san pony

anonymous asked:

Can you do My Little Pony references? Because I can totally see Jyushimatsu singing Pinkie Pie's Smile song.

{Boooooi I feel. The Eurobeat Odyssey version is even in my drawing playlist for this blog!}

{Actually I could see Jyushi do a LOT of Pinkie stuff, come to think of it…}

{…I could do so many more of these if I wasn’t feeling so bummed these days XD}


since I’m going to be stressing out over school/portfolio work soon, I thought I’d draw some of my fav optimistic characters together, giving a big ol’ thumbs up!

for those who are also stressing about any school/work/life things…this is for you too! good luck, I believe in you! 

that being said, this blog will be a little inactive for about a month or so until I can get time to work on personal things again.

whelp,, have a nice day! cya later