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I think I like you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 65 - A good team

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


[A trip down to the dining hall together reveals just what a good team Negan and Blake really do make…]

“An’ that is how I managed to bag my one hundredth fucking rotter kill,” Negan said cockily, as both he and Blake strolled hand-in-hand into the large open-plan canteen area. “Not bad for a week after the shit-hit-the-fuckin’-fan, huh?”

The place was busy this evening, with a large line of people all queued up, as well as many people moving here and there weaving in and out of the long tables.

Blake rolled her eyes, nudging him.

“What? Are you expecting me to fan myself or something?” she said with a loud tut. “We’ve all killed walkers, Negan. It’s just that some of us are less vocal about it than others.”

She allowed her hand to slip from his easily, flashing him teasing smile before strolling off ahead of him.

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We fight for others, for life, for our comrades. Remember that, when things grow grim. Remember that, when you become weary. No god can make you stand in a place of harm if you choose not to; but the bonds of fellowship have kept many a fighter from running when his heart was filled with fear.
—  Champion - Robert J. Crane
I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches...Chapter 80 - The argument

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 80 - The Argument

[A furious Blake confronts Negan, but right now, the pair as angry as the other…]

Blake marched up the stairs, first clenched, blood boiling inside her veins…

She was furious now.

So mad that Negan would have the gall to be watching her from a window…checking up on her like she was some sort of kid.

Well she had had enough now…so done with Negan’s games.

Even as accustomed to the winding hallways as Blake had become, it still took her a few minutes to get her bearings and work out exactly where Negan had been watching her from.

But it was less than five minutes before Blake found herself up on the fourth floor on the West side of the large looming factory, climbing up the last few steps that led onto a long corridor Blake had never been down before.

It was gloomy and dingy up on this floor, with no windows and just a flickering sterile light from the lamps hanging above her head. But down the far end of the hallway, Blake could see a tall-tale shaft of bright sunlight shining out of an open door.

She gritted her teeth together….strands of her loosely tied up hair hanging down past her face now…but she didn’t care what she looked like, her cheek still smeared with dirt and her knees grubby from the garden.

And with fists clenched at her sides, it only took the caramel-haired woman a second or two to reach said-room, bursting in through the door, before anyone could do a anything to stop her.

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Megan Series #3 - Sanctuary

A/N~ Hey hey hey I’m back at it again. This will probably be the last installment of this series. I had so many more plans for it but as it turns out, I can’t do it all, who knew? Well, it’s fine, three tries at doing what I don’t trust canon to do is good enough. I hope you enjoy or something, and have enjoyed this series 😊  And OMG, reason 19341973 omelia needs babies; Aunt Megan. 


The little, wanting voice, sticky with a little bit of Nutella, pulled Owen from his thoughts. “Yes, babe?”

His daughter, sitting across the table from him, takes another bite of her sandwich before talking with her mouth full. Despite being distracted by her food, her question is important to her. “Why don’t we see Aunty Megan more offen?”

Owen takes a deep, contemplative breath. He isn’t quite sure how to explain this to his pint-sized little girl. “We’ve talked about this before, Thea,” he starts. “Aunt Megan lives in a special home, and sometimes she can have visitors, and sometimes she can’t. It’s like visiting hours at the hospital, sort of.”

“But she’s not in the hopsicle,” Thea argues. It is true, Owen has to agree, however an assisted living home isn’t much different sometimes.

“It’s not a hospital, you’re right,” Owen tells her. “But it’s sort of like one. Aunt Megan needs help sometimes, and she needs medicine, so the special home is good for her, there will always be someone there to help her.”

“We could help her here?” Thea suggests. “I miss her sometimes.”

Owen nods. “I miss her too, babe. I’m gonna see if we can visit her soon, okay? In the meantime, do you want me to tell you a story about her?”

Thea nods, her interest piqued.

“Well, I remember the first time she met you,” Owen starts…


“Nothing’s calming her down,” Teddy points out, as Megan’s doctor.

“Yeah, I can hear,” Owen nods. Thus far, they’ve been tuning out the sound of his sister’s persistent, intent screams. They can’t be sure why she’s screaming, but hopefully the psych team that was in there now with her could help them figure it out. As far as they could tell, she wasn’t screaming in pain. That was all they could rule out. Owen shakes his head, willing the noise to stop.

