Victorian in the Haight by Dale Cruse
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San Francisco


San Francisco’s GLBT History Museum: “The quality of the artifacts on display boggles the mind: Harvey Milk’s kitchen table, bullhorn, and Levi’s sit across from the Singer sewing machine that produced the first rainbow flag. San Francisco’s queer history makers are remembered. Some are well known; Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, Lou Sullivan and Adrienne Fuzee, and others, like Jiro Onuma, are not.”

“Jiro left Japan in the early 20th century and found his way to San Francisco. He was able to express himself in ways here that he would have never been able to back home. Jiro created what is thought to be the first gay Japanese group in the city, where he and a few of his closest friends discovered what being gay was all about. During World War 2 Jiro, like all Japanese in America, was given one week to sell everything except for a small cache of his most prized possessions. He was to be transported to an internment camp and the only items he could take with him had to fit inside a small suitcase. A few of those treasured items can be seen at the museum.”

On the Paperback Cover of “Thanks”!

Dearest Friends and Enemies,

Exciting news to share! I’ve finally seen the paperback cover for “Thanks for the Trouble,” which will come out next Spring. It is loverly and I love it. Wanna see it? Well, you can’t. Just kidding. You can. Here it is.

Isn’t that the loverliest? I don’t know about you, but that’s a bridge I could really jump off right there. :)


San Francisco - SLFL Mountain View, 9/2/16

So here’s the story: At the beginning of the show, Luke asked us if we wanted to be addressed as San Francisco or Mountain View. He took a vote by screams and SF won. Later on we kept screaming for them to sing San Francisco. Michael made us a deal that if we could be the loudest city, then they would play San Francisco. They blessed us with this beautiful, intimate acoustic version.