sanctuary saga


Legend of Sanctuary ages
       ➥Gold Saints

Aries Mu 。35
Taurus Aldebaran 。 40
Gemini Saga 。 41
Cancer Deathmask 。 35
Leio Aiolia 。 23
Virgo Shaka 。 36
Scorpio Milo 。 32
Sagittarius Aiolos 。 29
Capricorn Shura 。 36
Aquarius Camus 。 32
Pisces Aphrodite 。 25 
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Aphrodite’s Game Over screens

I started to play Saint Seiya Senki and when a gold saint goes down in Mission Mode, usually three specific people (the most important or prominent to them) will appear in the Game Over screen on repeat. I wanted to share the ones for Aphrodite! (sorry for the phone quality pics)

Also an interesting tidbit: Aphrodite has always been noted for his loyalty to Saga but not only does Saga appear in his Game Over screen, he comes out TWICE as two versions (both to cheer Dite on).