International Cooking Series

Beautiful Quisqueya : Ayiti & La República Dominicana - Part 1

1. Los Tres Golpes 🇩🇴

2. Kremas 🇭🇹

3. Chimichurri/Chimi Dominicano con Batata Frita 🇩🇴

4. Poisson Gros Sel avec Diri ak Pwa 🇭🇹

5.Moro de Guandules/Arroz con Gandules y Albóndigas con Tostones 🇩🇴

6. Salad Betrav avec Poule en Sauce 🇭🇹

7. Croquetas y Pastelitos 🇩🇴 

8. Accra 🇭🇹 

9. Morir Soñando 🇩🇴

10. Sancocho 🇩🇴

maxaren2000  asked:

U are from colombia but u speak in english... why?

Because in Colombian schools, english is a language that has to be learned, especially if you want to fulfill those “impossible” dreams

And because that’s how I can play video games.

Hay que estar moscas, papá.
güepa je sancocho fritanga tamal con chocolate mazamorra transmilenio 

anonymous asked:

Dating Usnavi would include? Like as a list since I cannot find it anYWHERE

  • He is literally…in AWE of you???
  • like holy shit you exist and you want! to! be! with! him!
  • that being said he takes literally every opportunity to show you off (’they’re going home with me tonight!’ shouted as you dance in whatever club benny dragged you to.
  • it took him so long to grow a pair and approach you, he could barely breath and his words were coming out so fast you could barely piece together what he was saying (you pretended to not see his victory dance when you agreed to the date)
  • he clings to you! so much!!! it drives you crazy in the summer when its scorching hot outside and he just wants to be all over you (it’s nice in winter when you can’t afford to pay the heating bill and use him as your own heater)
  • basically he takes any opportunity to touch you/kiss you/hug you/compliment you/make up little rhymes about you because you giggle and he falls in love all over again
  • you’re the first one to say ‘i love you’. he knew from day one, but he was never sure when he should say it. when you said it, he practically tackled you to the floor, smothering you in kisses and promises to always be there for you
  • he can’t always afford nice gifts or nights out but he can make a mean sancocho and sneak a six pack from the bodega and that’s the best date night for the two of you
  • PDA!! boy is all over you whenever, wherever. simply touches, kisses pressed to foreheads and if he’s feeling like teasing (a beer or two in, late at night while no one is the wiser) his hand ghosts up your thigh and you’re home within five minutes
  • when he decides to propose he’s literally bubbling with excitement and everyone within a ten block radius knows about it
  • basically he just always wants you to be happy and satisfied and is so #shook that he can provide that for you
El carisma que ustedes tienen me cautivó, la belleza de sus mujeres, la historia de sus calles, su humor, su amabilidad, el llegar a comer aborrajado, ajiaco, bandeja paisa, mojarra frita, sancocho. La sonrisa de la gente en la calle, el arte, tanto. Se puede decir que también soy de Colombia y que llevo un gran pedazo de ese tricolor en mi corazón, en mi piel y por supuesto, en la nacionalidad que logré.

-Un italiano que se siente Colombiano.

hunk is upset, so lance makes him sancocho! keith cuddles with him [hunk] until its ready, and they all eat it while watching the powerpuff girls movie (2002).

they do that thing where you say which of your friends is which character in a movie, and they all decide that keith is buttercup even tho blossom is the red one. lance says hunk is blossom cause shes so smart, and keith argues that hunk is bubbles because of how emotional he is.

in the end, they decide that keith is buttercup (impulsive, fighter/likes to train), hunk is blossom (always the voice of reason, he is), and lance is bubbles (cause hes blue and social/friendly)!

16 Reasons Being Puerto Rican Is the Best

Did you know Puerto Ricans brought you hip-hop and freestyle? You’re welcome!

1. You undoubtedly have family in New York, Florida, and on the island. So reunions are also the best vacation getaways.

2. Speaking of family: Yours is a huge, close one. And it’s very likely that you’re meeting cool new primos annually.

3. And they support you in everything you do. From sporting events and weddings to graduations and baptisms, you know your family, taking up an entire row (or two), will cheer the loudest — with or without those dollar store noisemakers.

