The Hidden Adult-Friendly Slides of San Francisco
Beware of the disenchanted neighbors.
By John Metcalfe

San Francisco is a mecca for adult foolery, whether it be huge, public Twister matches, flash-mob water-balloon fights, grown-up hopscotch, or human-against-zombie Nerf wars.

So it makes sense that, ensconced in out-of-the-way vales, the city has a handful of playground slides popular with adults—stretching for considerable distances and steep enough to air-blast faces into fleshy prunes.

The most unusual ones are found at Seward Mini Park, a halcyon nook built in the 1970s after residents sat in protest against a developer’s bulldozers. The curvy, side-by-side butt-ramps were designed by a 14-year-old boy, according to city’s parks-and-rec department


“Diffused” by Dan Quintana

This past Saturday, August 29th, Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco opened “Diffused”, a new body of work from Los Angeles artist Dan Quintana.  The collection of painting and charcoal drawings that Quintana has created for this exhibit will take your breath away in the most haunting ways possible.  The images feature decaying demons who hang alongside beautiful inhabitants of a bleak and dreary world.  Don’t miss the chance to see this work in person!  The show will be on display until 9/26.