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you know who would be the best character to establish the Old Friends Senior Pokemon Sanctuary? the one whose entire character arc is about learning to love and respect his Pokemon. the character who has to learn that a Pokemon’s worth doesn’t just lie in its strength. the one who goes from “I only care about strong Pokemon/I have no time for weaklings/just let sick Pokemon go” to “I should trust my Pokemon more.” The one whose life is tragically empty of any real love or companionship - aka the one who needs the unconditional love and healing that comes from fostering Pokemon/pets that others would abandon. The person who WAS abandoned and neglected by their father, who can learn to care and be cared for by other creatures who have suffered the same kind of abuse.

I can imagine Silver running the Sanctuary and caring for Pokemon because of the person he becomes by the end of Gen 2. Silver becomes a strong trainer but he is still very troubled in the end. I can’t see him becoming a gym leader or the Champion of Johto because I think his journey isn’t really about Pokemon at all. I think that Silver is obsessed with being the best in order to get the approval and validation of worthiness that he never received from Giovanni, and it just so happens that Pokemon is his father’s main focus, and also something that Giovanni never bothered to bond with his son over, as sort of a dual “Do you love me now/now I’m better than you ever were” subconscious motivation. Why else would Silver have to steal his first Pokemon if his father is the strongest Ground-type trainer in Kanto?

Also, Silver tells Giovanni that he doesn’t want to be anything like this father, and that he’ll become strong without his help. Silver can still be strong without being the strongest trainer in the world. Strength through force isn’t the only kind of strength that exists. It also takes strength to be kind and to care for others who aren’t able to care for themselves. And Silver does become a great trainer and a better person, proven by his Golbat turning into Crobat and by apologizing to Professor Elm. But recovery and growth is neverending, and I think that fostering Pokemon that others would abandon for being disabled, or old, or just unwanted would be a sort of therapy that Silver surely needs.


YOU ARE MY WHITE BEAUTY (Negan x albino reader imagine)

Summary: Y/N is the only one in the whole sanctuary who is an albino. Negan is a fan of her beauty. But the days in the sanctuary are not easy for her because some saviors are mobbing her. What will Negan do?

(English is my third language but I tried my best. Sorry for grammar and word mistakes)


Y/N has been in Sanctuary for 2 weeks.
Dwight had found her in the woods. She was alone and hurt. Now she worked in the Sanctary for points. But she was different. She was not like the others. She was an albino. The only thing she saw in the mirror was white only white.
She had heard a lot about Negan, but she had not met him yet.
One morning she was woken up by Dwight.

“Come on you have to clean up Negans room”

She stood straight up and changed her clothes. She walked with Dwight through the long corridors

“You will not touch anything else besides your work, have you heard me?”, said Dwight with a strong voice

“I am not deaf, and I am not interested in men’s affairs”

Dwight looked at her angrily.
When they arrived in Negan’s room, she looked around the huge room. It was so nice. She had not seen such a beautiful thing for a long time. A huge and probably very comfortable bed.

“Stop looking around and do your work”

Dwight went back again 

She stayed in the room and began to clean up Negan’s bed. He was probably awake. At that moment, Negan passed through the corridors and held Lucille in his hand. When he arrived in his room, the door was open. He slowed his steps. When his room became visible, he saw Y/N.
He was admired.
She was so beautiful, so fantastic. He walked slowly into the room and looked more closely at the girl. She did not see him, she folded the blanket. He knocked with Lucille on the door frame, Y/N frightened and looked quickly at him.

“What do we have here?”, he said in a calm voice.

She was ashamed and looked down He went with loose steps to her until her faces were only 1 cm apart. He grabbed her chin and lifted it so that she looked into his eyes. 

“Look at this beautiful angel”

He went smelled her smell

“What’s your name sweetheart?”

She said nothing

“Ou our beauty is mute ha?”


“There she is, you are not mute, I knew it”

“No I’m not”, she said in a shaky voice

“You look pretty pale honey, are you okay?”

“I’m not pale

“What is it then honey”

“I’m an Albino”

“Albino? What the hell is an Albino?”

She was shocked that he had no idea what an Albino was.

“O , you don’t really know what it is?!”

“No, but maybe you can make an explanation”

She took a deep breath and began to speak

“Albinism is a condition some people and animals are born with. This condition is caused by a lack of pigment (colour) in their hair, eyes, and skin. A person or animal with albinism is called an albino. Many albino people prefer to be called a “person with albinism”. There are ten different types of albinism.
People with albinism can have white or light blonde hair. They can have very pale skin. Their eyes are blue, or rarely pink-ish. People with albinism can have problems such as bad vision and getting sunburnt easily. This is because people with albinism have less pigments in their eyes, skin and hair.Albinism is rare in the United States. One out of every 20,000 people in the United States has albinism. There are about 15,945 people in the United States who have albinism”

When she was finished she took a deep breath and said,

“Oh no I forgot to breathe again”

Negan laughed and was shocked that she did not worry about her own situation. She acted like everything was normal.

