san millán

I was inspired by some ideas that deserved a sketch :D

  • The first idea came from @n-sani-tea, who drawn a huge, I mean huuuuuuuuuuuge Bunny. It was too cute to resist. I mean geesh, Asy would die for a large Bunny XD He would use it as a bed for sure ahahaah
  • Second idea belongs to @semisolidmind, who made this awesome (and super creepy XP) Yandere!Asy. Aaaahhhh he’s so damn cute and gives me the creep with that look >w<
  • Last, but not least, must mention my dear @little-noko and her super cute Paper Crane. I just love the character so, damn, much, you guys can’t imagine it :D Thanks for being an inspiration, hun. Stay awesome!!!

itsa right beauty of an arvo outside

 wattles are blooming, kookaburras are laughing 

 on arvos like this, mates like you 

 should be burning on the barbie

inspired by the tags in this post from @myrobotlandlord that mention her AU sans; AU, ofc,  being short for aussie.

  • this sans eats whole jars of vegemite instead of drinking ketchup, stacks bangers and mash on frisk’s head in hotland and has gaster blasters that bear a striking resemblance to Steve Irwin.  f e a r   h i m.

Happy 1st Anniversary (and Valentine’s Day) Hesokuri Wars !!

Yes, it’s finally here, Version 2.2 is finally hereand we can finally change the blog’s avatar to Choro, y e s, and it comes PACKED.

Packed in the sense that we’re also getting Valentine’s Day NEET Fest with all this joke, you guys have no idea all the things that are going on as you are reading this, but I’ll get into that on a second post.

Version 2.2

Soooo, you guys maybe have already opened your game, checked your tab and went all like – wth are those new symbols ??  Do not, fret, here I am to explain it as well as nicely as possible !!

  • The Smiling Sun symbol
    It opens you this window and it’s divided in two tabs.  Both of the distribute prizes you can get if the pink botton is not locked.  This is just a hypothesis coming from me, but I think this prizes (at least the ones of the blue tab) can only be unlocked via achievements ??  So you can probably open the blue tab rn and get diamonds, coins and golden oden until you become as rich as me.
  • The Paper symbol
    It opens what’s going to be your player profile.  It distributed everything you need, from your Nickname, one of your units as your pic, your favorite Matsu, your team, the Matsus you have (plus total card number and golden cards number), etc.  That’s basically it, your own little profile as a player of this Hell of a game.
  • Chibita’s Tab
    It distributes the campaigns withing Chibita’s shop, to be more especific, what you can get witheeach diamond purchase (from coins to items, the usual).  We have a campaign going on due to Version 2.2 being a thing, so this tab will be visible until said campaign is over (on February 20th at 7:59 MST).
  • Your Gatcha News

In Gatcha-related news …

  • NEET Fest’s Valentine’s Day gatcha
    So, yeah, NEET Fest is back, and it brought us this beautiful FLYING gatcha (aka, the Valentine’s Day Set is 100% flying-type).  Knowign that it’s NEET Fest you guys know what it means right ?? …
    The Marching Band (Pazzmatsu) and Traveling (Tabimatsu) sets are back.

So, yeah, hope you guys have fun this days, hope you enjoy the new Choro ava and the new features, just enjoy EVERYTHING, guys, Happy (upcoming) Valentine’s Day and good luck rolling !!

  • Jyushimatsu: [as a priest] Does anyone have a reason why these two should not be wed? [gestures to Osomatsu and the horse]
  • Todomatsu: [raises hand] Yeah, do we really need a reason? What the hell is this?
  • Todomatsu: OF WHAT?