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At the MAARS sanctuary, Rasta is our bird of the month! Every month there is a different feature bird and YouCaring page to go with. So who is Rasta?

If you live with birds or you volunteer at a sanctuary, you know how expensive raising a flock can be (And we have a large flock)! MAARS operates solely donations from wonderful people who love birds. The donations for the featured parrots are generally pretty low, so I’m hoping you reach out to you guys, the Birblr community, for help!

The smallest contribution still makes a world of difference. Even if you yourself can’t donate, please reblog to help get the word out!

Here’s the donation link

If you would like to know more about MAARS and what we do, please check out the website (It’s not the prettiest, I know) or the Facebook page!

I’m just a small bird blog, but if any of you guys with lots of followers (@pepperandpals, @nestregards, @flock-talk, @sweetiesugarbird, etc) could boost this, I’d really appreciate it. 

I’ve only been helping out here for a short time, but already they all mean so much to me. 

An oasis for orcas 

How do you retire a 5-ton whale? That’s a question some advocates and scientists have been asking themselves in the wake of SeaWorld’s historic decision in March to stop breeding the 29 orcas in its care. Although the chain of theme parks says it will hold onto the animals until they die—which for many could be decades from now—a few groups want to fly them to a sanctuary in the sea, a kind of wildlife refuge for these intelligent and far-ranging creatures. The problem? No such sanctuary exists.

But the groups are laying plans. Last week, about three dozen scientists, veterinarians, and engineers announced the formation of the Whale Sanctuary Project (WSP), a Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit. The group is scouting sanctuary locations along North America’s coasts—including coves and small groups of islands that could be cordoned off—with fundraising to follow. Other organizations have proposed similar ideas.

But critics say such plans are premature—and that they might not actually help the whales. Placing an orca that has spent its entire life in a sterile, concrete tank into an ocean filled with creatures and conditions it has never encountered before could be dangerous not just for the whale, but for the previously whale-free ecosystem, says Shawn Noren, a physiologist at the University of California (UC), Santa Cruz, who has studied orca biology at marine parks for nearly 20 years. And the costs are mammoth—perhaps tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. The challenges, she says, “are mind-boggling.”


Beautiful “Passion / Sanctuary” Cover by mreemusic

Novel Excerpt

Under the cut is a short excerpt from my novel. I am not going to set it up, I’m just gonna leave it here and see what you think. Naturally, there will be smut in the novel as the excerpt proves, but the story is so much more than that. I hope this tiny bit makes you want to read more!

I hope to have the novel out in the next couple of months for you to buy if you’d like!

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Welcome to the Convince Me Initiative's 16th contest of CREATIVE CRACKSHIPS!

What does this mean:  
We take 6 suggestions from our friends & followers, and we use them for our contest!

Crackships-  The top 6, as submitted by you, the voters, are:

  1. Any sort: Ryan Robbins and Kristen Stewart
  2. Any: Ian Bohen and JR Bourne
  3. Any: T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyun from Big Bang) and Arden Cho  
  4. Any Sort: Naya Rivera and Phoebe Tonkin
  5. Family: Marcia Cross and Matthew Daddario
  6. 3s and 4s: Anna Torv, Matthew Gray-Gubler, and Gotye (Wouter Andre De Backer)

-Pick a pairing, & show us your art! Gifs, manips, drawing/digital art/etc, or even make a video! Submit the art, or submit a link to the post of your art.
-Submit As Many Entries As You Like. (Extra points, if they’re not on a branded backdrop, like you see at movie premiers.)-There’s no rating, so you can let your imagination run wild. PG, naughty, whatever floats your boat.
-It doesn’t have to be new for the contest. It can have people not listed, too.
-Even if you don’t enter, you can still win! Get 5 people to enter (this can include yourself), and you’ll get a prize!

Deadline: You have until July 3rd to finish submissions!
Ask questions, if you’ve got ‘em.  Enter early.  Enter often.  Have fun, and Convince Me!

Prizes: Check the Convince Me Initiative for more details.  

Please enter and reblog! We want to give you things. (Also, we rely on reblogs to get exposure, and if we don’t get at least three entrants, we’re not going to have enough reason to keep this thing going. Do it for the crackships. Do it for the pngs.  Do it for us?)


Mount Baldo is a long anticline at the southern tip of the Alps. It runs for tens of kilometers, bordering the long Lago di Garda. The mountain is a giant fold, thrust up by a small fault at its core. Rupture on this fault is a candidate for the cause of an earthquake in the Po Valley in the 11th century. The rocks in this part of the mountain are limestones deposited along the shores of the Tethys Seaway as it was closing, deposited in the Oligocene and the Eocene. This folding and erosion has left a steep cliff, on which the Madonna della Corona sanctuary has been constructed.


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