• Q:I’m planing to visit San Francisco, do you have any off-the-beaten path suggestions for when I’m there? I’m so excited to be in the city that was part of your brilliant novel Adverbs. You captured San Francisco’s spirit really well and I’d love to see some of the places that inspired you.
  • Daniel Handler:If you are not frightened of the cold, head over to the Dolphin Club and ring the bell. Wait for a while. Eventually someone will open the door and you will put a small amount of money into an envelope and sign a piece of paper saying you understand you are about to do something foolish. Then, go change into your bathing suit and swim in the Bay. It is very cold but you will see many beautiful things, including old ships, which you may touch, and sea lions, which you may not. A good thing to do while waiting for someone to answer the door is read a new book you have picked up at Green Apple, Booksmith, City Lights or any other of my town's amazing bookstores. If you see me in the water, I do not need rescuing although it might look like it.