Endangered sea turtles swimming off the coast of Isla Mujeres, on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Summer Sunday
7 February 2016: 2030

I caught up with Melanie for a very leisurely beach walk this morning - she is recovering from particularly painful wisdom teeth surgery (same surgeon as I am having for my cracked tooth extraction, but mine should be straightforward).

The path from home brings me out at a quiet stretch of beach - see selfies - but we turned north for a change and wandered up to busy Scarborough for a Red Tea latte. The beachfront was buzzing with Nippers (junior surf life savers) and beach volleyball championships were taking place in front of the amphitheatre. We sat and watched the action and admired the yellow team’s honed torsos. (Goals! 😉)

By the time we reached home we were dripping with sweat and sat in the pool to cool. Perth is facing a heatwave this week and I am grateful I live on the coast.

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