San Francisco, California, USA

[USA San Francisco Bay Area]: In Honor of Our Friends affected by the December 3rd 2016 Ghostship Fire in Oakland CA

Please join us at the Oakland Queer + Trans Open Mic on Tuesday, December 6th all of the donations gathered will be a group gift to the families of our friends and our artivist community family members who were victims of the tragic Ghostship Fire this past Friday.

Please bring music, poetry, film, stories, visual art, spoken word, songs, movement medicine + rhythms to celebrate the power of their spirits and their gifts to energize others

  1. Bay Area Bisexual Network (BABN) (x)(x)
  2. SPECTRUM Queer Media (x)

Our book has been judged!

We have received more than a handful of complaints about the Judgmental Map of South San Francisco Bay being the only map in the book without a description. As if complaining about your cutthroat jobs and poverty-stricken six-figure salaries wasn’t enough. And, if this isn’t enough to satisfy you, you can always check out the best-selling book for yourself here.


Stopping a Disastrous Plan with Science: The Bay Model by Tom Scott

The Reber Plan was designed and advocated by John Reber, an actor, theatrical producer, and schoolteacher. His plan, in the late 1940s, was to fill in parts of the San Francisco Bay.

Under the plan, which was also known as the San Francisco Bay Project, the mouth of the Sacramento River (from Suisun Bay) would be channelized by dams and would feed two freshwater lakes within the bay, providing drinking water to the residents of the bay area. The barriers would support rail and highway traffic and would create two vast freshwater lakes, supplying irrigation water to farms. Between the lakes, Reber proposed the reclamation of 20,000 acres (81 km2) of land that would be crossed by a freshwater channel. West of the channel would be airports, a naval base, and a pair of locks comparable in size to those of the Panama Canal. Industrial plants would be developed on the east.  By Wikipedia
Today We Launch the Injustice Boycott in Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City
Today, on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 — the 61st anniversary of the launch of the Montgomery Bus Boycott — and now just hours after a major…
By Shaun King

Shaun King at Medium:

Today, we are announcing the first three cities of our boycott.

They are Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City. We are giving those cities, the businesses and corporations that call those cities home, the states they are in, and the federal government, 43 days, that’s until King Day of 2017, to meet the reasonable and humane demands of local activists in those cities.

The government officials in those cities know full well who the local activists are. The government officials in those cities know full well what the reasonable demands of those local activists are. And today, we are serving notice, that it is time for government officials, businesses, and all interested parties in those cities to actually make serious, substantive, measureable change happen over the next 43 days. If they opt to ignore the requests, pleas, and plans of local organizers, on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017, the day after King Day — we will do four things:

  • We will begin a full tourism boycott of those cities. To protect small businesses, we will also announce a comprehensive plan for ways you can support local entrepreneurs to get them through the boycott.
  • We will begin a comprehensive divestment plan where we ask people to pull their money out of banks, financial institutions, and investment plans which we have determined either directly support racial injustice and police brutality in those cities or have chosen to remain silent in the midst of this national crisis. We will give some of those financial institutions an opportunity to publicly endorse the reasonable reforms of local activists before we publicly announce our divestment plan.
  • We will announce a targeted national boycott of large corporations headquartered in those cities that have either directly supported injustice there or have remained painfully silent in the face of it. Willful ignorance is no excuse. We will give those big brands and corporations an honest chance to publicly endorse the reasonable reforms of local activists before we publicly announce a boycott of them.
  • We will begin creatively disruptive protests in those cities designed to inconvenience and shut down both commerce and government work.