Paintings by Oscar Sancho Nin 

“I’m a painter from Spain and I love the beauty of black. For me the color black represents magnetism, power, elegance, and an opacity, which with the contrast of white or other colours emphasize the intensity of form. My paintings are often inspired by the dark and mystery, the past and the contemporarity.

 I work too in color… For me color transmits the soul of a painting, and adds more sense to the themes that I paint. Use of color, contrast and also the composition are never left to fate in my paintings, it´s often very calculated.

 The materials, which I work in, are acrylic on canvas, and I like to paint portraits, enigmatic forms with a mixture of abstraction. For me they are archetypes.

 I never stop experimenting. I like to try with different themes, or different styles, always in evolution; I am not that kind of person that bores of repeating always the same formula. My influences are Goya, Francis Bacon, and Picasso, all the great contemporary masters. Anyway over the influences prevails my own approach. ”

 - Oscar Sancho Nin

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Brienne of Tarth and Don Quixote + parallels
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Illustration of Sancho VII “The Strong”, King of Navarre from 1194 to 1234.

He participated in the Christian Reconquista in Spain against the Moors, his leadership was decisive in the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212. A decisive victory of an allied force of Christian Iberian Kingdom against the ,mostly African, troops of the Almohad Caliphate. This victory marked the decline of the Muslim rule in Spain.
His nickname “The Strong” was given to him because of his imposing height and strength. According to forensic studies of his skeleton he was 2.23 mts (7 foot 4 inches) tall.