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aesthetics: sanctuary (a klonnie au)

“Still, I see your face and wonder
Were You once an outcast, too?”

Alan Menken/ Stephen Schwartz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, God Help the Outcasts

Once a refuge for any and all, Notre-Dame de Paris has fallen under the control of tyrants and witch hunters. Adopted by a traveling band of witches after her parents’ execution and now making her living as a street dancer, Bonnie Bennett dreams of a day when all can walk free beneath the spires of Notre-Dame. Imprisoned for centuries in the dungeons below, hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson gave up any hope for freedom long ago, until one night he hears a voice lifted in song, a young witch’s prayer for her people, for all supernatural kind. 

The Date: Part 2

Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU
Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU fics and drabbles masterpost.

Takes place a few hours after The Date: Part 1 (which should be read before Part 2).

Takes place a few weeks/months after Bottles, Fish and Murder,  and a few weeks before the gala.

“And then he barfed,” she said, chuckling, “All over me. It was disgusting. Needless to say he wasn’t employed with us much longer.”

Hiccup raised his eyebrows, realizing too late that he was supposed to be laughing at her story, not to mention paying attention, and now there was a painfully awkward silence.

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