Teddy can see he’s stressed, and she is too; but she doesn’t know what to do to fix it. “She’s gotta stop eventually, right?” she tries. “She’ll lose her voice eventually.”
That wasn’t really what Owen wanted to hear, it just stressed him out more.

"What do you do when your daughter screams, how do you get her to quiet down?” Teddy asks.
“This isn’t the same thing,” Owen argues, borderline amused. “I can’t quiet my sister the same way I’d quiet my infant.”
“I mean…” Teddy starts, shrugging.
"What if I put the two of them together?” Owen suggests.
“What?” Teddy asks in response. “You want to bring your sister your baby? I don’t think that’s a good idea, Owen. Thea needs calm, and constructive, and…. Megan just needs a tranquilizer.”
“Megan loved babies,” Owen reasons. “She babysat from when she was a preteen all the way until she left for Iraq. And Thea’s her niece, she would love her, that’s who she is, underneath it all. She’s a lover.”
Teddy nods gently, sliding a hand onto Owen’s back. “We’re hoping she still is,” she agrees. “I agree, she would’ve loved Thea.”
“Teddy, she’s still the same person,” Owen tells her. “It’s been a while. She’s been through hell. But that’s who she is, I don’t think anything could change that.”
“If you’re willing to put your baby in that situation,” Teddy mumbles, “On Megan’s end I will allow it. You just have to hope your wife agrees to it.”


“No way,” Amelia argues, rocking her baby against her chest.
“Amelia, she would never hurt her,” Owen protests.
“She is sick, Owen,” Amelia contests. “She is showing major signs of psychosis and you’re just willing to hand her our child?”
“She’s my sister, Amelia. She is Thea’s aunt,” Owen reminds her, his voice low.
“We are not sure what she is capable of right now,” Amelia responds, her voice even lower. “I am just thinking about what is best for our child. I’m sorry that your sister– who I am very glad will one day have the chance to meet her niece– is not the answer to that.”
Owen huffs. He doesn’t have a response right now. He wishes she were wrong, but quite frankly she isn’t. “Please can we just try?” he argues faintly. “I know, with my whole heart, that she would never hurt our daughter, and I think Thea could really, really help her, it could lead to a breakthrough, or at the very least a little bit of peace. Please, can we just try?”
Amelia seems to soften a little, still rocking her daughter gently. “You’ll stay with them the whole time, right? You’ll make sure she doesn’t even get a chance to try and hurt her?”
Owen smiles. “I will make sure she doesn’t even get a chance,” he promises. He kisses his daughter’s forehead, and then his wife’s. “I would never let anyone hurt our daughter.”

He said that about his sister once too; the first time he did, in fact, she was probably the size that his daughter was now. He was just settling into his new role as big brother, still not much more than a baby himself. But with all his might, all the strength and sureness he had in his tiny little body, he was sure that he was going to protect his baby sister, for now and for always. It hurt him so deeply that he failed her, ten years ago. But he was never going to fail her again.


Teddy smiles, seeing Owen coming down the hall pushing a stroller. “Where’s my niece?” she asks with a grin, reaching to take the baby from the stroller.

Owen smiles, watching his daughter and his best friend; his baby’s namesake. Standing outside Megan’s room, they can hear her again today. She’s not quite screaming like she was yesterday, more whimpering, or something. “You ready?” Teddy asks him. He’s been avoiding going in there, unsure if he could handle the person he’d find, and afraid he wouldn’t feel a connection to them.

He nods simply.

He walks in in front of Teddy, Megan doesn’t see them, she’s staring down at her hands. Owen doesn’t want to startle her, so he gently places his hand on top of hers, in her field of vision. She jumps and screams anyways, startled.

“It’s me,” Owen tells her softly, “It’s just me, and Teddy. We bought you someone.”

With wide eyes and shaky hands, Megan quiets as Teddy places the baby in her arms. “W-who’s this?” she asks, awe-stricken at the infant.

“This is Thea,” Owen tells her. “She’s my daughter.”

Megan gasps lightly, looking from him to the baby. This is the quietest she’s been, the calmest, and to Owen– the most like her old self. The most like the Megan he used to know.

