Touching Photos Show An Elephant Family That Was Nearly Torn Apart
One of the saddest things about elephants in captivity is how often mothers and babies are torn away from each other. But this lucky family escaped that fate — and their rescue was captured in a stunning series of photographs.

Fortunately, a generous donor stepped in and offered to cover the cost of transferring Apple and her little baby to the safety of the WFFT sanctuary. Rescuers arrived last week to relocate the elephants, receiving a kind greeting from the small family.

– Really heartwarming story with lots of photos. Worth taking a few minutes to read.

New Archaeological Findings of Apollo Sanctuary on Greek Island

New excavation work at an Archaic sanctuary site on an Aegean Sea islet unearthed important findings about its size and organization, Greece’s Culture Ministry announced on Wednesday.

Excavations on the small uninhabited islet of Despotiko –located off the popular island of Antiparos— have started in 1977 when archaeologists unearthed a large religious sanctuary dating to around 6th Century BC. More intensive work between May and July this year has led archaeologists to important findings about the sanctuary’s organization, the Ministry said.

Findings date as far back as the 8th and 9th Century BC. The sanctuary seems to have been devoted to god Apollo, as the traces of religious worship indicate. Read more.


I had this conversation with someone who said ‘I don’t get what you liked about Sanctuary…I just found it weird’

Well….here you go I summed it up in one post for you. 

Helen Magnus. Gun. 

That’s it. That’s the show. Everything else on screen was just incidental. 

This is a front-facing view of the ground floor of the sanctuary of the former synagogue of Congregation B’nai Israel Ahavas Achim, taken at sunset.  It wasn’t always named as such; the temple was constructed in the early 20th century, and opened its doors to its original congregation, Anshi Austria, on March 28, 1928.  There was a parade down Joseph Street to mark the occasion.  In the 1940s, Congregation B’nai Israel took over the building, and later, Ahavas Achim merged with them.  Sadly, by the 1970s, flight to the suburbs made the congregation dwindle significantly, and by the early 1990s, it was abandoned.  After failing to sell at auction, the property was condemned by the City of Rochester.  The Joseph Avenue Business Association has advocated for adaptive reuse, but doesn’t have funding.  If funding does not appear, the building will likely be demolished.

Print available here.

Why are people not more into Sanctuary?

 - Alcoholic Vampire Pervert Nikola Tesla

- Teleporting serial killer Jack The Ripper (John Druitt)

- Physically disabled James Watson (Inspiration for John Watson and Sherlock as the guy is both combined)

-Chemistry between Watson and Jack the Ripper “Night after night I poured my insights into you” oooop 

- There is a smart ass bigfoot that likes to slap people on the back of the head

- Badass women kicking some badass

- Seriously Watson and Jack the ripper “you dont know how much you hurt her…” “Hurt her? … Or you?” Then James grabs him by the shirt and pulls him in angrily. Holding him on either side of the face… Inches away… 

- Main Chick is Bi-sexual 

- Werewolf genius 


- So many ships. Honestly, I ship so many people in this show its insane. 

- All the chicks are fucking hot as fuck

- Time Travel! We see Nazi’s and old England

- Travel in general! oh man some of the scenery is GORG like obnoxiously large moons…. 




Baths of Diocletian - A Sanctuary of Ariccia

A sanctuary dedicated to Demeter and Kore, divine personifications of the generative forces of the earth. Demeter (middle) has a chitone and cloak sitting on a wide and decorated throne. The goddess is richly ornated with a diadem and with ears of corn crown and jewellery. She is holding in her hand some ears of corn which is a typical attribute of the divinity.

(museum info card)

Rome, June 2015