A San Francisco jail allegedly forced inmates into gladiatorial games for officer amusement.

Yep, you read that right. San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi said Thursday that city sheriff deputies forced the inmates of the local County Jail No. 4 into “Game of Thrones" style combat since at least the beginning of March, NBC Bay Area reports. But wait, it gets worse.


Dec. 21, 1970: Fans of the New York Giants who couldn’t get into a big football game at Yankee Stadium crowded on rooftops to watch their team be soundly defeated by the Los Angeles Rams. It was a 31-3 rout, but fans could take heart that the Rams were also kept out of the playoffs, after San Francisco beat Oakland to top the N.F.C. Western Division and Detroit snagged the conference’s wild-card spot. Photo: Ernie Sisto/The New York Times