cafe that looked interesting and was accessible yet spacious inside.

And the name was amusing.

“The Sand Trap cafe?” Obi-Wan couldn’t help a small chuckle before he rolled himself up the ramp and let himself in after the door opened up, glancing around while taking in the pleasant aroma of tea, coffee and pastries.

“Greetings sir, I’m Shmi.” A slightly plump woman with her mahogany brown hair pulled back in a bun smiled warmly at him. Obi-Wan had a feeling she looked older then she was but she had a kind face. “How may I help you?”

Rolling himself to the counter, Obi-Wan smiled pleasantly up at her in return, helpless to do anything else in the face of such friendliness. “Well, what would you recommend a peckish man?”

Laughing softly, Shmi gestured to the glass display beside her. “Well that all comes down if you’re a coffee or tea drinker and what kind of pastries you like but if you want my personal suggestion, I’d go for the pecan and caramel muffins today, fresh less then an hour ago.”

Chuckling quietly, Obi-Wan pulled his wallet out. “That does sound good, I have a sweet tooth you see. As for drink I tend to be a tea drinker…” He peeked up at board with the prices and blinked in surprise. “You got loose leaf tea?”

The woman nodded happily. “Yes, a few jars. See one you fancy?”

Staring up at the menu for a few seconds, Obi-Wan felt a soft smile cross his face. “Sapir?” He requested softly.

He remembered Qui-Gon drinking it everyday, the fragrant smell of the green tea filling the kitchen and living room as they enjoyed cups together when Obi-Wan had become an avid tea drinker himself.

Shmi nodded, still smiling warmly as she accepted Obi-Wan’s twenty. “Please, find yourself a seat, there’s outlets along the wall if you need to recharge your computer. I’ll be with you in a few moments with your order.”

Accepting his change Obi-Wan nodded gratefully before he did as told, backing his chair lightly and then rolling over to a spot with an outlet, carefully pushing the chair by it to the other table and then rolling himself into place.

His position allowed him to peer out the large window at the people walking past yet also allowed him space to see the counter at the same time.

‘This… could be my new spot if it doesn’t get too crowded…’ Obi-Wan settled into his chair, pulling his laptop out of his bag with a relaxed smile as he set it up.