San Antonio Rampage goaltender Jacob Markström moving to the music during a stoppage of play for cleaning of broken glass on the ice.

Puck- AJ Greer


Ok so just saying when I googled ‘Gabe Landeskog girlfriend’ a picture of him and Tyson Barre showed up. Even google knows peeps. Anyway! Here’s some cute AJ Greer! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Can it request a AJ Greer where he gets called up to avs and you sit with the girls for the first time, then after at home it’s just really cuddly with cute kisses? Thanks so much:)


              You tugged on the hem of the Colorado Avalanche jersey you wore as you made your way to your seat.

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AHL Chicago Wolves at San Antonio Rampage by San Antonio Rampage
Via Flickr:
Image made during the third period of an AHL hockey game, Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, in San Antonio. Chicago won 4-2. (Darren Abate/AHL)


Unmasked Ep. 6: The Swedish Connection

“Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Eddie Lack epitomizes that with fellow Swedish goaltender Jacob Markstrom. The two Swedes had the same goalie coach in Sweden, played in the Swedish Elite League together and came to the American Hockey League at the same time. Markstrom’s San Antonio Rampage knocked the Wolves out of the 2012 playoffs. Lack finally got his first professional win over Markstrom this season. The rivalry lives on.”