7 things you should worry about in the bathroom more than transgender people

1.  A horny football player

In 2010, a college student accused NFL star Ben Roethlisberger of approaching her with his penis exposed in a Georgia bar, according to the Smoking Gun. According to her testimony, he allegedly forced himself onto her in a bathroom, even though she said it was “not OK.” Roethlisberger did not face criminal charges.

2. A belligerent 49ers fan

Two men were arrested in October 2014 after allegedly beating a man in a bathroom at San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium, according to ABC7. Just goes to show: Cisgender-on-cisgender crime needs to be addressed.

3. Racist graffiti

Not even a peaceful trip to the bathroom is free from racism. In February, University of Colorado Boulder students shared photos from a campus bathroom depicting a stall with the messages “KKK” and “Fuck colored people!” written on the wall, according to the Daily Camera. The message “Go Greek! Go rape!” was beneath it.

4. A hidden camera

In May 2015, in Washington state, police said a manager at a pawn shop in Tukwila admitted to setting up a camera phone to record employees in the restroom, according to KIRO 7. In July 2014, in Ontario, California, a woman sued her employer for managers allegedly filming female employees in the restroom without their knowledge, according to NBC Los Angeles.

5. A lack of soap

A threat to all humankind lurks in every bathroom: communicable disease. Luckily, an antidote exists: hand soap. If there’s a law to be passed, a requirement that hand soap dispensers remain filled would be an easy way to fight diseases like hand-foot-mouth disease and hepatitis A.

6. A hypocritical politician with a $20 bill

Stronger Than Dirt
Grateful Dead
Stronger Than Dirt

Today’s Daily Dose of Dead is the jam from which all other jam band music is derived. This is Stronger Than Dirt performed at the March 23, 1975 show in Kezar Stadium.

The quality is raw and loud which suits this jam just fine. If you ever had any question about Jerry’s ability on guitar and to improvise this should answer all questions.

Simply a spectacular piece of improvisational music!!!!