San Francisco bridge jumper says sea lion saved him

A man who jumped off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to take his own life, has told how he survived against all odds after a sea lion kept him afloat until a coastguard arrived.

Kevin Hines, in Australia to speak at several conferences, was a teenager struggling with mental illness and depression when he jumped off the famous bridge in 2000.

He survived the fall, only to see what he thought was a shark beneath him.

"I was freaking out in those waters. And I was thinking I didn’t die there and now I am going to die here in the water because of a creature of some sort," he told AFP.

"I really thought it was a shark and I thought it was going to take off a leg and I was panicking.

"And then it just didn’t, it just kept circling beneath me. I remember floating atop the water and this thing just bumping me, bumping me up."

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Today David, Viet, and myself got together to go attend the Socality event at Battery Spencer. Looking for parking took us about 30 minutes but the shots we got were priceless. We to got meet the monks from the television show House of Cards and got to take some photos of them. After meeting with the monks we were right next door to the Socality meet where we started to take photos of the models to break the ice. Afterwards it was smooth sailing from there. I got to conversate with some of the members of Socality and get a recap of how their trip has been going so far. Their road trip sounds amazing and I aspire to do something like what they’re doing sometime down the road. After the shoot we decided to go eat at a Korean BBQ called YakiniQ BBQ. Here are some photos to recap the day!


Sprocket, as you can probably see, is a beautiful and affectionate boy.

His previous owner lost his housing, so Sprocket made his way to his friends at Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue in San Francisco.  He’s 8 years old, and requires a special diet, but it’s really easy to manage. 

Sprocket would make a wonderful companion cat.  He’s fine on his own, or with mellow dogs or female cats.  He loves to play and is very outgoing.

In other words, Sprocket is the ideal cat for anyone looking for a little spring cheer in their lives!  Call Maria at 415-794-6663 and ask for Sprocket!

Union St. - San Francisco Marina 

Amazing side of SF to check out and walk around in the bay breeze - not to mention you get your work out in because the hills are crazy in this part of the city.