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59 : You own my heart. 

Carol was smoking on the porch steps of the house she shared with her family. Looking at the sunset, she was hit by the contrast which laid in front of her. How could nature remain so magnificent when their reality was filled with ugliness and misery ? It did not matter what would happened tomorrow, the sunset would remain perfect, shades of pink, orange and blue would still merge in perfect harmony.

“These things will kill you,” Ezekiel said.

Lost in her thoughts, she had not seen him coming. She looked at him but did not respond.

“It seems like I have interrupted your meditation, my apologies.” He said smiling.

“It’s okay,” she simply said. “Does his Majesty need anything ?”

He chuckled as she remained inexpressive.

“I just wanted to check on you. Tomorrow’s a big day.”

Indeed it was. Alexandria and Hilltop were conducting a raid on the Sanctuary. After months of conflicts they all knew how decisive this battle was going to be.

“I’m okay,” she lied.

Carol was too anxious to talk, besides she did not like talking about her feelings.

“Try to get some rest,” he said. She nodded but he knew she probably would not listen.

“You do the same,” she said, stubbing out her cigarette.

He gave his friend one last look and turned away. Behind her the front door opened and she did not need to turn around to know it was Daryl for she could recognise him from the sounds of his steps.

In silence, he sat next to her and looked at Ezekiel walking down Alexandria’s main street.

“What’s his deal ?” He asked her.

She smiled, she could not help it. Despite him and Ezekiel being friends - and she knew that Ezekiel having a pet tiger had a lot to do with this friendship, though Daryl would never admit it - he always became less friendly when it came to her own friendship with the King.

“He was just checking on me,” she said.

Daryl did not reply.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, you own my heart pookie.” She looked at him with a smug smile on her face and received the exact reaction she wanted : Daryl looked at her, then down, then up again and snorted.

“Stop,” he said blushing. And they both laughed like idiots. There was nothing funny really (for her heart truly was his), but he was embarrassed and teasing him was her favourite activity. They exchanged a few glances and she thought that there was truly nothing more endearing than seeing him smile.

After that, they sat in comfortable silence for a while, but the thought of what was coming tomorrow hit her again, like a punch in the stomach. She was not afraid to fight, she was scared of losing people she loved again. If she made it out alive, who will she have to live without ? Not to mention the inevitable new nightmares… she shook her head, trying to think about something else. It was not tomorrow yet.

“You good ?” He asked, despite knowing the answer.

“Just scared about tomorrow,” she admitted.

He looked at her, there was nothing he could say for he was just as scared. Scared to lose their people. Scared to lose her, the person he had tried to protect from the conflict.

“Come’ere,” he simply said.

Daryl wrapped one arm around her waist and she snuggled up against him. He held her small frame tighter, as if the gesture could protect her from the rest of the world, as if by simply holding her like this nobody would take her away from him. He slightly turned his head to press a kiss on her head  and she closed her eyes at the touch.. He surprised himself with the gesture but closed his eyes too and buried his nose in her hair until finally resting his head against hers.

And in that moment, she realised that Ezekiel was right, it was not all bad.

Cold night, warm heart

Based on “Imagine getting your first experience of winter at Erebor and someone literally having to warm you up” from ImaginexHobbit

Requested (with Thorin) by @spookynightfury


Yet another draft blew through the Great Hall of Erebor as you sat on the edge of a small cot, pulling on a second pair of socks. The newly reclaimed dwarven stronghold was chilly at any time of day, thanks to broken gates, damaged furnaces, and long-disused fireplaces choked with decades of ashes and soot, but when night fell and the cruel winter held the mountain firmly in its icy grip, everyone from the King to the handful of Dain Ironfoot’s remaining pigs shivered.

You looked with concern over the crowd of lodgers that temporarily filled the Hall. Far on the opposite, relatively warmer end of the vast chamber were rows of cots where the wounded lay, casualties from the armies of men, dwarves, and elves alike who had been given sanctuary inside the mountain after the battle, at Thorin’s insistence. Healers of all races milled quietly about, tending to their patients with fresh bandages, herbal remedies, and warm blankets. The near end of the Hall, close to where you had managed to find refuge – such as it was – had been overtaken by the cots and bedrolls of the weary soldiers of Dain’s army.

You reflected with a sigh that this sobering scene had been far from your mind in the comfort of your home in Ered Luin when you’d eagerly agreed to join the company of Thorin Oakenshield to work alongside your mentor, Oin. “She’s a fine healer, quite skilled for a human,” the elderly dwarf had vouched to Thorin as you’d smothered a grin at this qualification, “and I can use the extra hands and keen ears.”

That conversation and the thirst for adventure that had accompanied it now seemed a lifetime ago, and addressing yourself once more to the task at hand, you prepared to bed down among the ragtag assembly, fluffing the meager pillow and folding the woolen blanket to create another layer of warmth.

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Castlevania Song Ask Meme!
  • Clockwork: Do you finish stuff quickly or do you procrastinate?
  • The Sinking, Old Sanctuary: Is there a place you want to travel to?
  • After the Battle - Blue Recollection -: Is there something you regret deeply?
  • An Empty Tome: A favourite memory of yours?
  • Nocturne: Do you like singing?
  • Concert Hall without Applause: Do you have any talent you love about yourself?
  • A Calling from Heaven: Do you believe in Fate?
  • Requiem of the Gods: Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
  • New Messiah: Do you believe in change or value stability?
  • Slash: What's your favourite animal?
  • Finale ~Deep Translucent Moonlit Night~: Have you ever been in love?
  • Dance of Illusions: Does the end justify the means?
  • Beginning: Is there a person in this world you would die for?
  • Cross your heart: Are you a straightforward person?
  • Bloody Tears: What's your favourite videogame?
  • Vampire Killer: What's your dream job?
  • Requiem of Star-Crossed Nights: Has a book ever made you cry?
  • Divine Bloodlines: Is your family very important to you?
  • The Lost Portrait: Is there something you'd rather forget?

