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Top Ten People You Want to Know Better

Tagged by: @ginnosaji​ (invitame un trago po loko 1313 no homo)
Name: José
Nickname: Joselo, Tallarin-san, Oe wea
Favourite color: red, white & black
Last song I listened to: Tranqui - Saikomic
Favourite TV show: i don’t watch tv now, but “adventure time“ was the last serie that i followed
First fandom: mmm… i think that was “the Simpsons“
Books currently reading: im reading “El Perfume“ (i know that exist the movie but i want to read the gd book)
Worst thing eaten: chickpeas
Bonus: idk, remember drink water constantly

I’d like to know better: @sudenth @macmike-senpai @yogurtconazucarx @drimanox @yackdickulture @to-the-jungle @soggykimchi @lord-0f-sickness @soymuerto @ctm-san(is this guy dead?)