Sanctuary - 3x08 For King and Country

“That was actually a moment that our lovely triumvirate star came up with. Amanda was just thinking – you can talk to her about the complete motivation – but basically it was a private moment that no one would know about, when no one’s looking. He’s out of it. He’s drugged up. He’s gone; he doesn’t know what’s going on. What is a wonderful little moment that cannot be lived in the world? What’s a moment of just gentle, kind, safety. And she just takes him, cuddles up and puts his arm around her. (…) It was a very, very powerful moment. There’s so much going on with her when she was doing that. It was a very intimate beautiful moment and tells so much about those two, about what they’ve lost and what they will never get again.” /Christopher Heyerdahl/

Quick thoughts on "Out of the Blue"
  • “Previously on Sanctuary” with moments from the pilot? Gave me shivers. That was a nice touch. ;)
  • I wish this was the flashback episode of the season. Those Wingman moments were sort of fail. This? Perfection.
  • I still don’t like Abby. Not even in a dream world. “Scottish?” Will, could you choose a less blondie girlfriend, please?
  • As it was once again proved, there is only one thing that’s making me tear up more than Amanda[’s characters] crying. When she’s not. Woman, how can you exist with all those emotions on your face???
  • That track that Magnus was listening to? I need it.
  • The twist at the end. Loved it. And Henry and his bachelor line. LOL. I think I’m starting to join to the Kate/Henry love wagon. Along with the Kate/Declan, Kate/Will one. Why is it that every female character on this show is so shippable? :P
  • Oh, and that opening scene with Helen and Will arguing about their pets? And Helen calling her cat Henry? ROFLMAO. [It’s even funnier with all the recent RL Ryan/Amanda goofiness. :D]