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October 1, 2014

Brandon Crawford becomes the first shortstop to hit a postseason grand slam when he clears the bases in the fourth inning of the winner-take-all National League Wild Card Game, an 8-0 Giants’ victory over the Pirates. Crawford’s four-run home run off Edinson Volquez quiets the very enthusiastic PNC Park crowd, which has been a valuable asset to the home team all season.
More Central California Gridding

Sept. 30, 2016

Descending from the mountains into Central California today, we passed by our gifted hilltop tower again.  Over the mountains the sky was clear with some puffy white clouds.  In the valley below there was minor DOR, but not too serious.  We gridded a new section of the Central Valley with orgonite, as we continue to cover the State of California and work to clean the air and restore the natural climate.  California is not naturally a desert, but has been desertified through geoengineering and other assaults on the atmosphere and land for longer than we think.

The DOR looked like “smog” on the horizon in these desertified and desolate lands.

Our Earth has been so depleted, we are left with just the scraps.  Still we bleed her dry.

Approaching the Bay Area coming from Central California, we saw the geoengineering front to the west.  Not to worry.

We continued to throw towerbusters at every cell tower we saw, and sometimes in places without a tower that we felt needed the energy boost.  Over the Bay Area, the geoengineering began to transmute and be cleaned from the sky.

All the remaining water vapor after the removal of heavy metals and the neutralization of the deadly energy gathered together as we have seen over and over in every place we’ve gifted.  See the dynamic energy of the atmosphere.  I know that others have contributed here.  I know some for a fact, and that there are others who do so quietly.  I thank those orgonite gifters for their blessed work.

What clarity of sky behind the transmuting material.  Deep blue orgonite sky with tiny little white puffs, as geoengineering is neutralized and the water is liberated.  I remember the sky in Oakland being grey and flat with heavy metals, making me sick back in 2012 and 2013.  Now everything is changing, and I see a new beginning for Northern California.  One day the yellow piles of Earth on the road to San Francisco will be alive again with trees and greenery.  They can mine and create vast wastelands, they can spray our world with toxins and they can bombard us with the energy of death.  But life is stronger and somehow the Earth;s wounds heal.  Remember that California is the only place left with giant trees.  This reminder is here to show us what California once was, and with effort, we can restore her to her ancient beauty,


San Francisco - SLFL Mountain View, 9/2/16

So here’s the story: At the beginning of the show, Luke asked us if we wanted to be addressed as San Francisco or Mountain View. He took a vote by screams and SF won. Later on we kept screaming for them to sing San Francisco. Michael made us a deal that if we could be the loudest city, then they would play San Francisco. They blessed us with this beautiful, intimate acoustic version.