Real quick, I just have something to say about the great winter and weather on the Edge in general.

Some background: I’m a meteorology major, not because of the Edge but like 60% because of the Edge.

So, because of Sanctaphrax’s position and the state of Sanctaphrax when Screedius was sent stormchasing I spend lots of time thinking about just how that storm was branded a Great Storm when it wasn’t (that we know of, which I will get to).

Lightning is 100% possible inside a snow storm, it doesn’t happen often but it is totally possible. But again, it’s rare and practically unheard of in the dead of winter because in order to have the proper conditions to form lightning you need a very turbulent mix of warm and cool air causing chaos inside a storm cloud.

So here’s what I’m getting at I guess, experienced meteorologists would not have looked at a storm that came after three (3) weeks of blizzards and thought, “Yes! Surely that can be a Great Storm!” because it almost assuredly wouldn’t produce lightning. Which leads me to believe that life in the rest of the Edge was proceeding as normal while Sanctaphrax and Undertown lost their minds.

This theory I have also makes Hax a little less crazy, much to my chagrin.

See I don’t think he thought that was a Great Storm when it arrived in Sanctaphrax, he certainly wouldn’t have thought it could produce lightning BUT if the rest of the Edge- namely over The Twilight Woods- is experiencing it’s characteristic moderate springtime weather he absolutely has cause to believe that the cold air of the storm slamming into the temperate air over the Twilight Woods would form that, or any storm into one capable of producing the lightning necessary.

So Hax sending all of the Knight Academics out after every last blizzard wasn’t really as crazy as it could have been and the other academics would have this knowledge as well and wouldn’t have tried to stop him.