Rostelecom Cup 2017 fancams: Yuzuru Hanyu practice & 6-min

(Rostelecom Pt 2/3) Overall, good condition here with some really quality jumps executed. You can see him and the team finding answers, getting a better and better sense of the ice, clearly working to differentiate between the different ways to jump each type of quad, timing, et cetera. As always, the stroking was a treat. (He was always so fast right at the outset, that I lost him momentarily in the beginning every single day. Apologies.)

In other news, Yuzu says his body is in good condition upon his arrival at NHK, all the best \o/

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2017.10.19 – Day 1 Practice

0:40 Brian and Kikuchi-san tending to Pooh. Yuzu stretching.
2:09 Brian giving Yuzu advice and pats.

3:15 On ice, stroking.
4:46 3A out of nowhere to begin practice
5:22 popped 4T (2T), takes off jacket, speaks with Brian

6:05 perfect 4T. nod in Brian’s direction
6:44 niice 4S

7:23 saved 4S
8:42 popped 4Lo (2Lo)
9:28 4Lo
10:32 going through motions for Lutz
10:53 aborted attempted (Misha too close?)
11:32 4Lz, heavy landing
12:34 popped Lutz (Intended? Nodded as if he checked what he wanted to check on landing)
13:08 speaking with Brian

13:40 marks Lutz through twizzles
14:20 Run-through (popped Lz, 4Lo, 3F tight landing, spin, marked StSq, 4S-turnout-3T, 4T turnout, 4T hand down, 3A2T rippon, 3A, skipped flying sit spin, partial ChSq, combination spin)

19:45 cooling down after RT
21:36 speaking with Brian, pointing at his blades/toe (re: Lz take off?)

23:45 Imitating Deniss pose in RT
24:12 sit-skating, putting gloves on, applauding Deniss
25:00 checking with Brian
26:00 perfect 4T+Lo+3S
27:10 perfect 3A (SP entry)

28:35 popped Lz, checking axis
29:35 popped Lz
30:27 popped Lz
31:00 Checking with Brian abt arms and shoulders movements into Lz

32:27 popped Lo (SP entry)
32:45 Annoyed at himself, gestures frustration (it’s cute! :P)
34:15 Popped lo (2lo), stretching a bit, does a “no, no” sign to Brian
34:50 Brian talks to him

35:23 marking Loop (SP) with twizzles
35:46 4Lo-turnout-hand down
36:42 perfect 4Lo (SP)
37:55 popped 4Lz (2Lz)
38:28 talking with Brian, squatting near Pooh, focusing

39:15 perfect 4Lz, Brian pat-pats his shoulder, then they speak
40:15 taking off gloves

40:31 4T+3T (rippon) (SP entry), turn out on 3T, huge 4T
41:30 sharp SEIMEI StSq
42:30 Brian telling him to cool down + start stroking
43.18 Bowing at end of practice, bowing to ice, patting it, going out.

2017.10.20 – Day 2 (SP) Practice

2:20 back-counter 3A out of nowhere
2:54 Chopin StSq to warm up
3:54 Brian break

4:50 3-turn sequence 3F
5:30 4S+3T
6:15 4T+Lo+3S
6:53 Brian break

8:06 3-turn sequence into 4T+3T (rippon), lovely transition out
9:43 popped Lz (1Lz)
10:11 Speaking w/ Brian, pointing to shoulder alignment

11:01 popped Lz
11:40 perfect 4Lz
12:15 back to Brian (Hi, gloves!)
12:35 checking video recording by Kikuchi-san
13:20 long-sleeves off, just to put jacket on

13:44 Stroking, stretches, sit-stroking
15:28 Twizzles marking 4Lz
16:06 Entry into back-counter 3A
16:31 Popped 4T (2T) out of nowhere
17:00 speaking with Brian

17:50 3-turn sequence 4T+3T (rippon)
18:55 popped Lo (1Lo)
19:02 checking axis with and shoulder movements with himself
19:23 beautiful 4Lo (in jacket no less :o)
19:42 Brian break

20:30 SE-popped 4Lo (1lo)
21:20 SE-popped 4Lo (3lo)
21:30 taking off jersey jacket by biting zipper. #Viral Yuzu

22:40 Run-through  (4Lo fall, Flying Camel Spin, Sit Spin // 3A, 4T-almost-hand-down-2T (2ft), skipped StSq, Combination Spin)

26:00 cool down after RT
26:40 4T, saved landing
27:04 talking with Brian

28:32 4t3t (rippon) well executed
29:28 Marking SE-4Lo with twizzles
29:40 Stroking to cool down.

