“Well, society had their chance.”

James Huberty fits the profile of a mass shooter perfectly: Socially awkward, misanthropic, and solitary are perhaps the best words to describe the Ohio-born shooter. He was also bullied in school, like the majority of shooters.

Despite his obnoxious personality, he ended up getting married to his wife, Etna, who he met at mortuary school. He even became a father,  but he was no ordinary family man: Huberty was described as a “survivalist”, and was obsessed with the idea of the Apocalypse. He made a bunker in his basement which doubled up as a D.I.Y shooting range where he would spend most of his spare time testing out various dangerous weapons.

In 1984, the family moved to San Ysidro in California following an motorcycle accident that made it impossible for James to work as a welder, something he’d been doing for quite some time. He eventually found a new job as a security guard, but was fired for his erratic behaviour. This was the final straw for the would-be killer, and he ended up going on a rampage at a McDonald’s three blocks away from his apartment. On the morning of July 18th, 1984, James left the house and told Etna; “I’m going human hunting”. When she asked him what he meant, he replied with “Well, society had their chance” and with that, he proceeded to the restaurant carrying a 9 mm Uzi. In total, he killed 22 people and injured 19 others. His youngest victim was an 8 month old baby, who he shot in the face, and the oldest was a 74-year-old man who bled to death from his injuries. After a stand-off with SWAT, Huberty was fatally shot by a sniper.

Postal de la década de los 50s: ¡Mira como me siento en Tijuana, Mexico!. En esta epoca Baja California se volvio parte de un nuevo estado (legal) de la República Mexicana y el sector turístico el mayor promotor económico.

Postcard from 50s decade: Look what i fell into in Tijuana, Mexico. At this time Baja California became part of a new state ( legal) of Mexico and the tourism sector promoter Economic mayor.