4. You know the phrase “life isn’t always a party” wasn’t created by a fellow Boricua. Because we’ll turn any moment, from births to funerals, into a dance-fueled get-together featuring salseros Frankie Ruiz and Lalo Rodriguez.

5. Your mom has a cure for everything. And most times it’s just a mix of Vicks VapoRub y una oración, but it always seems to work. Reason no. 4,356 why moms are simply the best.

6. The diversity just within your family is beautiful. You find joy in looking at astonished faces every time you explain that your black/brown/white siblings are 100 percent related to you even though your skin and hair texture are completely different from theirs.

7. Puerto Rican food is the best food there is. See: Arroz con gandules, arroz con pollo, mofongo, bistec encebollado, bacalao, asopao, cuchifrito, batatas, sancocho, chicharrón, amarillos, pasteles, empanadillas, flan, limber, piragua, and coquito, just to name a few.

8. When it comes to fashion, you’re always ahead of the curve. You’ve been rocking long nails, big-hooped earrings, form-fitting dresses, and side-split buns long before the Kardashians or Miley Cyrus made them “trendy,” and you always look on point.

9. As a child, your abuelita always kept you looking fresh with her homemade (and love-filled) diademas. And you still rock those today and look ~*flawless*~ while doing so.

10. You probably grew up around at least four languages. Spanish, English, Spanglish, and Jeringonza (basically the Spanish equivalent of Pig Latin). Chi-u-chi-sted chi-sa-chi-be chi-lo chi-que chi-e-chi-stoy chi-ha-chi-blan-chi-do.

11. You know somebody who knows somebody who … can fix your AC, can help you raise funds by cooking pastelitos, or is selling a car on the cheap. Doesn’t matter what you need — you know someone who knows someone who can help you.

12. You’re a member of one of the proudest communities ever. The Puerto Rican flags on your car accessories, jewelry, sneakers, cellphones, onesies, and just about anywhere else prove this.

13. And you know that this pride is totally justifiable. After 400 years of colonialism under Spain and remaining a U.S. territory even today, it’s pretty legit that your people have managed to keep the customs, traditions, and culture alive, even scattered off the island.

14. That culture has introduced some of the best music to the world. Like bomba y plena, salsa, hip-hop, and freestyle, which we can bump to all day, errrday. (Yes, it’s true!)

15. Our island, the smallest one in the Antilles, is also a world leader in boxing and beauty pageants. And if you’re Latina, you know to take those very seriously.

16. And you can’t forget: J.Lo, Roberto Clemente, Rosie Perez, Walter Mercado, Joan Smalls, Rita Moreno, Rosario Dawson, Marc Anthony, Big Pun, Gina Rodriguez, Benicio Del Toro, Chita Rivera, Carmelo Anthony, Maxwell, Ricky Martin, Swizz Beatz, Victor Cruz, Meagan Good, Lauren Velez, Carlos Beltran, Bruno Mars, Freddie Prinze (*gasps for air*) are all Puerto Rican. (This list could go for days, but you get the idea.)

Author: Raquel Reichard


anonymous asked:

Que es lo primero que ves en un hombre al conocerlo? Y que es lo que te gustaría encontrar en uno?👼

Su sencillez, su forma de expresarse, su personalidad, su forma de caminar, su risa y sonrisa, su manos, su cabello, que no se deje intimidar, si su mirada es profunda y si es serio/borde y que sonría porque no la da el tipo que esta panadero (así mi colín está frío con la policía) pero tampoco el tipo que tiene la cara como un machete que le hablan y se quedo como el exterminador, sólo le falta decir hasta la vista baby y lo hace mejor que el actor ¡ESO NO LA DA! y obviamente que la nalgas marica.

Yo hice sancocho ahí de las dos cosas, para mi es lo mismo la dos vainas.