Somebody Set Fire to SF'S Galeria de la Raza Mural Depicting Latino LGBT Love
You can burn the mural down as many times as you like, but you can't change the fact that love won.

There will be a unity rally tomorrow July 1st 6:00 pm-7:00 pm.

Galeria de la Raza

2857 24th St, 

San Francisco, California 94110

More information here.


48 Hours in San Francisco with Tzeko | Rich Table 

Where tzekomah ordered three desserts. Like wow! And I thought jerjohns had a sweet tooth! And then he also had the desserts from the table next to us because she was too full from the tasting. Impressive! But he swears it was all an accident. Ordering three desserts, that is.

Anyway, I digress. After our “snack” at Nojo, we headed over to Rich Table for dinner. We started with the obligatory sardine chips, which I make everyone get the first time they dine here. Next we had the beef tartare with little gem lettuces, peach and crisp onions aka fancy onion rings. Great flavor and even better texture contrast.

Then we went to what I think the kitchen does exceptionally well - house made pasta. The tajarin is my absolute favorite! I was able to convince Tzeko to indulge me and order all, yes all, of the pastas on the menu. They were delicious! This included:

beautiful chitarra pasta with grilled ramps, luminous pearls of orange trout roe and horseradish

rich bucatini pork bolognese with white peach and arugula

luscious tajarin with green garlic, squash blossoms and mozzarella curd

hearty tagliatelle lamb belly carbonara with poached egg yolk

After the pastas, we moved to desserts. I ordered the avocado and green juice with brown butter ice cream and dried stone fruit.  It was a lovely, refreshing finish to the meal. Great acid! Almost like a palate cleanser. Tzeko ordered the strawberry shortbread and “accidentally” ordered the dark chocolate pudding with almond goat’s milk cajeta and smoked sea salt. The cherries were Tzeko’s “fourth” dessert…

To wind down our evening, I ordered some Fernet Branca for us. It is a San Francisco thing. Yes, peer pressure is still alive and well (I only condone it when it involvs food and drink). There are some photos of Tzeko drinking this that I’ve promise will not be circulated on social media, alas. All I can say is…they are priceless.

Rich Table | 199 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA (corner of Gough & Oak)