My obsession with chasing the fog on Mount Tamalpais over the last 18 months comes together in this 90 second timelapse video. One and half years of foggy sunrises and sunsets just north of San Francisco, CA. When the conditions were right, I would be up and out the door by 4:00 in the morning to make the 45-minute drive and 30-minute hike up Mt. Tam to be setup for the sunrise. In the evenings I would race home from work, grab my gear, and head back out, often running down the trail with a backpack full of gear to be just in time for sunset.
In the end, it seemed like the easy part was the endless hours of hiking in the dark and lugging gear around the mountain. Processing thousands of photos and learning how to edit them all together was the real challenge, but now, I have finally completed my first short timelapse film. I hope you enjoy it, as I enjoyed making it!
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Beautiful Weather Warfare in and Around Frazier Park

Oct. 24, 2016

It’s all how you look at it.  I never mind seeing chemtrails.  In fact, I enjoy them now, which is something I never could have imagined a few years ago.  It’s a beautiful thing to clean the sky and say no to parasites who only want to destroy.  Orgone energy is our power, the power of the mind.  Our world will be clean when our minds can produce a clean world. 

Whenever you get angry at the chemtrails, you’re creating more chemtrails in your life.  The energy to clean our world is the energy of life.  Please do yourself a favor and, like you have stopped eating GMO food and drinking fluoridated water, understand the importance of your mind, not just your body.  Please stop using cell phones, which are designed to prevent your mind from being able to manifest purity and beauty.  Please make the effort to understand the energetic field that you produce without even knowing you’re doing it, and take the time to feel how electromagnetic fields produced by parasitic corporations suppress it.  Start noticing how you feel when you use the phone and see how you feel when you don’t use it.  It’s a low ceiling to your consciousness when you let that surveillance device run your life. 

I got reports of rain in the Bay Area and Big Bear today, where it’s been raining for 24 hours continuously.  It’s making people happy.  Orgone energy is making people happy because it is the way it’s supposed to be.  Deadly devices you hold in your hand that give you cancer and destroy your ability to fight the parasites are yours to renounce.  When you’re ready.

“Where imagination prevails.”
-Dowin Gardner, The Science of Rain


San Francisco - SLFL Mountain View, 9/2/16

So here’s the story: At the beginning of the show, Luke asked us if we wanted to be addressed as San Francisco or Mountain View. He took a vote by screams and SF won. Later on we kept screaming for them to sing San Francisco. Michael made us a deal that if we could be the loudest city, then they would play San Francisco. They blessed us with this beautiful, intimate acoustic version.