“W-when was she born?” Megan whispers. “She’s so little.”

“In January,” Owen tells her, sitting on the edge of her bed gently, keeping two watchful eyes on his girls. “Her full name is Thea Megan Hunt; after Teddy and after you.”

Megan’s smile spreads across her face so easily with his words; his kind words and this sweet baby in her arms, she feels better than she has in days, like the raging and vengeful fire has ceased inside for now. “Oh you and your wife are so lucky,” she tells him, suddenly just the littlest bit shy. “This… This is what I wanted, with Nathan. A cute little baby, who’s soft, and perfect, and innocent. And she’s got that baby smell to her too, like baby powder and fresh laundry. She doesn’t know what a screwed up world she lives in yet. She doesn’t know what’s out there.”

Owen nods, smiling gracefully. “I wish she could stay that small forever,” he agrees.

Megan smiles and sighs just a little. “She’s perfect,” she settles.

Teddy sits next to Owen on the edge of the bed, the tension in her body loosening a little, seeing how at ease Megan was with the baby. She was still watching her closely, making sure Megan wouldn’t lock herself up in her mind suddenly and lose touch with reality. “I think this was a good idea,” she whispers to Owen.

Owen nods. “I told you it would be,” he answers.

From then forward, whenever Megan was having a particularly rough day, when it felt like nothing could calm the storms that were raging on instead her, when it felt like she was going to drown herself in her own rain, strike herself with her own lightning– Owen and Thea came to the rescue. It could be anytime of night, and with only mild complaining from Amelia, they’d go over and calm her down, without even having to do anything really. It brought Megan peace, it was really the only thing that did. It was her sanctuary.


“I lub dat story,” Thea tells him. “Anofer?”

“Another?” Owen laughs. “I think you’ve heard them all, baby.”

“Jus one more,” Thea pleads. “Wha about when we helped her move to her home? I like that one.”

“Yeah, okay,” Owen agrees. “Alright…”


“Aunty Megan!” the pudgy, bobbling toddler exclaims, pigtails bouncing as she skips into her aunt’s hospital room. “Moobing day?”

Megan nods, moving her hands from the pockets of her track pants to scoop her niece up in a hug. “Moobing day baby girl,” she agrees.

“Hey Meg,” Owen greets her, following his daughter in. He embraces her in a cold hug; they’re always cold, but they’re warming up. Today, his sister moved from the inpatient psych ward at Madigan to an assisted living home for recovering female vets. It was a step in the right direction. “You ready to finally get out of here?”

She shrugs. Everything with her is a fair shade of grey, not necessarily here or there, anything great or terrible… It took Owen a lot to get used to, he wouldn’t lie. He wasn’t used to her walking on eggshells, he was used to her stomping and crashing and parading. But that was then, and this was now. “It’ll be a lot of change,” she says simply. She didn’t like change.

“Good change,” Owen reminds her, a hand on her arm. She’s still cold to his touch, however she isn’t cold to the little girl in her arms; never. Thea may have been the only person on Earth that drew some warmth out of Megan.  

She acted as though she didn’t hear him, instead focusing on her niece. “You’re getting so big!” she remarks.

Thea nods, then wriggles to be let down. “I hab pitchurs fo yo’ new woom,” she tells her.

“Thank you,” Megan smiles.

“Dad,” Thea asks, looking at Owen. “Can me and Aunty Megan hab a sleepober t’nigh, in her new home?”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Thea,” Megan’s quick to interrupt. Nighttimes still weren’t very pretty (nor were most lonely daytimes) for her. Just being with her niece usually made things much better, but Megan couldn’t guarantee anything, and the last thing she wanted to do was to scare her niece and make her afraid to be around her.

“Okay,” Thea nods, only a little disappointed, but she moves on quickly, holding onto her aunt’s hand as they walk out to the car. “Will you sit in da back wif me?” she asks.

“Of course,” Megan answers.

As she always does, Thea asks a million questions. “What colour’s your new woom?”

“I don’t know,” Megan answers honestly.

“I hope is gween,” Thea answers. “Gween’s my fabewit colour.”

