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Toei Animation Reveals the Future of Saint Seiya // (2016)

There comes a new anime in CG, a new movie with real actors, and a few other surprises. The panel of the 30 years of Saint Seiya at Brazil Comic Con Experience 2016 was attended by the president of the animation division of Toei Animation, Mr. Kozo Morishita in the Ultra Auditorium. Among the new features presented, there is a new CG anime and a live-action movie and a possible new feature: a new version of the 1986 classic anime. Kozo said that, unfortunately, he still cannot say more information due to contractual issues, but the panel exhibited an unprecedented material in Brazil: a clip with the best moments of the Sanctuary saga in high definition, new versions of two openings (one of the saga of the Sanctuary and another of Asgard and Poseidon), as well as excerpts from the remake of classic fights (Pegasus vs. Taurus, for example).

Source: Pegasus4ever


Saint Seiya: 30 Years Special // presented by Toei Animation (2016)

The videos featured in 30 years special commemoration of Saint Seiya at Brazil Comic Con are here for you to watch, we get to see (in proper order)

  • A compilation of classic moments from the original series in classic animation
  • A remake of Pegasus Fantasy with new animation
  • A remake of Soldier Dream with new animation set in sanctuary saga
  • A remake of classic battles in sanctuary saga with new animation resembling the “pachinko” remake of 2011
  • A remake of Megami-No-Senshi: Pegasus Forever with new animation set in sanctuary saga.