san remy


Nico and Allison had long since moved out of the penthouse in uptown San Myshuno. Allison had deemed it too small and unsafe when the twins were born. So they relocated to a mansion in the elegant tree-lined garden district of San Myshuno, near Remy and Lala. Remy meets with his brother in the posh mansion, an hour after giving RJ his ultimatum.

The brothers settle comfortably in one of the mansion’s sitting rooms.

Remy: Nico, thanks for seeing me so soon. I thought you were still in the mountains.

Nico sighs: Allison cut the trip short. Somehow she got a hold of Nicky, and he worked his charm. She’s pissed that I won’t bring him and his sister back to San Myshuno. She’s giving me the silent treatment.

Remy:  Tell her to get over it. The twins are better off there on Wind Island. My kids too. They’re safe there.

Nico: I definitely agree. San Myshuno is a fast, reckless city for young people. In the summer it’s even worse.  I think maybe it was a mistake raising our kids here.

Remy: I’m starting to think so too. I think I should have raised my kids on a damn llama farm in Appaloosa Plains. They’re killing me.

Nico laughs: What’s up? What’d Manny do now?

Remy frowns: It’s not Manny this time. It’s RJ. He’s in trouble.

Nico raises an eyebrow: RJ? What kind of trouble could RJ be in? That boy wouldn’t know trouble if it formally introduced itself.

Remy: That’s what I thought too. Listen to this…