The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On "The Ellen Show"

2.When she discovered the Shake Weight.


6.Pretty much whenever she walks out on stage.


11.Whenever she speaks the truth.


15.When she identified with Simon Cowell.

16.And when she identified with Kirstie Alley.


33.Whenever she preached about the good things.


34.When she explained this golden rule of good humor.

35.And basically whenever she broke that rule.


The Yorozuya Soul Forums and Why it's the Greatest Thing Ever and the People There Are Awesome but Suck at the Same Time

For those of you that like Gintama, the anime or the manga, the Yorozuya Soul Forums is the place to be. Spoilers for the manga are often posted here and a wide, devout community exists as a strong base that keeps the site going, that alongside the great one, Cinder, the Admin of the Forums. It’s a nice community where you can be involved in many things, such as the most recent Secret Santa Exchange (an event I chose not to partake in), discuss other anime or manga (since the Gintama Anime is on hiatus at this moment) or even showcase your own skill by posting artwork or your fanfiction for others to see in the creativity section of the Forums. But here is where all the fun things start to disappear. 

The people here on the Forums that post on the Creativity thread are a bunch of attention seeking whores. There is a  Yorozuya Soul Novel that tries to incorporate a bunch of the Users there? Well written but that just screams for attention by a bunch of spoiled brats. The worse part is that the Users all give it high marks so that they themselves can get more screen time in a writing like this. Also, a Yorozuya Soul Comic? Get original, it’s not even that well drawn either, like a disabled, gradeschool kid drew it. Finally, the most recent one, Living the Shoujo Life? It’s a high school girl who tells everyone about her love story when she was younger then declares that it is embarrassing and then tries to orchestrate a mass effort to have it drawn into a Shoujo manga. B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. Worse one in the Creativity thread.

I read the thread and I found that such a situation is utterly ridiculous. The perfect boy, who happens to be on the school’s swim team, falls in love with a not-so-pretty girl (how she describes herself) and how all these scenarios happen that make it meant to be, while others show the perfect love interest in her and compete with the perfect boy, how is this believable if she makes herself out to be some mundane girl. This isn’t some FREE anime shit, and she ends up rejecting him? Now she wants this to be drawn out in a manga while she herself will direct it. Sounds to me like a girl who wants to live a sad fantasy life at the expense of others. She once even threatened to kick out one of the users, who was nice enough to help write some of it out of their own time, if what he wrote didn’t satisfy her demands.

The worse part of all this is that all the users in the forum accept such a bullshit story so that they themselves can be portrayed in it as well.

Now don’t get me wrong some of the users there are great and they make the place so much better but there are some that just ruin things.Ill give a order of them and tell what have I learned from this (people I’ve encountered posting on the forums and in the chat)

AL19 - This person is relatively nice. But she wants pity by always stating how miserable her life is. 

aritzen - This person is obsessed with Gintama, to the point of no return and where it controls her life. These are the people you want to stay away from, all they talk about is Gintama and the continuance of its anime and spreading it. That’s nice but after a while even though its a Gintama forum, it gets annoying if one person talks about nothing but that. 

Blackflash - The ultimate pervert. The most popular person in the forums.  

chagre - This is a fellow tumblr person. All she does is talk Japanese History and post tumblr related things on the chat. Not really a bad person but gets annoying when gifs and tumblr links massively fill up the chat. 

farispie - The dunce of the chat. Promotes visual novels too much. 

Me-chan - This person is very nice but sometimes gets way too in depth with her RPing and it gets annoying as she gets way too deep into her character. 

MercyMeLucretia - Same as chagre above, constantly posting tumblr posts on the chat. Essentially just a carbon copy of chagre accept she is much more rude to others. I have witnessed her bash other users because she thinks of herself as something higher than them and that her opinion is right while mocking others for having a different opinion. Her obsession with one particular character (Tatsuma) is weird. 

NIente_de_Nada - Your typical Wapanese person (look up the meaning). One of the most annoying people on the chat and forums. She always tries to justify everything that happens in Gintama as something she foresaw because of her so important knowledge of Japanese History. But this attention seeker is much worse. 9 times out of of 10 if she’s in the chat, she will always try to establish herself as the focal point of the conversation. No matter what the topic is, she would like a strict role in explaining how she can relate or is more qualified to make judgments on the matter. Oh your dog died? Wait, she used to have three dogs and will spend a good hour talking about them. Your aunt just got married? Wait, let her tell you about half of her family. In my time there, I have found out more about her family and her personal life then I do about myself. That should be saying something. 

San2007x1 - This user is likeable, but weirds out the chat whenever he puts the ‘o.o’ emoticon for no reason. 

shyra - One of the more likeable characters in the forums. She’s really nice and gives insightful comments.

then00b12 -  This person is an annoying person. One of the most in fact, it’s not only my opinion. He thinks he’s cool by being a Swag Fag by saying the word “Swag” and “Swaggie’ a lot. His pathetic attempt to be funny is often flat, much to my amusement. He thinks he’s also cool because he plays basketball even though he’s an Asian. He’s also fucking weird with his ships for all different characters. I think it’s to compensate for his sad little love life. Remember when I said that it isn’t my opinion that people don’t like him? People always talk shit about him when he’s not in the chat. Sad that he’s never there to see what they say. He really needs to get a life. Spending time in a forum is not what he should be doing to pass his time.

Yes, my hatred and words for a few of these people may seem a bit unfair, but some of these people made me go away from the forums even though I used to frequent there for a while. By all means, the Gintama Yorozuya Soul forums is the place to be if you are an English-speaking Gintama fan, but jsut be weary of the users there. 

Taka's 1000-Count Follow Forever \(^o^)/

“Mendokusee” (Too bothersome).

Was what discouraged me from being an active user despite stalking the site for 2 years. But thanks to a certain someone who offered to help me design my blog, I became sucked by this inescapable realm called Tumblr.

So last July, I finally decided to become active, and the rest was history.  (@´_`@)

So to the 1006 people who chose to follow me, arigatougozaimasu! Itsumo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! 

And thus, here’s my follow forever! Those in bold are special people to me for a lot of reasons. ^^




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To the ones with hearts, you’ve been with me through ups and downs, and I couldn’t thank you enough. I love you guys.

To my ZnT comrades, lmao, you know who you are. I hope we continue to be comrades despite the end of the series.

To the two people who’ve been teaching me Japanese, thank you for being patient with me. XD

Ah–and the one who got the (◡‿◡✿) is the one who pushed to Tumblr hell. I hate you. (lol. of course I love you. *glomps* Kudos for your hard work in hq scans. ^^)

(goes to say that all of these people are cool. do try checking their blogs!)

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