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Mmm storyshift, there must be moar! King Sans with pregnant human s/o? Maybe a romantic headcanon or 2 thrown in?

Hello~ Now this looks interesting. Let’s take this Post-Pacifist, because Underground would be too angsty, and I’m in the mood for fluffy hurt/comfort than straight angst. Also, let’s assume reader was already pregnant when they met Sans. - Mod Sync

Storyshift Sans w/ Pregnant S/O

- Sans is normally rather gentlemanly, but the second he learns you’re actually pregnant, que internal panicking and being extra careful around you.

- There’s a part of him that wonders what in the stars name were you thinking of letting him anywhere near you. Yeah, he did actually want to kill all those kids, he didn’t give himself any other choices, but why would you let him near you knowing he did?

- On the other hand, he is so attentive to you. No one had ever seen him as active than when he was caring for you, except maybe Papyrus from before he left. (Pap isn’t actually sure how to feel about it.)

- He’s absolutely fascinated by the changes in your body. His favorite thing though, is putting his earhole to your stomach and listening. Sometimes he’ll try talking to the baby.

- The first time he feels the baby kick he’s left speechless. It’s the point in which the situation hit home for him that Holy shit there’s a kid in there and he’s actually allowed to be here. He might start crying, he’s so overwhelmed.

- Unless you tell him otherwise, he’s going to automatically assume he’ll be playing Uncle to your kid (if you’re still not in a relationship.) If you want him to be ‘Dad’, you’ll have to tell him (and then proceed to tearful, heartfelt confessions.) (Please love this Skele, he just want everyone happy.)

- When the baby finally arrives, he’s so freaking scared. Of a lot of things. What is they cry when they see him? What if he drops them? What if he’s forced to leave because of his sins? What if they grow to hate him? He loves the kid so, so much, he’d break down if he thinks he’s done some kind of irreparable damage to the kid, and he hasn’t even met them yet.

- For a time, there’s a tension between Paps and Sans over him taking care of you. You may have to force the two to sit down and talk things out. But, once Pap sees just how much Sans loves you and how invested he is in taking care of you and the baby, he’ll relent. In the end, it becomes something that helps the two reconnect.

- Sans will be asking Toriel and Asgore for parenting tips fairly often. While he took care of Papyrus when he was young, he’s not quite sure how to be a Dad proper.

2 x 21 San Diego

I don’t usually write about episodes, but I need to say a few things.

1 - Jess being a teenager with her dad at the beginning of the episode was AMAZING!

2 - I get what they tried to do with Winston and Schmidt’s name…i really do. But I didn’t like it. I mean…from the little we know about Schmidt’s parents, this doesn’t feel like a name they would give him. I’m glad they are not using it forever.

3 - Everytime there’s a flashback, especially with college Nick/Schmidt, is a great time. I always want to see more of that.

4 - Nick and Aly - OMG! I need to see more of them interacting. I’m so like Aly in life…no patience, and zero fucks to give with stuff like this, but always concern about people when they really need.

5 - I HATED the way Nick and Reagan broke up. Made Nick look like a jerk and imature, which contradicts the character growth we’ve been having. I’m glad they broke up, and I’m glad Reagan said she wanted to broke up with Nick too (that way we won’t have people saying bad things about Ness when they get back together - not for this, anyway). But they way it was done made her arc seem completely pointless. I wish Reagan was a loftie and just friend with everybody.

6 - Jess telling her father about Nick made me cry. AGAIN. Someone give this woman an Emmy.

7 - Nick’s speech to Bob about Jess made me cry. HE SO LOVES HER.

8 - Loved to see how Cece and Aly couldn’t be bothered by Winston and Schmidt’s fight.

9 - I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE NEXT WEEKS EPISODE!!! Especially now after the TVLine article…. and if they do a time jump I’m gonna be mad as hell.

That’s it. Now back to twitter…lol

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How would UT,UF,US and SF Sans react to finding out their bro's S/O is pregnant?I need dem uncle hcs!!!

oh boy. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

He’s getting all the proper puns ready in advance. He is gonna be either the coolest or lamest uncle and he knows it. He’s not too worried about you two with the kid, either, but he’ll step in if necessary.

UF Sans

Like most big changes in his life, he’s panicking. “a… are you sure you’re ready? i-i mean, you don’t have to have a kid if you don’t want one…” He’s happy underneath all of the nerves, and feels his brother will make a better father than he did a brother, but still.

US Sans

Whether you want him to or not, he’s helping you and his brother take care of the child. “PAPY’S A GOOD GUY, BUT HE DOESN’T KNOW THE FIRST THING OF RAISING SOMEONE.”

SF Sans

He’s having an emotional rollercoaster go on. He’s happy that you guys are taking this step. He’s relieved that his brother seems to be growing up. He’s scared you guys are gonna leave him. He’s angry at the thought of you guys leaving. He’s sad that he’s doubting everything. It’s all over the place, and as a result he seems to just be freezing in reality.

It’s only a matter of time before life begins
You talk to a stranger and suddenly you’re friends
You take your first step and now you’re half way to the end
Before you even learn to break or bend
Breathing in and breathing out, let’s feel alive
I mean, isn’t that the definition of life?

It’s our infinity and it might be small
But I’d rather have this than nothing at all
A year might pass in a second
And a moment might last a year
And that’s when I start to wonder
How time has tricked us here

Let’s play with life like a deck of cards
I’ll shuffle you away and then blame it on the stars
It’s all just a gamble, isn’t that what they say?
But it seems I’ll love you til the end of your days

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Fresh Sans x Purple Soul SO head cannons?

As someone who would have a purple soul, this was weird to think about~Mod God
-He finds it interesting how hard you work when you have your mind set on something.
-He might try to test your limits. He means no ill intent, he’s just curious to see how far you’ll go.
-It’s a good thing you can put up with a lot, because he can be a lot to handle.