The older we get, the more alike we are. Your my little sister. 

We fought like hell growing up. Looking back, and I’ve told her, I was just so angry and angsty having to share a room with her as opposed to my brother. The sex/gender binaries in my house were just too overwhelming. I took things out on her, when its was never her fault that we both share 2 X chromosomes.

Clearly I love you, even when your not sure if you love me. Thank you for being the very first person to ever support my transition. I will never forget that. I love you little sis. 

You need a white guy to join the fight. … The white guy is super important to the fight. For people to really see social injustices, there must be someone from the other side of the race who recognizes the problem, because a lot of times if just one race says there’s a problem, nobody is realistic about it.
—  Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett on at least one white player in the NFL joining in the pregame displays for the protests to reach the next level in public discourse

“ Old Ship Saloon  –  Est. 1851 “  …  This saloon, founded during the Gold Rush days, served sailors and dock works of San Francisco’s waterfront during a long and varied history.  During a storm in 1849, the three masted ship  “Arkansas” ran aground on Alcatraz Island and was later towed to Yerba Buena Cove.  Here the ship sat in the mud until a young entrepreneur cut a hole in the side of the abandoned ship and opened a saloon business in 1851.

By 1855, the ship was landlocked, due to the filling in of the bay to make room for the growing city.  In 1859, the above ground structure of the ship was dismantled and a proper building was erected for the “Old Ship Saloon”  and rooming house business on the upper floors.  In later years, these rooms would contain a brothel business during the WWII era.

Photographer:  ©  Jennifer Maderazo

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