i feel so grateful to you all !! with all your sweet messages and kind words it makes me want to continue on with editing. and i appreciate all of you. for the ones who have started with me since day one and then the new. 

just thank you to you all. my mutuals and followers and the ones i follow. it has been such a pleasure to see all your artwork and edits. all of you make my heart go BOOM. and i have to say thank you some special people who i get all bouncy whenever i see you all on my dash. 

im super bad with these so anyway heres to more great times 

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ARTIST LINEUP || Promotion photo created by our own opalcake. Thanks so much for your help! This list is subject to change in the next few months until the final deadline. Please check out each of our participants and help spread the word!  Project Runner: reiqenarataka

arodude | braidcut | celebimber | ep22kun | ghosty-graveyardgomifunex | hachibani | hialmberi | imthesaltydadivytea | kiyoshis | lovesomeleanna | mintlark | mustachossom | orangesheets | papyarts | ravefirell | sanctisart | synaptosaur | thecrimsonclouds | tinratio | vaulthunted | watermelonstar

Thank you once again to all who applied and keep on the lookout for the preorder post later on this week!

EDIT: Three new artists have joined the group. Welcome aboard!