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Hi my name is Kaylynn, I am 21 years old and newly homeless.

What is being homeless like? It sucks. The only place you’re really welcome is the library and anywhere else you’re loitering.

It is actually illegal to sit or sleep on the sidewalks in San Francisco, thanks to new laws enacted by the gentrifying population that has taken over the Bay Area, my home.

In calling around to several shelters hoping to find a place to sleep, I have been told the following:

“we do not accept singles (I don’t have children, therefore I am single)”

“if you are not in immediate danger we can not help you (I am a victim of domestic violence and even though I was displaced because of this, my aggressor is in jail and so I’m not considered important enough to take in)

"there are people with more problems than you”

“you have to be able to afford the rent to get assistance (um sorry, if I could afford rent why would I need assistance???????)”

“honestly everything in this area is out of your price range, you may want to move from the county (there are no jobs outside of the county and this is my home!!!)”

How did I become homeless?

In July 2014 I discovered I was pregnant. While living at home my family decided they did not approve of the father so they asked me to leave. I had just lost my job and luckily was granted enough unemployment to secure an apartment in Modesto. I lived there for 5 months before my boyfriend at the time beat me into a miscarriage. My family knew about the violence and encouraged me to come back home. So I did.

I have been facing mental health problems since 2013 and part of the reason I left is because I didn’t want to bother my family with those problems. Anyway I returned home and my family realized the extent of my mental health issues and kicked me out on the street. If I knew they were this unsupportive I would have stayed in Modesto and endured the abuse. Sadly it didn’t happen that way and now I am facing the streets if I do not find help.

I am not asking for money, I am just asking that you keep an ear out. Any agencies that can refer me to a shelter, and rooms you know for rent in the San Francisco Bay Area, ANYTHING. Please. I am working but what I make is barely enough to feed myself let alone pay rent.

If you know of any services that can help, have a spare room or just want to send me a note of encouragement, THANK YOU.


The Highest-Paying Cities For Tech Jobs

Silicon Valley is on top yet again. For 10 years Dice, a 24-year-old site that specializes in technology jobs, has rated the metro area that stretches from San Jose to San Francisco as the top-paying spot in the country for tech jobs. The average salary: $112,600, up 3.7% from the year before. That’s some $23,000 more than the nationwide average of $89,450. Across the country, tech salaries are up 2% over the previous year.

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Her Body Sways

Urban exploration in San Francisco, California. Photo was captured in the Presidio Heights neighborhood. Vibrant colors were used to enhance the abstract and minimalist qualities of this art piece.

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Twitter opens $3 million tech skills center for SF poor, homeless   

There are computers in the transitional living space where Lindsay Moodie lives, but it’s hard for her to learn how to use them when her 1-year-old daughter is climbing all over her.

She finds it easier to concentrate inside the new $3 million Twitter NeighborNest a few blocks from her home. Not only does the 4,000-square-foot Twitter-funded learning center offer child care next to its computer lab, but it’s also staffed weekdays with Twitter employee volunteers and social service workers, offering coaching on everything from basic tech skills to housing and job assistance. It’s a vast upgrade from her previous options to improve her lot in life.

“Some people don’t have a space to go, to do what they need to do,” said the 27-year-old Moodie. “But here you do.”

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