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Rick making reader wear a collar?

(HOLY SHIT yesssss. Yes yes yes thank you for this OMGGGG CW: Slight Daddy kink)

“Rick, what is this?”

You turned the thin, black, leather circlet over in your hands. It had a shiny, metal buckle and a tag dangling from a ring in the center that read ‘Property of Rick Sanchez. Earth Dimension C-137.’

Rather than answer, Rick smirked at you.

“C-c’moooon, baby. You’re not stupid, you know what that is.”

And of course you did, but your incredulity at him asking you to wear it had made you falter.

“So, you actually want me to put this on?”

Rick took the collar from your grasp. He circled you, his hand trailing along your shoulder until he stood behind you. You felt him slip the band around your neck, the leather cold against your skin as he fastened the buckle. Once it was in place you swallowed, testing the elasticity and the tightness. He was still at your back when he leaned down, his fingers coming around to grip your jaw, his lips against your ear.

“Y-you’re mine, and now everyone will know it.”

Biting your lip, you felt the heat between your legs begin to grow. You had waited so long for him to claim you, to mark you as his, and now that it was happening your head was swimming, your heart beating so fast you thought you might collapse. Rubbing your thighs together, desperate for friction, you whined. 


You felt him smile against you, one of his hands coming around to grab your crotch, the other still at your jaw.

“D-don’t say I never did anything nice for you, baby.”

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Happy ricksgiving btw! Hope you had a wonderful one, I know it’s late and I’m sorry but could I request a dominate cop rick? Him still his sweet careful caring slef just more aggressive (not in a mean way) like he can’t get enough of the reader. Thank you! Your amazing

(Mmmmm yum yum Cop.)

Rick must have had a bad day because as soon as he got home he was on top of you. There was no “Hi, baby” or “How are you?” He walked in the door, his utility belt and vest already removed, found you sitting on the couch and proceeded to scoop you up into his arms and carry you into the kitchen.

He sat you down on the counter, his mouth having found your lips, his tongue hot and insistent against your own. Pawing at your clothes, he grunted while he thrust against you, his erection prominent.

“T-take this off. I-I need you naked. Now.”

Pulling your dress up over your head you tossed it to the ground as he worked to remove your bra and panties. Running his hands along your body, he groped at your breasts, your hips, before trailing down towards your cunt where he slipped two fingers inside. You moaned, arching your back, your mouth falling open. 

“Oh ffuck yes, baby.”

Sucking on your neck, he brought his thumb up to rub slow circles around your clit while he fucked you with his hand. Desperate for him, you undid his pants, reaching down to remove his cock from its confines. It sprung free, thick and hard, and you stroked him, making him groan.

“Rick please fuck me.”

You didn’t have to ask twice.

With pleasure.”

He thrust into your cunt, more forceful than usual, but still with that hint of characteristic gentleness you’d come so much to love, and then he was fucking you, his narrow hips snapping as you wrapped your arms around his neck. 

This was a side of him you rarely saw, as the often frantic, lust fueled temperament that dominated the other Ricks was held tightly in check by your own. But you were’t going to complain, as your cunt was already beginning to twitch and contract around him as you neared orgasm.

It came on so sudden you didn’t even have a chance to tell him before you were sobbing his name, your pussy clenching, the waves washing over you and making your eyes flutter closed.

G-goddamnit y-you’re so beautiful when you cum for me.”

Rick was right behind you. His tongue dove back into your mouth as his hips stuttered and stalled, and then you felt him cumming, his cock throbbing inside of you.

The two of you sat there a moment, catching your breath. Finally, he looked at you and smiled, the fog of desire having lifted.

“Hi baby, how was your day?”