san pony

V-Day Hugs to all my favorite female characters.

Ms. Smith from Monster Musume.

Tionishia from Monster Musume.

Tier Halibel from Bleach.

Lucoa from Maid Dragon.

Sonata Dusk from Rainbow Rocks.

And to best girl of them all!


Cause she will always be best.


since I’m going to be stressing out over school/portfolio work soon, I thought I’d draw some of my fav optimistic characters together, giving a big ol’ thumbs up!

for those who are also stressing about any school/work/life things…this is for you too! good luck, I believe in you! 

that being said, this blog will be a little inactive for about a month or so until I can get time to work on personal things again.

whelp,, have a nice day! cya later

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