30:55 Bows to the audience, to Brian + handshake, to the ice + patting

2017.10.20 – Day 2 SP 6-min warm-up

1:45 Entering rink, distracted while awaiting introduction, confirmed jump actions while waiting
2:50 Pat legs, introduction, followed by stroking
3:40 Perfect 3A, taking off jacket
4:42 Perfect 4T3T (rippon)
5:40 Perfect 4Lo
(you could have been perfect during SP, zu -.-)
6:50 Perfect 3A
7:10 entry into 4T (only marked jump)
7:40 marking some steps of StSq
8:15 going through whole entry for 4Lo (twizzle-marked the jump)
8:42 stroking
9:30 bowing to + touching ice

2017.10.21 – Day 3 (FS) Practice

0:00  Pooh arrives with its slaves
0:20 Clapping and waiting for first group to finish
1:00 Slaves working on Pooh, Yuzu lipsyncing to his own tune.
2:44 Practice starts, warming up, stroking
4:04 Warm-up 3A
4:33 4S, a bit tight
4:40 Jacket off, speaking with Brian

6:00 transition into 4T - 3A2T (rippon)
6:32 (hi, Matusoka-san, Nobu)
6:58 transition into 4T-Lo-3S
7:29 Brian, talking and drinking

8:16 4Lo, good but a bit heavy, not much flow out. Cute “stomping ice" moment after it
8:40 Brian, checking shoulder movements
9:02 patting ice where he stomped after 4Lo

9:11 4Lz, step out
9:47 checking with Brian

10:57 entry to 4Lz from the start, transition into Loop (popped to 2Lo)
11:43 speaking with Brian

12:22 stretching sweeping ice
13:08 From start, transition into 4Lz (popped into 1lz)
13:59 pointing to his head, gestures alignment to Brian (same as during practice on 19th)

14:48 popped 4Lz (1lz)
15:28 popped 4Lz (3Lz)
15:48 frustrated sign to his head

16:17 bending down, half-disappearing behind boards
17:22 4Lz, two hands down (fall), low parabole
18:06 speaking with Brian. (Hi Deniss!)

18:44 stroking
19:44 going through StSq
20:02 probably in the way of Deniss’ entry into a jump, apologizes to Lambiel afterwards

21:03 pat-pat his own head
21:20 final 3A
22:13 transition into 4S3T, followed by moves until 4T-lo (not enough speed to complete the combo)
23:49 entry to 4Lo
24:26 apologizes to Deniss

25:36 popped 4lz (1lz)
25:51 stretching shoulders, checking hip alignment
26:50 4Lz landed on toe, struck landing, stepped out
27:43 preparing for RT with Brian (quickly)

28:44 SEIMEI RT (4Lz low landing and turn-out, 4lo fall, 3f tight landing, skipped spin, marked stsq // 4s3t, 4tlo3s, 4t hand down, 3a2t rippon, 3a, skipped flying sit spin, marked chsq, final combination spin)

34:23 power stroking to cool down after RT
35:24 speaking with Brian
35:55 taking off long-sleeved layer
36:18 laughter, animated explaining, then pointing at his own head

38:19 transition and entry to 4lo (marked jump)
39:28 putting jacket on
40:14 stroking
42:28 marking Lo and then Lz
43:06 bowing
43:43 shaking hands with Brian, nodding, exiting rink
43:58 bowing to the ice, pats it

2017.10.21 – Day 3 FS 6-min warm-up

0:25 - Pooh surgery by Brian and Kikuchi-san
1:55 - Ooh’s and aah’s at renewed SEIMEI costume
2:50 - Entering the rink (major, major sparkles!)
3:30 - Presentation
3:40 - Stroking
4:23 - 3A
4:57 - 4S3T
5:30 - 4TLo3S
6:33 - 4Lo
7:51 - 4Lz (two-hands down, fall), applauding someone
8:51 - popped 4Lz (1Lz)
9:11 - Asking Brian if he should go for another try or not
9:40 - Intentional 1Lz


