The Google Cultural Institute documents the world’s art and other cultural treasures. At the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Google workers 3D scanned these skulls, which you can view at any angle.

I love to read poetry aloud, but my husband and my kids didn’t like it. I went to read under a tree. I noticed that the animals came to listen the sweetness and the power of the worlds I pronounced. I got an attentive audience of the animals and even the birds that surrounded me. I thank Saint Francis for this amazing miracle that makes me happy.


That time Jer and I gorged on Chinese food, starting with yum cha (飲茶) at…Yank Sing

…because lifeinhere said he liked Chinese food but had never had “proper” yum cha, with dim sum wielding cart ladies and all that jazz. Although we didn’t know at the time, this day would turn into a day of sampling San Francisco’s delicious Chinese food offerings. Remain open and fluid and good things will come to you in time.

Yank Sing is pretty well known in San Francisco for high quality dim sum. They use fresh ingredients, which I think shows in the flavor of their food. It’s definitely not cheap, and arguably not the best dim sum in the city, but it is a solid place to take out of town guests for solid dim sum. I know aptraveler LOVES this place! 

Clearly, I love dumplings of all kinds as you can see above. Xiao long bao were solid, a first for Jer and always a fun thing to eat. One of the servers was kind enough to show Jer the proper way to eat the soup dumpling because you can definitely burn your mouth if not eaten properly. This knowledge would come in handy later on, unbeknownst to the two of us at the time. This was my first time trying the pork buns, with their bottoms toasted in flavorful lard. I loved the delicate, thin crisp of the bottom juxtaposed with the soft and chewy core of the bun. So good! And of course, who doesn’t like pot stickers? We had more food but I didn’t take photos fast enough before the food was devoured. Oh well.

Also, Yank Sing is located in the same building as the old post office, where you can see these majestic murals depicting the history of California and its people. So take a walk through after your meal to walk off the food.

Yank Sing | 101 Spear Street, San Francisco, CA

My sister and I had a walk and heard some meowing. We saw an ugly cat that fell of the cliff and couldn’t get up. I came down for him but couldn’t get up either. My sister tried to help us, but she hadn’t enough strength. We thank Saint Francis for giving additional strength to my sister and she saved us. Altus a cat was ugly he turned out to be very affectionate.