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eh—it just ended like that?? such a bad cliffhanger ( ´A` ) i wonder if durarara will have a huge part in sh :c

it’s supposed to involve the same characters, though i wouldn’t call the ending of drrr!! x 13 a cliffhanger since everything was more or less wrapped up, even if certain things were left purposefully ambiguous

though i personally am a fan of poetic justice ahahah

I’ve decided to do a follow forever; you must forgive me this pic: sadly, I’m not very talented when it comes to graphic etc., so I hope you don’t mind.

I just wanted to thank you all - those who don’t follow me, but I’ve loved their blogs and their personalities, those who I’ve talked with and were amazing and kind human beings. I don’t write much to you, because I’m shy, but I love all of you and thanks to you I’ve found and realised so many important things. Thank you, my dearest people.

I’ve been here on tumblr for quite a long time - more than 5 years. This site, even though I hate it sometimes, changed me - for best, I think. It’s a part of my life. 

Without unnecessary rambling, here it is:


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I hope I haven’t forgotten about any of you, but it’s possible - I’m a bit tired now. 

I’ve finally decided to make a follow forever! I’ve been here for like 5 years and now I can’t imagine my life without it. These are the blogs I love to visit. Even if we don’t talk or don’t talk much (yeah, well, I’m a shy person), or you don’t know I exist - just to show my favourites. Thank you all!

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i decided to login for a few hours yesterday. 
got a dapper suit but had to sell it to get a sauren mace bc i’ve always wanted it :< it was so cheap ahhhh (my birthday is in 3 months you can farm me sauren skins if you want :’D)

sooo here’s a pointless photoset of my fav outfits.

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i'd really love to know your opinion on shizuo saying あばよ to izaya (●´∀`●) do you think he'll kill izaya? or was it just "lol i'm done with your bullshit byeee" /i personally don't think he'll kill him. ryogho narita wouldn't do that to izaya./

i don’t think shizuo would ever get to the point where he could kill izaya personally, at least where his personality is developed in the current story. he’d have to evolve beyond that and lose control of himself and his anger completely. as little self control as shizuo has and as much as he resents izaya, i can’t quite see him as capable of killing someone. he longs to be normal, to be human, too greatly for that.

and if it is goodbye meaning he is done with izaya, that only pushes him one step closer to his goal. it means he was able to be the bigger man so to speak, to be the one to let go and leave his past and izaya’s antics behind him. it would bring a bit of the normality he longs for in his life.

though it’s a bit interesting in a way, almost bittersweet, don’t you think~? as such a big part of their present identities (and destructive tendencies) largely developed because of the animosity they have for each other.

not to mention that in japanese, the statement goodbye itself is very heavy; it carries a sense of permanence. i myself have only used the term once before

i’m expecting great character development from volume 13 and hope narita doesn’t disappoint