“Where do you know this everything?”


He began to laugh

“You are a smart girl and you have humor. I love girls like you?”

“I-I-I have to go”, she said in a shaken voice

She broke from Negan’s grip and walked away with quick steps until she heard Negan’s voice behind her.

“I would be very glad if you would visit me again”

“If I would not disturb you sir,” she said politely

“A come on doll it would be an honor for me”

She smiled at him and disappeared. Negan lay down on the bed, thinking about her beauty.

The weeks passed and Y/N and Negan got to know each other more and more.
Negan could not tell his feelings for her because she was a very shy girl. He wanted time.
One evening Y/N wanted to get something to eat and stand in the line.
There were a lot of people in the Sanctuary who were making fun of her, but she did not care because she was bullied at school too.
It was normal for her. But today it was too much

“Hey, you’re immune, or something why did not you turn to a walker, when were you bitten?”

A Savior said loudly and laughing

She turned to the voice 

“What are you talking about?”

“Are you kidding me look at your death skin. It’s so pale that I sometimes think that they have forgotten to bury you. When did you die tell the truth? ”

Many men began to laugh

“Where is your color sweetheart?”

“How old are you actually because your hair is so white How much 100???”

She had slowly tears in her eyes

“Sometimes I think if you’re a human being or an alien?”

They laughed more
They suddenly heard a whistle and a knocking. It was Negan. He had heard everything.
He quietly called Dwight to his side

“Everyone who has laughed at her and bullied her, you can throw them out to the walkers, they’re hungry,” he said almost screaming

The men becoma scared and went to Negan 

“Negan please, we were just having fun, please do not do that,” they said panicky Negan raised his eyebrows


He looked at Y/N and saw the flowing tears.

“If that was so funny, if it was really fun, why is she crying?”

He said seriously, looking at the men badly.

“I’ll tear anyone’s tongue out that says her something bad. No one can hurt her in my sanctuary, but if someone does they will be punished" 

Simon and Dwight pulled the men out to the walkers.
The men begged Negan, but Negan’s decision did not change. When they were completely gone, Negan held Y/N’s hand and led her to his room.
They sat down on the huge bed. Negan took her face between his hands and wiped her tears with her thumbs.

“Be proud of yourself.”

She looked at him with wet eyes

“I’m ugly”

He was shocked. How could she say something like that. She was the most beautiful woman he ever see.

“Hey hey hey I do not want to hear this again, I love your white skin, I love your rarely pink-ish eyes, I love your light blonde hair, I love your color. I love you the way you are ”

He hugged her, stroked her hair as she cried even more.

“Sssshhhh, I’m with you now, I’ll never leave you in my life, do you hear me, I promise you”

“I love you,” she said in a weeping voice

At that moment, Negan’s men were eaten outside by the Walkers.

Note: Be proud of who you are. Don’t be ashamed. Albinism is beautiful❤

Model: Beata V.

Significance of Jesus at Sanctuary

Once again want to reiterate how significant it was that they had Jesus

1) Be at the sanctuary to begin with

2) Stay at the sanctuary specifically for Daryl

3) Witness Daryl beating fat Joey to death. And Jesus is taken aback. But it’s not out of horror or judgment for what Daryl is doing/has done. It’s for Daryl himself. Jesus is concerned for him. He is taken aback about the horrible condition Daryl is in and what he’s been driven to do. Daryl is in a complete frenzy in that moment- he seems outside of himself, almost unaware.

4) And Jesus has the most…perfect response he could ever have. He says Daryl’s name- not loud or demanding, just trying to gently capture his attention. And when it doesn’t work the first time, Jesus repeats it a little softer. And then Daryl sees him, he doesn’t see someone looking at him like he’s a monster or a threat or a pawn in some game. He sees someone who obviously cares, who is there for him and making sure he’s okay.

5) And let’s think about this for a minute: Jesus saw how Negan treated Daryl but he still has no idea what Daryl has been through, not totally. Therefore, he doesn’t know if Daryl has been brainwashed or gaslighted. Even with him killing Joey, it doesn’t prove he’s on the same side as Jesus. There’s still no way of knowing how aware Daryl is in that moment and if he could hurt someone else. AND their first meeting wasn’t exactly flowers and hugs. But Jesus doesn’t look scared of Daryl. He doesn’t think Daryl is going to attack him. He knows better. And Daryl sees that reflected when he looks at Jesus.

6)Jesus is there to WITNESS what likely amounts to Daryl’s lowest moment. He’s been through the worst trauma he’s likely experienced since he was a child. He’s filthy. He’s completely vulnerable. He’s alone, separated from his family, those who love him the most. And it’s not Rick that brings him back. It’s not Carol. It’s Jesus.

For no other reason than they made it be Jesus.

It’s just so special.