just recieved a package… it’s “box” is just Styrofoam. I didn’t order anything… or, not anything that would arrive today. But it has my name on it.

So I open it and this mug is in it and I started laughing.

(It says:
poopface someone that has poop on their face
what the fuck is up poopface)

I’m betting Devin got this for me since a few years back we looked it up on urbandictionary and I laughed so hard at this definition.

kavmannish  asked:

Who is the red headed friend of yours?

She is a friend; a former lover of mine, yet somehow still a friend.  Our bond seems permanent; sometimes like a prison, sometimes not so much.  Probably because of how long we’ve known each other is why I can’t stop at least being friends.  Time can seem like a slow and painful poison.  Not usually, but occasionally.