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• WAYWF acoustic speech
• make them believe sanctuary
• sanc speech
• sanctuary in general
• reunion - ‘exactly fucking the same’
• Lou left the band
• yours truly
• the bryanstars interview where sam goes to repeat a joke and gets ignored
• lou left the fucking band
• sanctuary

SANCTUARY SPEECH - “Sanctuary” by Paradise Fears


Sanctuary, the first song I heard by this band, and my favorite song. Each lyric is so beautiful in it’s own way and this song is breathtaking. The song, the speech, the way this song was created & sung all give me hope every time I need it. Whenever I felt horrible,sad, needed optimism, or even happy, I always listen to this song because it represents who I am as a person. It represents life- the good and the bad, and most of all, it shows me that I am the person who writes my own life story. I can chose who I want to be in my life, I can chose what I want to do, and I can chose who I want to be. This song is so beautiful, and I urge you to listen to it whenever


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HBB BUZZ: Songs to Help You Deal with Tough Times

By: Allison Lawrence, allisonbrooke93

We all struggle with things that life throws at us from time to time. Whether its a breakup, parents getting divorced, a loved one dying, personal and inner struggles, etc….we all have those times. Music has always been a HUGE help to me when I’m dealing with issues. There have been nights that I have laid in bed, crying my eyes out and only a certain song could help me escape and be okay. Here’s a list of songs I recommend to any of you who need it.

Sunrise- Our Last Night   

Warrior- Demi Lovato

Here I Am Alive- Yellocard

Just You Wait- William Beckett

My Beautiful Rescue- This Providence

Dream- Rocky Loves Emily

Sanctuary- Paradise Fears

So Crazy- The Bigger Lights

Don’t Forget Where You Belong- One Direction

Pain- Her Bright Skies

Dream Catcher- Set It Off

Swan Song- Set It Off

Hold On Til May- Pierce The Veil

You Never Give Up- William Beckett

Growing Up- The Maine

Go- Boys Like Girls

Amnesia- 5 Seconds of Summer

Can’t Save Myself- As It Is