san jose family photographer

my grandmother turns 93 next week while my grandfather turns 95 next month. they just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. and they are amazing. grandma always has great stories while grandpa always has great one liners. i’ve never done a day (or in this case weekend) in the life session and i knew that if i was ever going to do one, it will be for my grandparents.

and it was memorable and special. i spent time being immersed in their day to day life, hearing stories of the past, laughing at their jokes and spending quality time with them all while capturing them. and my grandparents loved having me there too. every person we met at their home, grandma would say proudly, “this is my granddaughter. she left her two little girls at home with their father so she could vacation with us. can you believe that?!” it was the cutest!

i’m not sure how i will finalize the video and photos (i’m thinking a nice big album with the quotes laid out) but here are just some of my personal favorites that just gives a little insight into their weekend. and boy did my mind and body work crazy for it. having the camera attached for 2 straight days made my wrist flare up. and my mind was working overtime remembering all the quotes. but it was all worth it!

and this was just perfect. the newspaper headline one morning. just perfect.

“oh shoot, you’re taking pictures already?! but we’re not doing anything but watching jeopardy” - gma

“i never did propose. i asked her to move in with me into the barracks” - gpa

“what a stinker, he never proposed. and he asked after the third date!” - gma

“you know where i met your grandmother? at her boyfriends” - gpa chuckling

“you know your father started walking at eight months. and he was everywhere. he hasn’t stopped.” - gma

“these were my mother and father’s. they got them shortly after they were married which was 1917. i really treasure these.” - gma

“i didn’t take a nap today? i was too busy to nap” - gpa

“what time are we going to bingo?” - gpa

“i’ve never won bingo here before.” - gpa

five minutes later “i got bingo!” - gpa

“have i shown you the library? it’s nice. they have all these books that you can borrow. and puzzles” - gpa

“i don’t do puzzles. i’m too busy and don’t have enough time” - gpa

“i always like the art and paintings here” - gma

“we’re in the national wii bowling competition starting next week. we need to practice” - gma

“we won bowling?! we won!” - gpa

“my makeup? just blush. i always need my blush.” - gma

“i love you” - gma

“ditto” - gpa

“did you just ditto me?!” - gma

“i did. ditto” - gpa chuckling

“my favorite memory growing up? swimming in the hudson river. oh and there was a place we used to go too. b.a.b. you know what b.a.b was? bare ass beach. funny how memories are triggered.” -gpa

“i like it here. but i miss having our home.” - gpa

i got pretty sick and had all energy and creativity drained from me not too long ago. it was so bad that i didn’t want to pick up my camera or even want to use my iphone for photos. once i got better, i had a hard time refinding my creativity. so to remedy that, i wanted to see things in a new way so i got a new lens “toy,” a lens mount adapter so i could use my old film lens (from my canon f1 50mm 1.2) on my canon mark iii. it’s manual focus and is hazy (or i could say dream like ha) with some pretty epic lens flare. i’m not sure when i’ll use it or if i can pull it off for an epic family session but it was just what i needed to force myself to look at things manually and dreamily. 

i may have had the hardest time narrowing down this sneak peek because i am pretty much loving every photo from our wonderful afternoon at hollbrook palmer park that this sneak peek could easily turn into their gallery! we had so many adventures of climbing trees, picking oranges, climbing iron horses, running through the fields, throwing leaves in the air (and at me), horse-playing and even snuggles. they were just so much fun and photogenically perfect. i hope that the boys enjoyed their adventure time in the park too :) 

and the photographer in me absolutely loves this image and the wonderful pullback since i rarely get photos of me in action: 

i bring along a backup camera that is perfect for little ones to take photos with and i love this shot of me taking the image above. he was amazing behind the camera and let me know when he’s ready to become my second assistant? :)