san moritz


Here are some of my all-time favorite pictures in honor of World Photo Day, which I had no idea about until this morning.

From top to bottom:

Julierpass outside Silvaplana, Switzerland
Point Reyes, California
Lugano, Switzerland
San Francisco, California
St. Moritz, Switzerland
Zürich, Switzerland
St. Moritz, Switzerland
San Diego, California
Point Reyes, California
La Jolla, California

More may or may not be to follow.


Majestic view over lake San Murezzan, St. Moritz towards the mountain peaks of Piz Languard and Piz Albris. 

After some days I realized that I don’t really need a specific wide angle lens to capture beautiful landscape sceneries. I really like the 35mm aspect as it nicely fills the frame and instead of grabbing the whole scenery it lets me concentrate more on the most interesting part.