san jose lifestyle photographer

this location is ten minutes from my home. and i learned of this place earlier this year (shakes my head in disappointment ha!). i have been aching to shoot here. and finally, i get to. sunday i will be doing a collaboration session with a children’s clothing designer but wanted to do a quick scout of the place during the time we’d be shooting at so brought the lil’ one in tow. i’m totally excited for this place. and am so hoping that a family wants to shoot here too one day! 

i totally spaced on the fact that next month is the wee one’s first birthday (right?!!!). so realizing that i needed to get her invitations out (like yesterday), i filled up a giant balloon (having a refillable helium tank and giant balloons on hand due to photo sessions is a nice perk) and did a quickie photo shoot, hoping that i would get at least one good photo. and the wee one is at the stage where she just does not sit still. so i really wasn’t sure i would even get a shot. 

but somehow, i managed to capture the one that i needed. this photo where she’s almost pointing “1″. oh my sweet wee one haha. 

after the quick photos, i let the girls play but the wee one made us stop real quickly. after her oh so sweet look, i turned my back to put away the camera. the lil’ one shouted at me to check her out. she started to climb up the ladder. eleven months and she should not be scaling the ladder. oh wee one. 

i finally went through the collection of records my dad gave me from his childhood and was so excited to discover there was a cinderella record. the lil’ one fancies her princesses (as much as we don’t want her too, it just seemed to happen) so she was incredibly excited when i told her that we were going to listen to it. she looked up at me and asked if it was like watching a tv show but just with your ears, ha! 

so to capture her listening to cinderella, i crammed myself under the dining table and let the lil’ one and wee one unfold. here are just some of my favorites. surprisingly, the lil’ one got through three of the four records. she probably would have made it through all of them if the wee one didn’t try to constantly tackle her (okay, side note. but when it comes to the wee one, all she does is tackle/pull her hair/hit like a drum/over enthusiastically kiss her big sister. is that just a younger sibling trait that she will outgrow? because the lil’ one doesn’t understand why the wee one is always hurting her haha).