Some pictures from the 49ers game that we attended (a few days ago now o.o). Sara got free tickets from her work since she wrote the ads for her company that are seen on TV and in the stadium! Levi’s Stadium is only 15 minutes down the street from me. At least by car it is. This was actually my first time going in for an event as I was in the UK or Japan (don’t remember which year) when the 49ers moved over here. This was also my first football game ever o.o. I’m not going to lie, I don’t care about football so I brought my tamagotchi to keep me company, but I got into the game while I was there! We left sometime in the 3rd quarter to avoid the chaos that would ensue in the parking lot. Though I wish I had stayed because soon after we left the 49ers started getting their assess handed to them by the Texans XDD. We ended up getting some really nice seats that we could never afford other wise so it was very enjoyable! I don’t think I’ll ever pay for this treatment but I’ll definitely go for free again!