The average L.A. driver lost more than 100 hours and more than $2,400 in fuel and productivity last year.

Cheap gas and a surging economy are taxing the nation’s roads and contributing to congestion that cost U.S. motorists almost $300 billion last year in wasted time and fuel, according to a new report.

Los Angeles had the worst traffic in the world among the 1,064 cities studied by transportation analytics firm INRIX. The average driver wasted 104 hours sitting in gridlock during the busiest commuting times last year, and lost $2,408 each in squandered fuel and productivity.


SP GS-2 4414 by Robert Thomson
Via Flickr:
Scanned Photo Postcard Scan is presented for historical/archival purposes No copyright is claimed or intended From the back of the card: “…The train in this picture appears to be the original 14-car Daylight pulled by one of the first streamlined 4-8-4’s, No. 4414, built in 1936 for the new train which went into service that year. Since the position of the sun indicates a time somewhat after noon, about three hours after the Daylight was scheduled to pass this point [horseshoe curve near Chatsworth, California], waht we see here is probably a trial run to test the locomotives, cars and timing. The Daylight train was a highly successful attempt by the Southern Pacific to recover passenger traffic which had fallen to below standard level during the business depression of the early 1930’s… Southern Pacific” The post card was published by Vanishing Vistas of Sacramento, CA in 1974. The photo is courtesy Southern Pacific Railroad, the text by Robert A. Le Massena.