The Google Cultural Institute documents the world’s art and other cultural treasures. At the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Google workers took a series of photos of these skulls, and stitched the photos together so that you can view them at any angle.


San Francisco Treehouse. A treehouse build 7.6 meters up in an 125-year-old coast live oak. Recycled, reclaimed and vintage materials have been used in the making. The whole construction has been put up in the tree without using any bolts or nails; therefore, not damaging the tree. The treehouse is truly magical because of its rustic interior and small details reminding of childhood. Located in Burlingame, San Francisco Bay, CA.    

I love to read poetry aloud, but my husband and my kids didn’t like it. I went to read under a tree. I noticed that the animals came to listen the sweetness and the power of the worlds I pronounced. I got an attentive audience of the animals and even the birds that surrounded me. I thank Saint Francis for this amazing miracle that makes me happy.

ATSF Train No. 2 - The San Francisco Chief - rolls toward a stop, passing the The Cavern - the PA-powered morning train from Carlsbad.

The Cavern passengers rode in #3197 - a great 1940′s chair observation car built for the El Capitan - now preserved at the American Museum of the Railroad - now located in Frisco, Texas:


Urban exploration in San Francisco, California. Photo was captured in the Presidio Heights neighborhood. Vibrant colors were used to enhance the abstract and minimalist qualities of this art piece.

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