san otonashi

I think… I’m gonna visit Yuuko. Got to keep her entertain and still find out why she made the game. If it was to get information of us all, why let herself get captured? She could have escaped somehow.

We checked for anything that could be used to track her location, but nothing was found. Same with Otonashi-san, Sugiyama-san, and Araki-kun. Maybe…maybe she just wanted to see you again?

ladymage  asked:

*leans back waiting for the results...feeling awkward and uneasy*

NoHZakurai: You’re sure you don’t want a redo, headmaster?

No, thank you, Taruton-san.

Zakurai: All right… the results are in…

In last place, we have Headmaster Naegi and Assistant Headmaster Kirigiri.

Twelfth Place is Nakamura-sensei and Tsumiki-sensei

Eleventh Place is Hijirihara-sensei and Kizakura-sensei

Tenth Place is Hanamura-sensei and Souda-sensei

Ninth Place is Owari-sensei and Nidai-sensei

Eigth Place is Miraz-kun and Shizuki-san

Seventh Place is Fukawa-sensei and Naegi-sensei

Sixth Place is Miss Nevermind and Tanaka-sensei

Fifth Place is Shingetsu-kun and Kawa-san

Fourth Place is Pekoyama-sensei and Kuzuryuu-sensei

Third Place is Daimon-kun and Utsugi-san

Second Place is Sly-kun and Otonashi-san

And the winners of this round, who have immunity and cannot be eliminated next round, are Ki-kun and Mage!

I’m not even sure anymore.

It’s clear she still remembers what happened, so they couldn’t have cloned her again. It’s impossible.

Everyone’s agreed she’s not a despair anymore, and she’s been getting along well with Sly, so that’s good too.


I don’t know. I guess I’m just nervous to face her again.

Well…I’m sure it’ll all work out for you! Maybe Otonashi-san is nervous to talk to you as well…?

And you’re definitely right about her and Sly-san.

Ah~ Young romance~