Megan smiles. When she thought of green, she thought her army greens, and residual, bittersweet pride, with a side of envy. She never used to, she used to think of flowers and trees, tranquility, and frogs that would one day turn into princes before her eyes. “Green used to be my favourite colour too,” she answers simply. “I think it’s blue now, though.” Blue like her niece’s eyes, the Hunt family blue. Blue like calm waters.

“I thought your favourite colour was pink?” Owen asks his daughter, shaking his head but smiling.

Thea shakes her head. “Too girwie,” she argues. She’s a wise crack for a girl almost four years old, it amazes everyone, including Megan.

“What’s wrong with being girly?” she asks softly. “You’re a girl aren’t you? And there’s nothing wrong with that. You can and you should embrace it.”

It’s Owen’s turn to be amazed. Moments like that– that’s his sister. Cheering his daughter on, chatting with her in the backseat of his truck. She’s come so far in the past two years. He can only hope she’ll keep progressing in her new environment, she was right earlier when she said it was going to be a big change.

“You’re going to be okay here tonight?” Owen asks, before him and Thea get ready to leave. They’re sitting in the courtyard, Thea fell asleep, leaning against Megan’s chest. “We can stay.”

Not taking her eyes off her, Megan nods. “I’ll be okay.” She isn’t sure of that at all, she can’t be sure what the darkness holds. What she is sure of, is that everything is okay right now, with this tiny human curled up in her lap. Later, when she lay in her bed and looked at framed picture on the nightstand, and the crayon drawings taped to her wall, hopefully she’d still be okay. Hopefully, her sanctuary continued, even when the tiny human that brought it with her had to leave, for her own good.


Owen knocks on the door lightly, opening it anyways. “Are you up for a little visitor?” he asks, peering in at his sister with a smile on his face.

“Not you,” she jokes. “I want your daughter, though.”

A little body squeezes past her father in the doorway and plops on her aunt’s bed. “Hi Thea,” Megan laughs.

“Hi,” Thea grins. “I missed you.” She doesn’t hug her, she’s been warned to ask before hugging her. She knows how to ask without using her words now too, so her aunt leans in now and hugs her.

“I missed you too,” Megan says. She looks over at Owen, standing with his hands on his pockets over by the door. “Yeah, come here, I missed you too.”

“How have you been?” Owen asks. “Are you sleeping more?”

She shrugs the question off, because the answer is no. “Are you feeling calmer during the daytime, more normal?”

She shakes her head. “Are you improving at all?” Owen asks, he’s getting tired of being ignored. “Megan, hello?”

She covers Thea’s ears with her palms for a minute. “Most things suck, okay? Most times, I’m having a hard time.  But we don’t talk about it, I’m moving past it, so we don’t dwell on it. That’s what I’m told in therapy.”

“And that’s great, but we’re not dwelling, we’re discussing,” Owen tells her gently. “I want to hear how you’re doing, I want to be there for you, and with you.”

“It’s fine,” Megan insists, uncovering Thea’s ears. “I have everything I need here.”

Owen sighs, a little dramatically. He’d have to let it go for now. He’d talk to her caretakers later. He always felt weary leaving Thea and Megan together just them two, though he wasn’t really sure what he was afraid of.

“Did you bring that book we were reading last time?” Megan asks.

“Yup!” Thea answers, pulling a children’s book out of her bag. At five years old, she wasn’t reading exceptionally, but she was pretty good, and she loved to read. Children’s books were fun for Megan too, they weren’t too deep, they weren’t scary, they were light and fun and easy. So, they read together, and it benefited both of them.

“Awesome,” Megan smiles. “Where were we?”

They were reading Magic School Bus, sitting together under Megan’s blanket. Her mom had knit it, Thea had a similar one on her bed. Owen was out in the hall, still within earshot, talking to her support worker about her “attitude”.

“And then, Mrs. Frizzle says, ‘We have to get out and crawl into–” Megan stops reading abruptly.

“Craw inta’ what?” Thea whispers, watching her aunt stare at the book with vacant eyes. “Where are dey going?”

Megan shuts the book. “Somewhere really scary that we don’t need to talk about,” she answers squarely.

“What is it?” Thea asks, her natural curiosity getting a hold of her, now even more so that Megan seemed weary of it. She reaches for the book to read it herself, considering she can do that now, but Megan gets up quickly, knocking the book to the floor in the process.

“No!” she yells sternly. “You shouldn’t be reading about that!”