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"We still have many great mysteries to be solved. Where is Heath? What happened to Sherry? What role will Oceanside play? Where did Gregory go?" The filming spoilers say that 1) Ezekiel and other Kingdom people find walker Heath on the road in 8.03, 2)Gregory went to the Sanctuary and Negan took him as a hostage at first, then after the battle Gregory ran away and returned to Hilltop by 8.03, 3) The only reason Sherry disappeared is because her actress is the lead on another show.

Interesting! Thanks for the info. I hadn’t heard these spoilers. Sounds like 8x03 will be an interesting episode and answer a bunch of questions, if the spoilers turn out to be right. 

As for Sherry, I know she’s on another show, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see her again in TWD. She may not return as a big role or a regular, but they don’t usually leave mysteries like this open ended forever (though it can definitely seem that way between season. ;D) I’ve said this before, but even if it’s only for five minutes and then we see her die, I still think we’ll see Sherry again. I think she disappeared as a parallel to Beth. Disappeared without a trace and such. But they’ll bring her back at least briefly to close her arc. Heath is missing too and we’ve said the same thing about him. If these spoilers are right, sounds like they’ll wrap up his arc pretty quickly in S8. Thanks for letting us know! Xoxo! 😘 

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How about a massive attack on Sanctuary by an army of something (your choice), and it's the toughest battle for all the companions and Sole yet, who fights the hardest ? Who wants to run/hide ? Who'd die, who'd get badly injuired and who'd survive with a few cuts and bruises ?

Codsworth: He’s at Curie’s side, wildly flying around and tending to the injured. He gets a few bullets grazing his casing, but he overall survives with minor damage. 

Cait: She’s very vocal, yelling expletives and lobbing explosives the entire time. She won’t go down without a fight, and takes out tons of the enemy soldiers. She ends up getting badly injured by a molotov. 

Curie: She’s hiding most of the time, running to safe spots to heal and administer emergency medical attention to the others. She gets nicked a few times, the worst being a large gash on her right bicep. 

Danse: Years of Brotherhood training have trained him for this, so he’s a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with power armor and a laser gatling, he makes a serious dent in the army. The worst injury he gets are a few bullets to the gut. 

Deacon: Smooth and sneaky espionage give him a huge advantage. He sneaks behind the enemy line and launches a mini-nuke, taking out about 1/3 of their assaultrons. Gets out without a scratch. 

Hancock: Similar to Cait, he’s going wild with explosives and a mini gun. He manages to destroy some Mr. Gutsy’s before a laser shot rips through his right shoulder, incapacitating him for the rest of the battle. 

Preston: He’s desperately calling for Minutemen backup, while taking down some stray soldiers that were getting too close for comfort. He’s giving it his all, considering he’s helped this place become what it is now. 

Piper: Piper’s a wicked shot with a modded pistol, dashing around quickly and felling enemies left and right. She ends up with lots of scratches and a bullet whizzing past her ear, but she comes out alright. 

Nick: He’s in charge of the rocket launcher, perched on a roof in a small shelter. He’s taking people out left and right, but ends up with a minigun shot tearing through his chest, severely injuring him. 

MacCready: He’s on a roof across from Nick, killing the hardest enemies with precise sniper shots. Mac actually gets out completely fine, due to his smaller stature and cat-like reflexes. 

X6-88: X6 became a cold, killing machine. He ruthlessly vaporized soldiers with his upgraded Institute rifle, dashing from place to place. He actually loses a hand, but he will be fine since he’s got a nanobiology to grow one back. 

Strong: Donning some armor, he simply runs out onto the battlefield, car muffler in hand. He bats at soldiers like they’re golf balls, sending many flying into the air. He gets several bullets in the arm and leg, but survives. 

Dogmeat: He runs around, gathering resources like bullets and stimpaks. He gets out unharmed. 

After the dust settled, the battle was won. Surprisingly, Sanctuary won with no fatalities, minus a few Minutemen. It would be hard, however, to heal and get things back to normal. 

Feral!Hiccup AU, part II

★Part I★

Hiccup nurses the Night Fury back to health. Soothing it, feeding it.  His mother is better at prosthetics and healing, and he promises the dragon that they would care for it properly when she arrives. In the meantime, they play.  Hiccup is delighted by the Night Fury and names him Toothless for the surprising discovery of retractable teeth. He gushes over how his mother would positively adore the dragon.  He talks of his home–of the alpha and the safety and the peace.

Hiccup ducks in and out of the cove to visit the village.  He watches those his age and wets his lips–he’s never seen them so close before

One is rather near–squat and brawny, like a gronkle.  The viking is mucking sheep stalls and muttering, rather unhappily, to himself.  Hiccup creeps closer, feet silent against the ground, and prepares to call out.

The he hears it.  A booming voice calling for “Snotlout”.

Hiccup springs backwards into the shadows as a mighty man–tall as some dragons, with heroic red hair and an unmatchable beard–waves over the boy.

His father.  Exactly as his mother described him.

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Siren Sorrento (海魔女のソレント)
Sorrento was sent to kill the injured Bronze Saints in the hospital right after the Sanctuary battles. He encountered Taurus Aldebaran, who was sent by Athena to protect them. They manage an impasse and before they begin again, Saori showed up and requested Sorrento to take her to see Julian Solo. Later he would reveal that it was like a gentle command that he could not refuse, a request from a true goddess. He gained great respect for Athena at that moment.

Sorrento was born in Austria, famous for its musical arts and home of many great musicians. Ironically it is also a landlocked country, with no coastline.


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