Right To Work While Being Transgender
I just signed a petition at Please join me in supporting this important cause!

The City of San Francisco and the State of California both have laws that are provided so that transgender people are allowed to work and earn an income in a safe and respectful work environment. The City and County of San Francisco also provides transgender –inclusive health benefit services as part of its employee compensation package. After Mr. James availed himself of this medically necessary treatment he suffered ridicule and harassment from co-workers as well as supervisory personnel. In response the City and County of San Francisco made no real attempt to enforce any disciplinary action.

Our victory will spread the word about this broken promise of equality in the work place. We need to hold the City and County of San Francisco accountable to its own public commitment to equality for transgender employees.

We believe that this case is important for Mr. James and for all transgender people who are enduring hostile work environments with no enforcement of the policies that are intended to protect them.

Please join us and sign this petition in support of Mr. James and the Right of Transgender People to Work in a Safe and respectful work environment. In a city that promotes itself as being one of the most diverse, progressive, and equal cities in the country we need to make citizens aware of this hypocrisy.


NEWSHOUR via KQED: Artist rearranges the world with objects she mines from Google Maps

Jenny Odell first had an epiphany about the artistic possibilities of everyday web-based tools when she left Berkeley, California, and moved to San Francisco.

“I was getting lost a lot and spending a lot of time on Google Maps trying to figure out my environment,” Odell said. “Pretty soon, I realized that Google Maps could be used for artistic purposes as well as practical ones.”

Pictured above: 77 Salt and Waste Ponds (Jenny Odell)