Thea bites her lip to keep from crying. She’d never heard her Aunty Megan raise her voice or yell at her, she was always so gentle and kind. “I’m sowwy,” she whimpers. She isn’t really crying because she’s sad, she’s more upset and confused as to why her aunt is yelling, and scared too. She knew Aunty Megan was sick, kind of, maybe it was because of that? Either way, she doesn’t like it. She opens the door to leave and find her dad, bumping into him as soon as she does.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he asks her, seeing she’s crying.

She shakes her head. “Aunty Megan yelled and I gotted scayo’d.”

Owen picks her up and wraps his arms around her. “What was she yelling about?”

“Somefin in our book made her upset I fink,” Thea tells them.

“Okay,” Owen nods. “Do you want to stay out here while I go talk to her, and then we’ll go home?”

Thea nods as her feet land back on the floor. “Stand out here, don’t move,” Owen tells her, opening the door to Megan’s room.

She’s facing away from the door, looking out the window with a sweatered hand up to her face. “I’m really sorry,” she says, as soon as she turns around. “I didn’t mean to snap at her.”

Owen nods. It’s really hard not to be mad at her right now; as much as he loves her and he understands that she has some challenges, he has to protect his daughter. “I know you didn’t,” he tells her, “But Thea doesn’t.”

“I didn’t mean to upset her,” she says quickly.

“I know,” Owen settles. “I know you didn’t. What’s done is done, we can’t take it back. We’ll try again next time, maybe with a different activity.”

“I like reading with her,” Megan reminds him, “I like seeing her, she’s basically the one person right now who I like seeing, she makes me smile, she calms me down…”

“Not this time, Meg. This time it didn’t work,” Owen replies. He’s a little sad, honestly. He’d hoped this wouldn’t happen. He’d hoped his little mini me would always be enough to calm her down.

“Tell her I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again,” Megan stresses. “Please?”

Owen nods, “I will, I don’t want her to be scared. We’ll see you in a few weeks.”


As Owen sat on his bed, telling Amelia what had happened earlier long after he’d put his daughter to bed, Amelia just shook her head.

“Don’t even try to tell me you expected this to happen,” Owen shuts her down.

She shrugs. “I did though,” she admits. “I just expected it to happen years ago, I thought she was getting better.”

“She is getting better,” Owen tells her, “But recovery isn’t a straight line. She has better moments and she has worse moments, and something in the book they were reading together set her off, made that moment a bad one.”

“What could’ve triggered her about a Magic School bus book?” Amelia asks.

“I don’t know what all her triggers are,” Owen shrugs, “I just know she has them. And she’s mostly in control of them, which has taken a lot of effort on her part. She’s improving, but sometimes, she has drawbacks.”

Amelia shakes her head. “I just don’t want Thea to end up upset or disappointed. She loves her.”

“Megan loves her too,” Owen smiles. “She hasn’t been that… connected, to someone, in so long. She won’t connect to me that way, or our mom, or Nathan, ever since she’s come back. She’s so withdrawn, but something about having a relationship with her niece… I think it’s really helping her.”

“If Thea doesn’t want to see her anymore, I don’t want to force her,” Amelia concludes. “I’m willing to give Megan another chance, today was just a bump in the road, it was an accident. But if our daughter isn’t, I think we should respect that.”

Owen nods, as his eyes flicker to a little shadow outside their door. “Hey, sweetie, come in here,” he calls out.

Thea steps in quietly, coming up on the bed between her parents. “We were talking about what happened with Aunt Megan today,” Amelia tells her, stroking her daughter’s hair.

“You know that she didn’t mean to get upset,” Owen tells her.

Thea nods. “It’s cause see’s sick, wight?”

Her parents nod. “You know how we’ve talked about that,” her mom starts, “how Aunt Megan’s body isn’t sick, but her brain is. And part of that is that some things, even though they don’t seem upsetting to you, are really upsetting to her, and they can make her feel really angry, or really sad. And instead of keeping quiet about how she feels… she can’t do that. So if she feels upset, like she did today, she yells, instead of using her indoor voice and talking about why she feels that way like we’re supposed to. Do you understand?”

Thea nods again, biting her thumbnail.

