who to fight: rick and morty edition
  • Rick Sanchez:while the urge to fight him may be there, DO NOT FIGHT HIM. this man creates killer robots for fun. he has no morals. he is the rickest rick, and once fought a group of himself and won. DO NOT FIGHT RICK SANCHEZ
  • Morty Smith:don't fight morty smith. he may be small, but he has a survival instinct like you wouldnt believe. all he needs is a burst of adrenaline and he will win. plus, whether you win or lose, you have to deal with rick afterwards. DO NOT FIGHT MORTY SMITH
  • Jerry Smith:you could fight him, but what would be the point? he's already an insecure and sad man. there's not much lower you can bring him. of course, if you fight him, you gain rick's favor. fight jerry smith
  • Beth Smith:while she's probably not that strong of a fighter, she is a (horse) surgeon and has the knowledge of anatomy on her side. plus she seems like she would fight dirty. fight beth smith, but prepare well first
  • Summer Smith:You can fight her and win, but she will come back. and she will come back strong. she will come back so strong and will hurt you. do not fight summer smith



✖️My Twin✖️


“What are you doing in your pai pai closet jr?” The towel I held in my hand was now on my shoulder. My right shoulder rested on the door frame as I spy on my son who is currently making a mess in his fathers closet.

“I have to find something to wear mãe!” His five year old voice shouted at me as he threw one of Alexis shirt down in the floor, next to his feet. “You have your own clothes Jr, you can’t fit pai’s clothes baby’s.” Ever since yesterday jr has been acting just like Alexis, I think it’s because his pai went away for a game.

“Can you help me dress like pai mãe?” He stepped out the closet and pulled on my hand. “Yes sweetie.” I took his hand and walked out my room and down the hall to my sons room.

I knew the perfect outfit jr could wear to look just like his pai. Thanks to Alexis he likes to by jr clothes that matches his, so I knew what pick for jr. “Hmmm what about this jr.” I took out a pair of dark Levis shorts and a white v-neck shirt.

“Yeah! Pai and I are twins if I wear this.” I smiled at his excitement to dress just like his pai. “Alright now get dress so I can send him a picture okay?” I knew seeing his son dress like him will make Alexis day better, he’s been working hard preparing for his upcoming game.

Jr already wants to be like his pai, he copies eiverything Alexis does. He dies his best to copy his footwork, Akexus made sure to teach him football this summer. Alexis doesn’t believe in anyone else teaching his son, just him. Only Alexis can teach him his ways.

“My son looks so handsome!” I cooed when jr came down the stairs dressed fresh from head to toe. “How do you feel?” I asked him while I spun him around. “I feel like pai!” He laughed, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“You’re missing something though…” I went to the front hallway to get Alexis’s sunglasses. “Here, now you look just like pai.” Jr put them on and his head became do small due to the big sunglasses.

“Take the picture mãe so pai can see!” I did just that, I took numerous pictures on my phone and sent about three to Alexis. “Let’s get going Paipais twin.” We’re off to get some lunch and I know people’s head will be turning when they see Alexis’s son dressed just like his father.