Numbers in Chinese~

一 [yi1] one
二 [er4] two
三 [san1] three
四 [si4] four
五 [wu3] five
六 [liu4] six
七 [qi1] seven
八 [ba1] eight
九 [jiu3] nine
十 [shi2] ten
零 [ling2] zero

Arithmetic Symbols in Chinese~
加 [jia1] add
减 [jian3] subtract
等于 [deng3 yu2] equals
百分比 [bai3 fen1 bi3] percent
乘 [cheng2] multiply
除 [chu2] divide
大于 [da4 yu2] greater than
小于 [xiao3 yu2] less than

To count upwards from 10, simply “add” a number 1-9 to the end! For example:

十 [shi2] + 一 [yi1] = [shi2 yi1] eleven

To count upwards of twenty, simply “add” a number 2-9 to the beginning! For example:

二十 [er4 shi2] + 一 [yi1] =

二十一[er4 shi2 yi1] twenty one

*notice that when counting with tens, there is no ”一” placed at the beginning of the ten.

Bonus Numbers!~

百 [bai3] one hundred
千 [qian1] one thousand
万 [wan4] ten thousand
亿 [yi4] one million

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

Intro to Mandarin

Thank you so much to @salutarystudies for suggesting this master post and giving me ideas on what to write about. She’s one of the awesome new friends I’ve been making lately

EQ: What is the importance of learning Mandarin or another language in general?

1. I believe that when you learn a language that is not the same as your mother tongue, you gain an open mindset because you are willing to immerse yourself into their culture, the way they speak, and most importantly the way they think.

2. It’s also really cool when you know a different language because now you can communicate with more people and you have more access to different resources. For example, I don’t need to find an English dub/sub for anime because I can pretty much understand the Mandarin subtitles and even some of the Japanese titles.


1. Tones are extremely important when pronouncing in Mandarin. You will not understand the rest of this master post if you do not know the basics of tones. Please watch this short video on tones to get yourself started.

2. Note: since I cannot type the tone markings (if you watch the video you know what I mean), I will use the tone number which is another way to write the tone markings

How to introduce yourself

1. To say “hello, hey, or hi” you say “ni3 hao3”

a. 你好

2. To ask what someone’s name is, you say “ni3 jiao4 shen2me ming2 zi?”

a. 你叫什么名字

3. To say “my name is ___” you say “wo3 jiao4 (your name)”

a. Ex: 我叫 Nonso

4. To say “How about you? Or what about you?” you say “ni3 ne?”

a. 你呢?

Family members

1. Mom: ma1 ma1 (妈妈)

2. Dad: ba4 ba (爸爸)

3. Older brother: ge1 ge1 (哥哥)

4. Little brother: di4 di4 (弟弟)

5. Older sister: jie3jie3 (姐姐)

6. Younger sister: mei4 mei (妹妹)

7. Grandpa: ye2 ye2 (爷爷)

8. Grandma: nai3 nai (奶奶)

9. Parents (both of them together): fu4 mu3 (父母)


One: yi1 (一)

Two: er4 (二)

Three: san1 (三)

Four: si4 (四)

Five: wu3 (五)

Six: liu4 (六)

Seven: qi1 (七)

Eight: ba1 (八)

Nine: jiu3 (九)

Ten: shi4 (十)


Red: hong2 (黄)

Orange: cheng2 (橙)

Yellow: huang2 (黄)

Green: lv4 (绿) (the ‘v’ letter makes a deep ‘u’ sound)

Blue: lan2 (蓝)

Purple: zi3 (紫)

“Colorful”: wu3 yan2 liu4 se4 (五颜六色)

This is my first master post so please send me a message or comment if you think I should make any edits to this post or if I made something seem unclear. I really want to share my knowledge as effectively as possible. Also, reblog or let me know if you liked it too! That way, I know that I should spend more time making these. Lastly, I need more ideas on what to make next so message me with any suggestions xx

新年快樂,學業進步                   萬事如意,年年有餘

新年快樂 - san1 nin4 faai3 lok6, xīn nián kuài lè - Happy New Year!

學業進步 - hok6 jip6 zeon3 bou6, xué yè jìn bù - May you excel in your studies!

萬事如意 - maan6 si6 jyu4 ji3, wàn shì rú yì - May all your wishes be fulfilled!

年年有餘 - nin4 nin4 jau5 jyu4, nián nián yǒu yú - May you have abundance year after year!