sanctuary series


Faith + the world

We fight for others, for life, for our comrades. Remember that, when things grow grim. Remember that, when you become weary. No god can make you stand in a place of harm if you choose not to; but the bonds of fellowship have kept many a fighter from running when his heart was filled with fear.
—  Champion - Robert J. Crane

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LANDING (2002) by Michael Whelan

Acrylic on Panel - 24" x 30"

This piece was born of a digital image from PASSAGE TO SANCTUARY, a series of three limited edition prints produced by Mithril Publishing in 1994. Created entirely on the computer, the prints were an experiment in new media. To maintain the integrity of the print run, the source files were destroyed after the images went to press, leaving no original art only fine reproductions of the images.

Unfortunately Mithril Publishing went out of business before the prints were fully distributed. Far less than the original print run of 555 ever made it to collectors.

Michael came back to the idea in 2002, producing a new painting of LANDING in more traditional media (acrylic on panel). Most notably he changed the figure in the foreground, which can be seen here in detail.


As my pursuers scurried around the party, trying to guess which guest was me, I slipped out to the veranda and gave her the message I’d been trying to give her for fifteen long and lonely years. “Beatrice,” I cried, just as the scorpions spotted me, “Count Olaf is

I cannot go on.

Started playing a Dark Souls inspired 2D hack and slash RPG called Salt and Sanctuary. It’s amazing and I decided to draw my player character, Karen. She’s a badass halberd wielding knight, follower of The Three, and insomniac.