“I know it scared you,” Owen recognizes, “she’s really sorry about that, she didn’t mean to.”

“Is okay,” Thea says quietly. “It just kind of scared me.”

“It can be scary,” Amelia agrees. “If it upsets you, you don’t have to visit anymore.”

“But I wanta visit,” Thea says. “I weally like visiting Aunty Megan and I like weading wif her.”

“Okay,” Amelia settles. “Then we just have to deal with her being sick, the way we always have.”

“We can deal with that another day,” Owen suggests, getting up off the bed and scooping his daughter up. “Why don’t we get you back to bed, huh?”

“Okay,” Thea agrees. “Night Mommy.”

“Night Thea, I love you,” Amelia smiles.


Next time Thea visits her aunt, she enters her room quieter than usual, reserved. Her dad follows behind her, holding her hand. He knocks with his free hand. “Knock knock,” he also says, grabbing Megan’s attention.

“You came back,” Megan smiles. She didn’t know whether or not to expect them back, at least for a while. She screwed up last time, she knew that.

“I wanted ta’ so you my co-sume fo my sool play,” Thea tells her. That’s why she’s in a lion costume, so it would appear. Megan had wondered but not minded, considering she was so cute.

“You’re in the school play? That’s awesome!” Megan exclaims. “Let me guess, you’re a lion, and you’re in Wizard of Oz?”

“How did you know?!” Thea asks, giggling.

“Cause you are the only lion ever that’s even cuter than the real Cowardly Lion,” Megan grins.

“Do you wanna come ta the play? It’s on Fwiday, you can go wif Mommy and Daddy,” Thea asks. Then she slips back into a reserved, quiet mood. “Unless it’ll make you upset,” she adds. “I don’t wanna make you upset.”

“Baby listen to me,” Megan starts, pulling Thea into a backwards hug and resting her chin on her fuzzy lion head. “Nothing you do will ever make me upset, it’s never your fault. I can’t control my feelings sometimes, and that’s my problem to deal with, it’s never yours. Sometimes I just get very scared or sad and I can’t control it, and nothing helps except being alone for a little bit. But, I never want me being sick to get in the way of things like coming to see your school play, or me experiencing anything with you. Okay?”

“Okay,” Thea agrees. “So you’ll come?”

“Yeah I’ll come,” Megan smiles. “Thanks for inviting me, babe.”

From his spot nearby, Owen can’t help but smile. This is why he fights for their time together, why he always has. This relationship means something. It’s a sanctuary.


Haven’t gotten around to watching Inhuman Condition? Now’s your chance. Check out Season One! 


LANDING (2002) by Michael Whelan

Acrylic on Panel - 24" x 30"

This piece was born of a digital image from PASSAGE TO SANCTUARY, a series of three limited edition prints produced by Mithril Publishing in 1994. Created entirely on the computer, the prints were an experiment in new media. To maintain the integrity of the print run, the source files were destroyed after the images went to press, leaving no original art only fine reproductions of the images.

Unfortunately Mithril Publishing went out of business before the prints were fully distributed. Far less than the original print run of 555 ever made it to collectors.

Michael came back to the idea in 2002, producing a new painting of LANDING in more traditional media (acrylic on panel). Most notably he changed the figure in the foreground, which can be seen here in detail.

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 63 - Gotcha

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 63 - Gotcha

[No synopsis for this chapter. The theme is in the name… but WARNINGS for dirty talk/negan’s bad mouth…etc…]

Negan looked shell-shocked at the words that spilled from Blake’s mouth, his bearded jaw clenched together tensely and his already brown eyes becoming black.

“What?” Negan managed to breathe out in a low, deadly, growl of a voice.

This couldn’t be fucking happening.

Every fucking moment they had spent together….her coming her to the Sanctuary….their time spent taunting each other…flirting…having fun…sharing showers…having dinner….

….even last just a few hours ago when they had been back on that bed together….

…all of that couldn’t be gone. It just fucking couldn’t.

This kind of thing didn’t happen in real life. This was he kind of shit- trope you usually came across on crappy daytime tv. But this wasn’t something that happened here….

The dark-haired Saviour stared down at Blake now, his orbs locking onto those familiar green eyes of hers.

Those eyes he knew so well.

This couldn’t be happening. It really fucking couldn’t.

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