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So, this is what the Austin/San Marcos/Wimberly/Manor/ Central Texas Area has been like for the last few days.

Record rainfall, at least 7 tornadoes, houses washed off slabs, power outages. My schools been cancelled. That bottom photo there? Yeah, that’s the road I take to get to work. A friend of ours  had to crash with us last night because he is displaced from his apartment because 5 inches of water flooded the whole bottom floor of his building. I was out in this yesterday! I went to go get a friend from work and had to turn around because my car could not make it through the water on the highway. It was too deep. There was water and debris on the roads. It was fuckin scary out there.

It seems like the storm is past us now, but it’s an el nino summer, which means that it’s going to be hot and wet like this all year.

Remember yall: Turn around, don’t drown! There were more than a dozen water rescues yesterday in town, and several people are missing in the area.  Never take chances when the weather gets bad.

Only in California: SWAT team responds to man openly umbrella

Sheesh. California is not an “open carry” state when it comes to firearms or umbrellas, apparently. That’s right, the SWAT team recently responded to reports of a man walking around the campus of Cal-State University San Marcos carrying a rifle. Well that “rifle” turned out to be an umbrella (you know, po-TAY-toh, po-TAH-toh). This is what happens when you train people to be scared of everything, especially weapons.

From (H/T: WZ)

A SWAT team on the campus of California State University San Marcos surrounded a staff member equipped with protective rain gear this week.

The incident, which occurred early Wednesday morning, was prompted by a call to the San Diego County Sheriff’s office of a bald white male, wearing a black shirt and jeans and walking across campus carrying a rifle. This resulted in a shelter-in place order for some 400 staff and students going through orientation before the start of the fall session. Rapidly, facility and classmates banded together to barricade doors with tables and chairs, expecting the worst.

The situation resolved itself after 30 minutes when an umbrella-bearing teacher figured out he matched the description of the alleged gunman and surrendered to law enforcement.

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Was it an assault umbrella? That’s what I want to know. And why did he need that umbrella? It looks like the rain had already stopped.

I wonder if Ryan J. Reilly is the one who made the initial phone call…. #CanAnyoneConfirm