Help Zaquia Maybin Pay for Her Dream College!
Hi, I'm Zaquia. Who am I? Well, I’m just a small town girl trying to get the best education I can. In an effort to reach my goal of attending my dream college the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, which I have been accepted to, I’m reaching out to you guys in hopes that you can help set...

I’ve been accepted into my first choice school and I’m so excited to further my education! But I need as much help as I an get so that I can afford to attend. College is so expensive nowadays so any amount is appreciated! Spread this please!


Crissy Field (locals just call it Crissy) is always bustling with tourists, except when you arrive early, like 7:30am and you’re client is stuck in traffic. It was nice to run through a roll of film to kill time. 

Crissy Field Warming Hut + Golden Gate Bridge + Torpedo Wharf 

Hasselblad 500CM | Kodak Portra 400

Thank you, JohnLloydYoungFriends

Thanks so much John Lloyd for everything!! You gave such a stellar performance each night and I was completely blown away. Every song you chose to sing was sheer perfection. I just have to say that I absolutely love your original songs…I really and truly do. I can’t wait until you record these so I can listen to them over and over again. For now they are stashed in my brain and my heart.  Thank you so much for singing “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg in Spanish. I was trying very hard to not start crying and make a complete fool of myself while you sang that so beautifully. That was magic!

Because of you I have met so many wonderful people. It was an honor to finally meet yuki52s banne1 ewinge1976 raggedyandee and seeing my other JLY sisters again Mi hermana, maritzamunoz757, awesomedsmall candleboxheart dkoposts madcityeast and so many others. xo

Special shout-out to all of the wonderful Uber drivers (yes, I live on the edge) who made sure we arrived to our destinations safely and quickly. And all of the Glory goes to my Heavenly Father who took care of us as I drove those crazy streets of San Francisco. I think we found the steepest street ever!! Oh yea, lots of laughing, screaming and praying went on. To the homeless woman who gave us some safety tips and made us laugh. She said she needed a sugar fix so I gladly helped her out. Hope you enjoyed your donuts, sweet lady.

In closing just wanted to say thanks again to the main man, El Jefe. You are such a beautiful soul. I sense it when I am around you. Thanks for being so gracious and kind to your fans. Sometimes words just aren’t enough to express what you mean to me. I hope you know. I think you do. Until next time. xoxo

I came down with strep last week and boy, did it completely wipe me out😓 I stayed home from work, I was hardly eating, slept for the majority of the days, tried to go to the gym one or two days to do some easy cardio, but that was it.

After getting on some antiobiotics and other medicine I was happy to be back at work and the gym today. I had a super productive day at work, got all caught up on everything that I fell behind on last week when I was out. Then I did some pretty intense circuit training at the gym tonight, I definitely worked up a sweat! It felt great☺️

Although I’m still trying to fight this sickness off, it’s a new week, better health, and better mindset on a lot of things in life!