san jose convention center south hall


Really sucks that AA isn’t even shown on the program guide map so please reblog posts about AA when you can so people selling there this year can be found. We have a tiny text mention but I know a lot of people who are very visual. ALSO if you’re at Fanime selling in the AA or just going for fun please tag your location on Instagram if you have it :) It only lets you tag the convention center but you can put “I’m in the south hall behind the convention center in a giant striped blue and white tent thing” Let people know where its at and that they should go <3 Maybe offer discounts if they mention they saw your post about it!

Please reblog any posts about where the AA is this year or make your own posts. Just do whatever you can do spread the word O: If you’re not going to Fanime please reblog anyway in case your followers do go! Or might go! xoxoxo Thank you <3