“I never miss the moment they look in the mirror,” said Limos. “When they look in the mirror they either see an old version of themselves that they connect to and remember, or they see someone that they’ve never seen before and they’re excited to have this new identity.”

Meet The Barber Giving Away Free Haircuts To The LGBT Community For The Best Reason (x)


Update San Francisco:
Not a huge update–but I have come to the point that I will be building suburbs in the foothills on the west-bay.  Today I have built several cloverleafs  and parkways ascending the hills and I’ll soon start developing.  A good idea when you’re building freeways is to leave 1-2 zone units on either side of the freeway if you can manage so that you have right-of-way for things like computer rail, which I will eventually get to.  I also sometimes keep a reminder of this by placing powerlines along the freeway.  They serve a dual roll in keeping right-of-way open but also powering your suburbs.

San Francisco - United States of America

San Francisco is a city with a variety of architecture with a mix of Victorian and modern architecture. Possibly most iconic are San Francisco’s terrace houses that line the cities famously steep streets. These houses have become known as “Painted Ladies”, and are defined by the use of three or more colours to enhance the houses architectural details. The terrace houses at 710 - 720 Steiner Street, across the road from Alamo Square Park, are a great example of the Painted Ladies.