san lucas mission

A week from now I'll be drinking coffee, loading my suitcase in the car, meeting my group, going to Newark, and flying to Guatemala.

I cannot wrap my head around this at all. 

I am so excited to get there start working. 

Everything we’ve been talking about in meetings since November has prepared me for this service trip, but I know I could never really know what will happen once we get there.

We’re going to have long days of work and go to Chichicastenango for a while. 

Some of us want to run and do yoga while we’re there, but we need to wake up around 5:30 AM to avoid heat and be safe. 

We are going to be right near Lake Atitlan, which is incredibly beautiful.

I’m probably going to cry a lot. I am just so happy. 

I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to raise all the money for my trip but I did. and I could never thank everyone who helped me enough.

This is so exciting.

One week.