USA. California. San Francisco. February 1970. Children at a Free Huey, Free Bobby rally in front of the Federal Building. 

While the Civil Rights Movement worked to dismantle Jim Crow laws and push for integration, the BPP developed the Ten Point Platform and Program that called for freedom, full employment, reparations, housing, education, military exemption, end to police brutality and murder, freedom for the incarcerated, Constitutional rights during trial, and full self-determination.

Shames, a student at the University of California, Berkeley, first met Seale in April 1967 at an anti-Vietnam War rally. Seale became a mentor to Shames, and Shames, in turn, became the most trusted photographer to the party.

Photograph: Stephen Shames/Polaris

Holiday Mailing

The holiday postcards are off in the mail.  They are heading nearby and around the world – some even have a mail art, ATC surprise inside.  This year’s image complements my new series of Time Travel Photo Collages with a photo of twenty years of my used paintbrushes. Normally the brushes are stuffed into an old jar.  When they are all laid out, they are another way to mark time.  It was 20 years ago, in the fall of 1996, after one of many inspirational trips to Joshua Tree, when I returned home with a new focus.  I decided to put all of my creative energy into my visual artwork.  In July of 1997 I left the unsatisfying world of a financial district office job and have been primarily focused on making art ever since.  It has been a struggle at times and it has also been rewarding. Those old paintbrushes are a good way to mark the years.

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Last night’s supermoon rising over San Francisco