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chara is a child who estimates the slightlest mark of affection from them as the worst crime on earth and skies but who’ll swear like a drunk sailor like nothing is up

and yeah when they think they speak about/to themselves in third person. it’s their way of self-encouragement.


The King Loves/왕은 사랑한다, Episode 9 (Episodes 17-18)

You live and breathe inside of me
You reflect and move in my eyes
Wind, please blow over his breath to me

In a place I can’t reach
I hope my heart reaches
Wind, will you please take this heart?

(lyrics credits to

My RinSan ship has saaaaaaaaaaaaailed. 

Something I’ve noticed, even though I haven’t reached the halfway point (yet). San is very aware of her actions with Rin, much more so than her interactions with Won. 

The only reason I can come up for this is that she unconsciously views Won as a friend, but Rin as a man. This is very much reciprocated by Rin, who views San not as his master’s woman, but as the special person in his heart. Of course, knowing what kind of person Rin is, I can only imagine that he would give up San because he knows that Won is interested in her.


The King Loves/왕은 사랑한다, Episode 9 (Episodes 17-18)

When did it start? When these two started avoiding each others’ gazes.

Instead, they look at me, speak to me in a kind voice, and laugh.

That guy, who can’t tell a lie or hide his expressions, who hides after stop talking, is now going far away from me.

Even though it’s not that he doesn’t like seeing her, they’re making an effort to not look at each other.

Won is already aware that there’s something between Rin and San, and by the looks of the ominous music at the end, does not like it one bit. It looks like San already has an inkling towards to what’s in her heart, if her withdrawing her hand from Won’s grip is any indication.

I  know that I’m late in watching this, considering how it’s already done airing in Korea–that’s why I’m purposely not looking at spoilers and just enjoying the flow of the drama. I’m already having a very bad case of Second Lead Syndrome in Hong Jong Hyun–any love for him, please?

charlie brooker literally said in the post-emmys interview that he initially tried to write san junipero about a heterosexual couple and it kinda sucked and he switched them to a same-sex couple and it immediately became much better and also easier to write and he finished it with ‘so that’s my writing tip’… the only true ally