1. ligñon hill nature park, legazpi, albay / contra loma, antioch
  2. greenbelt 1 parking building, makati / mission district, san francisco
  3. salcedo st., makati / sfmoma, san francisco
  4. landmark department store, quezon city / 17th and mission, san francisco

@mroldmandan and i have started a visual conversation on twitter entitled nagsasanib (filipino for overlapping), featuring diptychs of images from metro manila, in the philippines, and the bay area, in the united states—and beyond. follow us here.


Tonight is the opening of the Feminamorphe 2 show at Woot Bear in San Francisco! 🤗 My piece “Grumpy Lumpy” will be there. 😀 I wish I could have made it down to see it. 😔 It looks like it’s going to be a great line-up of artists showcasing their work. 🖼✨ If any one makes it down to see it take lots of pictures and if you are interested in making her yours please contact the gallery! 😘❤


State Department officers sign dissent memo against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, report says

  • About 900 State Department officials have signed on to an internal “dissent memo” objecting to Trump’s immigration executive order.
  • “A senior State Department official confirmed that the memorandum in the department’s ‘dissent channel’ had been submitted to management,” Reuters reported Tuesday.
  • “White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday he was aware of the memo but warned career diplomats that they should either ’get with the program or they can go,’” Reuters said. Read more

San Francisco is standing up to Trump’s order punishing  sanctuary cities

  • Dennis Herrera, city attorney of San Francisco, filed a lawsuit over Trump’s executive order that threatens to punish cities that shelter undocumented immigrants.
  • Herrera filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday arguing that the executive order, which seeks to withhold federal funding from cities that does not to detain undocumented immigrants, is illegal. 
  • Citing the 10th Amendment, which states powers not granted to the federal government are the purview of the states, Herrera contends that Trump does not have the authority to cut federal funds over a matter of state and local policy. Read more

Amnesty International: We will fight Donald Trump’s Muslim ban every step of the way

  • Amnesty International is no stranger to governments that exploit real threats to security to turn people against religious and ethnic minorities. 
  • We’ve seen this before and we know the havoc it wreaks. And we know it must be stopped. Read more (Opinion)

The iconic home from ‘Full House’ was bought by the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, 30 years after the first episode was filmed. When it came on the market, he knew he had to buy it and keep it in the family. He also wanted to 'preserve it for the fans’, so he re-painted the door red, used it to film new episodes for the debut of 'Fuller House’, and plans to keep it as a rental. Source